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Old National Bank Customer Review

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fishdaylily1's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by fishdaylily1

May 27th 2011


Their customer service in thier call center SUCKS. They can not do anything for you. You need to go to a branch to get anyting done. They screwed up my auto loan with them.

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Other Old National Bank Reviews

sbeuerle's Profile Image

Reviewed by sbeuerle

Apr 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

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We were United Bank and Trust customers for over 17 years. Have all our accounts with them 2 business accounts, Ck account and a savings account. Old National takes over back in September of 2014. During this time a loan we had with UBT came up for renewal. A loan that was 10,000 and we only used 9,346 of it. But it was not a revolving line of credit in Old National terms. I always made my payments online on time went to make the October payment and it says late fee of 654.00 (which was what is left of the 10000) So I go to the bank and they explain to me we the loan came up during the transition period and we just need to fill out new paperwork and get it switched over? So in October we filled out all the paperwork to re-up the loan. Mind you I am in this bank 3 to 4 times a week making deposits for other accounts. I am asking can I make a payment on this, how is the loan paperwork going have you heard anything etc. Old National says, No haven't heard anything I will keep you posted. This goes on for a couple of months they year tax returns. Take those up to them blah blah blah. February we get a call from some woman in the Special Assessment Department tells my husband "we will not be redoing your loan and I suggest that you find another bank to do this loan along with the other mortgage" MIND YOU we have never been late on any payment and we have excellent credit. She also tells him that she doesn't know how we live because we are poor. Seriously you tell people they are poor. After several months of trying to settle this we finally get a letter with various dates. First page is dated on April 1st while the second page is dated April 24th. She is the VP of Special Assessments and this is how her letter is presented to us. On the email that she sent me with this paperwork attached she said "don't worry about the dates they are stale" and it says that first payment due 4/24/15 final pymt due 5/30/15. So now it's a battle to keep this off our credit report.

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rewinaa's Profile Image

Reviewed by rewinaa

Apr 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Nothing but deterioration in service

Our bank was taken over by Old National. Since then, there has been nothing but detrioration in service. Their online banking is just terrible, transactions are hidden, some pending on one account and not on others, very limited access to information, and slowww posting. Just about 10 cuts below what we used to have with our old bank. They charge fees for everything. You get caught for overdrafts if a check clears an hour or two before your deposit clears -- on the same afternoon. Trying to get informatioin from them on the phone is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately we have numerous accounts with them because we did with our former bank, which gave us great service for years. Nonetheless, I have started actively looking for alternatives, which, fortunately for us, are numerous in our town.

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