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Old National Bank Customer Review

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Chan C's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Chan C

Dec 11th 2011


Old National is a typical Mid-West Short sided bank, this place advertises interest in helping local businesses, in fact, they are only looking for cash. Their promises of relationships and looking at individuals and not trends is simply untrue. Fortunately I was told prior to switching to them, when your "ratios" dont fit, they will close you down.

Everyone should be clear, this is a bank with very little interest in helping someone grow and improving this local economy. No is you have 1,000,000 cash and want to draw 1% this is the place.

dont waste your time with these folks

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Other Old National Bank Reviews

rewinaa's Profile Image

Reviewed by rewinaa

Apr 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Nothing but deterioration in service

Our bank was taken over by Old National. Since then, there has been nothing but detrioration in service. Their online banking is just terrible, transactions are hidden, some pending on one account and not on others, very limited access to information, and slowww posting. Just about 10 cuts below what we used to have with our old bank. They charge fees for everything. You get caught for overdrafts if a check clears an hour or two before your deposit clears -- on the same afternoon. Trying to get informatioin from them on the phone is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately we have numerous accounts with them because we did with our former bank, which gave us great service for years. Nonetheless, I have started actively looking for alternatives, which, fortunately for us, are numerous in our town.

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Monacarmody1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Monacarmody1

Feb 13th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

The Good And The Bad About Old National

I have been skeptical since old national took over united bank and trust but have changed my perspective when i was contacted by old national personnel in the loan and collections departments regarding payment changes regarding escrow amounts. They were sincere about helping to fix the problem, reverse fees and treated me with respect. They called me before i knew there was a problem. Great customer service! My biggest complaint about old national is the dinosaur of a web site and fees on my checking account.

The on-line banking is the worst i've ever seen. No loan transactions available on line. No loan history. No loan statements. When i called old national, i was told it is what it is and there are no plans to upgrade. You can see transactions on your checking account but 15 is the max. On-line banking weights pretty high on my list of what is important to me with my bank so i am only giving 2 stars. Get rid of the checking account fees and upgrade your website and you will have a 5 star review!

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