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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By foothills Jun 29, 2016

Excellent Customer Service

The employees at this bank have been so helpful to me and my organization! If you want top notch customer service, explanations you can understand, and quality, then this is the bank for you!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By lmorton11 Mar 26, 2014

Worst banking experience ever! Lost 50 points on credit report.

We were trying to pay off a loan for a line of credit on our home. Every time I called the bank I was redirected to sometimes five different departments as we were told we had a "special" loan. I sent in a check for the payoff amount and they said they didn't receive it.

After weeks of frustration I went to our local bank to send the money electronically. Our local bank could not get in touch with them via email nor were the bank managers phone calls returned. Eventually they took the amount out of our local account and I received a statement showing our check cashed! Not only cashed but credited and debited.

During all this one payment was late (and I was still trying to pay the full amount) and after years of never having one payment late they sent it to the credit bureau where both my husband and I lost 50+ points on.our credit score. The entire event was the most unprofessional and taxing event I have been through. Any person who is thinking of using this bank should think twice to keep both their sanity and excellent credit score.

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Latest PNC Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By pbriggs35 Jul 20, 2016

    Bad Service

    Before PNC took over, this bank used to be RBC Georgia. We had great services, line of credit, credit card and no fee on our accounts.

    After PNC took over....what a nightmare. They charge $7 a month for your accounts. We didn't get approved for a credit card. The paperwork to do the Line of Credit was never ending, so we gave up and the new people are not friendly. They even closed the drive through banking services there, which was convenient. Didn't have to leave the car when it was raining to do your banking. I also hate how they changed the interior concept with NO counter and it is so much more personal, but tellers are not friendly. They seem like they hate their job.

    Also disappointed that the branch manager has changed. :(

    Just really disappointed with PNC.

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    Reviewed By Bb0216 Jul 14, 2016

    Would not let funds be removed

    I waiting a hour and a half for funds that were available in my account to be withdrawn to tell me they won't give me my money because they don't have enough funds to disperse . That to many people are taking money out for vacations. Then they proceeded to say that they called another branch to go there and I did and they never called that branch. They have the WORSE customer service. I never heard of a bank not being able to disperse your own money.

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  • E
    Reviewed By easyt72000 Jul 9, 2016

    Weird little branch

    I love PNC but I will never understand this branch. There are NO walk-up tellers. I went in to discuss my account. There were two people being helped in front of me (sitting down at the tellers area). They seemed to be two very involved transactions. I waited. Another man came in (he obviously had never been there before) He walked up to the teller, "I've never been here before, where do I go to make a deposit?" The teller indicated she would be right with him. I don't know if he waited or not. I left. Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, MD 20817

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    Reviewed By drawusa Jul 7, 2016

    Worst customer service

    I have had a credit line with this bank for years. I tried using their online chat service and was disconnected three times so I thought I would call. The operator, Terri, asked me several security questions which they have always done when I call in. After asking me my account number, social security number, Address, she then asked me for my date of birth. I gave it to her and she said that's not what they have and therefore could not verify me. I requested to speak to her supervisor and she said she can only do that if I am verified. I then asked her for her last name, and of course you would not give that to me. I asked her if she has some kind of operator number and she said her number is ZX16506.

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    Reviewed By foothills Jun 29, 2016

    Excellent Customer Service

    The employees at this bank have been so helpful to me and my organization! If you want top notch customer service, explanations you can understand, and quality, then this is the bank for you!

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    Reviewed By 5911leonardo Jun 28, 2016

    Rude Cuban young woman working in Outer Loop branch

    I went today to a Branch in Outer Loop and there was a Cuban young woman, she was absolutely very rude with me, I went for a cashier check and asked her for an information. She made faces and told me she did not understand my English. It is a very bad image for PNC to have a person so unfriendly treating people so rude. I speak Spanish, but If I decide to have a conversation in the spoken language she should have to accept my conversation. I got a Master Degree at IUS and nobody has told me what she told.
    I have an excellent opinion about PNC Bank since I came to the United States has been my bank, that is why I really was in shock.

