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Old National Bancorp is the largest financial services bank holding company headquartered in Indiana. From its initial acquisition in 1985, Old National continues its traditional community-banking heritage. Old National boasts a 175-year history of solid performance as a result of the company?s unfailing commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clients, associates, and shareholders.
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Old National Bank Location Map
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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Adam G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Adam G

Nov 24th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service

I have been with them for several years now since leaving Fifth Third Bank. I always appreciate the fabulous and personal customer service.

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Kathy R's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kathy R

Oct 28th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

Horrible Bank

Worst bank that I have ever had... They put things on "hold" that you can't see and then start bouncing checks! They don't offer any type of overdraft protection, so even though I have a couple of thousand dollars in the savings they still bounce the check and charge me $35 each! I will deposit my husbands payroll check and then go to the store... it will bounce. You don't have access to a payroll check for a full 24 hours! So they automatically assume that all checks are bad, including payroll checks written on business accounts. Which in turn does make my checks bad! It makes no sense whatsoever! Unfortunately I'm in a small town and we don't have too much of a choice, but I'm looking for an alternative.

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Janice_yen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Janice_yen

Dec 30th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

This bank is a joke.

I needed a private account to keep my money without having anyone knowing about it, and my dad told me to go with Old National Bank. I went in and sat there for 20 minutes while the workers there walked around and told eachother stories about their weekend, I decided to stand up and leave and the lady called me in saying she would take care of me, so i gave it another go and went in. Got all my papers done and she asked me if i wanted a debit card. i said yes and i had to fill in another agreement sheet (note this).

A month later I haven't received my card yet and my boyfriend told me to call them to make sure no one had activated it and stole it. I called and was put on hold for 45 minutes until the lady comes on and told me that my card was never ordered and that she would take care of it today. So 5 weeks went by and i still don't have my debit card yet. The bank required a balance of $750 to not be charged monthly. So there goes my $750 i couldnt touch for over 2 months now. My boyfriend told me if they take this long and still haven't fixed this small debit card problem, how long would it take them if something big happened to my bank account. So i waited another week to see if they will resolve this problem for me and i called them multiple times to check on my card. I got tired of it and went in to close my account before i picked my daughter up from school. I waited 2 hours and every time i ask if someone is going to resolve my problem its always "just a few more minutes. Someone will be with you shortly". Now I don't mind waiting but i was the only customer in there for the whole 2 hours and it was time to pick up my daughter. I still haven't been able to close my account yet. So much for the "best bank in Indiana". This bank is seriously a joke. i haven't had this bad of customer service throughout my life.

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