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Old National Bank Customer Review

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fishdaylily1's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by fishdaylily1

May 27th 2011


Their customer service in thier call center SUCKS. They can not do anything for you. You need to go to a branch to get anyting done. They screwed up my auto loan with them.

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Other Old National Bank Reviews

Roo1017's Profile Image

Reviewed by Roo1017

May 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

No longer a hometown bank.

I've been with ONB for 15 years. I've watched them grow over the years, increase their fees, and decrease their customer service. I've stuck by them. Over the last year I've become more frustrated. They held my work bonus for two weeks because "it was more than my usual deposit", even though I routinely deposit over $5k in this particular account every month, and they were too lazy to call and verify the check. They deposited a cash deposit into the wrong account and then acted like I was the liar when I called them, then I had to drive all the way across town back to the bank and show them my receipt. Their tellers routinely make customers wait while they finish their conversations and texts before they help customers. Their mobile app can no longer deposit checks. The monthly fee is now $8.95 because I was somehow "upgraded" to a different type of account.

I noticed an overdraft charge this week. I called the Evansville customer service number. I was promptly told that they don't deal with overdraft fees and I needed to call the branch where the account was opened. I don't live anywhere near the branch where this account was opened. I haven't used that branch for probably seven or eight years. I asked if I could transfer my account to a branch that is actually near my home. The customer service lady said that if making a phone call was that big of a deal, she'd take my number and have my "home" branch call me.

So I had to call the original branch, where I was told that somewhere between posting transactions for Thursday night and a direct deposit going in Friday, an automatic bill pay came through and was pending on the account and the available balance fell into a negative. Despite the fact that my posted balance is not and will not be negative, I got slapped with a $38 fee because my available balance was less than zero for two hours. There is NO bank that charges overdraft fees based of a transaction that hasn't even posted. Goodbye, ONB.

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player5758's Profile Image

Reviewed by player5758

Dec 30th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible transition from Integra Bank after takeover

The transition from Integra to ONB was not good, professional, or customer friendly. We will never use this bank again for our personal business. On-line transactions that did not go through, then causing overdrafts which ONB was not willing to reimburse, etc. This bank is all about money grabbing from it's customers, and does not care about its employees. The fees and banking charges are over the top, and customer service is non-existant. There are much better banks out there, for sure!

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