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    Reviewed By Deborah01 Jun 27, 2016


    I applied for an auto loan at PNC a year ago and was turned down. I went down the street and got the loan from another institution. I found out there was a discrepancy on my credit file which was later cleared up. So a year has passed and I heard that PNC had an unsecured loan that I could use to consolidate other credit and save money. I made application 10 days ago and today I found out I was denied. This is after my telling them that I am disabled and them requiring me to make two trips to give them income verification (my income is direct deposited into an account there and has been for 10 years). I had to get proof (trip 3)that I was no longer on an account that was my ex husbands and we were divorced in 09' (more running around). Each time I was made to feel this last piece of info was all they needed to finalize the loan. In the beginning I provided them with my 1099 & W2 and was told that was sufficient- in the end the underwriters said the 1099 wasn't sufficient & they needed my SSDI AWARD LETTER and my understanding was that would be it and the loan would be approved. Later I get an email (I was only called once in this whole fiasco) saying to call in for the status at which time I was told the loan request was denied because the debt to income ratio was too high since my income had been cut in half. What? My income hadn't been cut in half- I figured they forgot about the W2 with the other half of my income. The assistant on the phone agreed and told me she would file an appeal and they had 15 hours to review it (that was late Friday afternoon) and take action (any small request for a document entities them to an additional 24-48 hours to review info after you give it to them. The lady at the branch in S Zanesville wasn't happy that the loan didn't start with her and she let me know that she would be doing a "courtesy close" for me anyway. Did she fax everything like she was supposed to? I have to wonder-I have good credit, sufficient income for the amount I was borrowing(I made sure in the very beginning before deciding on the amount to ask for) and I jumped through every hoop they put in front of me and after 10 years as a good customer- 10 days waiting on this loan to go through and I am still denied...? I even own my home free and clear. I didn't want an home equity loan and the woman at the branch really wanted to give me one- I told her I wanted this now but would come to her later for that. Well-- not now! I am furious and I promised that I would tell everyone I know and then some about PNCs horrible business practices. My gut tells me the underwriter didn't want to admit that they forgot to include the other half of my income once they got my award letter because of course I didn't win the appeal. No calls from anyone thanking me for applying- no offers of a possibly more suitable product - just-- NO! I will be finding another bank and hopefully I will never have to go through anything like this again. I still wonder who is qualifying for their loans? It would seem to me that if you qualify for a loan at PNC you wouldn't need one in the first place! I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE ELSE-don't get an unnecessary inquiry on your credit report by applying for a loan at PNC go somewhere else in the first place! Sorry for the rant-- I'm still fuming... :( PS-0 Stars wasn't available- the lowest I could go was ONE for this fiasco! :(

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    Reviewed By Disgusted01 Jun 16, 2016


    I would never recommend this bank to anyone. Horrible working machines that take your money and do not give you credit for 10-45 days. As you drive away, it throws your checks out of the machine (hopefully you are lucky enough to find them) and just plain down poor customer service. They charge you for EVERYTHING. My safe deposit box went from $ 20 to near $ 90 and when I challenged this, they couldn't care less. God, where did the good ole Public Bank go? That was customer service days. I think PNC needs to go back to Pittsburgh because they sure don't care about the people of Florida. Out of the two I go into, one person I recognize from the good days of banking. She is a delight, but the new people have no clue how to be customer oriented and assist. Please, don't waste your time as I don't think you could find a worse bank in the entire area.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Azewski Jun 7, 2016

    Such a terrible bank!!!

    They charge you fees like crazy. Customer service is terrible and they give you a hard time when it corms down to refunding you your money. They take out checks at 11:59 pm so that you get hit with a fee even if you have money to cover it at 12:01. I've never had to deal with a fraud bank like this. The employees are rude and they laugh at you like your uneducated. I worked at td bank for a while and never seen anything like this. Will be closing out the account and heading back to a Bank that doesn't scam customers and play by a normal banks rules!!!!!! Don't ever bank here!

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  • K
    Reviewed By keith4two May 28, 2016

    Extremely unhelpful!

    Called to verify funds on a cashier's check and was blown off. The customer care rep on the phone was rude and unprofessional. There are A LOT of other financial institutions out there to go to than deal with people like this. Run far and run fast!

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