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Old National Bank Customer Review

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Chan C's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Chan C

Dec 11th 2011


Old National is a typical Mid-West Short sided bank, this place advertises interest in helping local businesses, in fact, they are only looking for cash. Their promises of relationships and looking at individuals and not trends is simply untrue. Fortunately I was told prior to switching to them, when your "ratios" dont fit, they will close you down.

Everyone should be clear, this is a bank with very little interest in helping someone grow and improving this local economy. No is you have 1,000,000 cash and want to draw 1% this is the place.

dont waste your time with these folks

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Other Old National Bank Reviews

mjparker's Profile Image

Reviewed by mjparker

Sep 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Pure Thievery!

I am a disabled person who only has two revolving deposits each month, one from SSDI, and one from my multimillionaire parents to help cover my medications. I was told by both a branch manager and a supervisor at the call center that it would be arranged to have no hold on my recurring deposit each month. Yet this past month, they had it in their possession for five days over Labor Day weekend. My online banking showed that it had cleared (no longer in pending), so I paid some small bills and got my medications. I had enough in my account to pay those bills before the deposit.

My car insurance went through the same day, and instead of rejecting that one (because they still had hidden hold on my deposit check), they put it through and charged me NSF fees on all of the small ones that would have been covered even without the deposited check! So now, because of that, another direct payment bounced, numerous automatic payments that I have set up bounced, and they have taken over $450 from me in NSF and daily overdraft fees in the last two weeks!

There is nothing I can do about it until my disability check arrives in October, so they will go on and on placing more fees on my account! I opened a new account with Huntington, which has none of these practices (I quizzed them when opening my account), and I arranged my direct deposit to go to them. I need to know how to complain to whatever regulatory commission oversees this bank! Blatant malpractice!

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mgehring's Profile Image

Reviewed by mgehring

Jul 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Just Another Greedy Bank

Their policies on clearing checks is ridiculous and archaic. When they bounce an item they still take the money out of your account and don't give it back until the next day so that they can bounce more items. When they do clear items, they clear them largest amount to smallest "because they think the larger items are the most important items", even if the large items bounce and all the smaller items could clear.

In my opinion, the very least that they could do better is, if you're not going to pay an item, don't take the money. If you're going to take the money, pay the item. It's that simple.

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