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PNC Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Fatdaddyk's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fatdaddyk

Apr 12th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Acworth GA Branch has been great to me.

PNC bought out my previous bank and I have been very happy with my overall experience. I am a fairly technical person so the online access and all of the things I can do with my online banking and depositing with my iPhone has helped a lot. My particular branch is not busy so it is more like going in to your local barber shop than it is your local bank. Everyone knows me and is always friendly and willing to chat if not busy so the overall experience for me from a service and access perspective has been fantastic. I do not have any loans or investment products with them so I cannot attest to those items.

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frosty32261gmailco's Profile Image

Reviewed by frosty32261gmailco

Apr 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Awful service, poorly trained staff.....worst banking experience I have ever had

I took out a very small loan ($5,000) with PNC bank....after many phone calls, getting the run around (they couldn't find my loan request at first), and call backs as they promised with a status (that should have been the key) finally got a call the loan had been approved after over a week. Went in to the bank to sign paperwork , then got a call a week later they had processed the paperwork wrong (wrong payment date) and needed me to resign new paperwork. I found this a little fishy as I had already received my check. Ok...signed new paperwork....Week later get a call the head office had let the paperwork fall in to a black hole and they needed me to resign paperwork for a third time. I have good credit and a good salary so there is nothing on my side causing this insane business. Come on.....three times to sign the same paperwork.....What is wrong with these people. Will never, ever, ever do business with this bank again.. Just hope when I pay off my loan they show it paid and don't want me to repay it 3 times.

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PreviousPNCCustome's Profile Image

Reviewed by PreviousPNCCustome

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutelly terrible

Absolutely terrible

When I opened my accounts (1 personal and 4 business) I was told that everything was going to work seamlessly thru their e-banking system. Turns out that;

The system doesn't allow integration between business accounts because they have different Tax number. Transfer of funds between accounts (usually done with a quick click of a button with other banks) is a big deal..funds were available between 3 to 5 business days...unacceptable result for online banking. And it took me over a year to get this answer...

If you are away from any branches good luck trying to resolve any dispute over the phone....everybody is nice but nobody seams to be able to resolve a problem... you always have the option to file a complaint...nobody follows up on those one anyway...result at the branch are similar but at least you can annoy the teller and create a huge line up before they find someone that can help you out.

Most of the information received from some associates are different depending who you talked to....everybody seams to come up with their own answer....most of the time unsupported or wrong...

Setting up Business Accounts is the most painful experience ever...even when you go fully prepared the associate or "the system" doesn't seam to find a way to go thru the process smoothly

The entire e-banking experience is designed for a troglodyte...plenty of pictures and animations that makes it look more like "Dora the Explorer" website rather than a Bank Portal.

List goes on...needless to say I switched to a different bank..30 minutes set up and now all things that were impossible for PNC are available with a click of a button.

So long PNC...

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WendyOConnor's Profile Image

Reviewed by WendyOConnor

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Getting access to my online banking

For 18 months now I have tried to get into my online banking account but because the manager I had Alice Martin left, the current Manager does not know me, so refuses to give me information on how to get into my online banking account and I have lost a lot of money to an Insurance company I should not have.

I do not live in the USA anymore but still have my account setup. It's impossible to get to the right people to sort out their mess with my bank account.

When Alice was there, I was happy and she attended to my every need, since then it has been a disaster. I took out a huge chunk and brought here, now it looks like I'll have to try to rescue the remaining amount.

When I call it takes 15 mins to get to the right department and then still they stuff up what I need. My daughter lives there and she is a signatory to my account and even she can't get them to get it right.

What is wrong with this bank.

All I want is access to my money in your bank, but even that is a hard task for them to do.

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lburton's Profile Image

Reviewed by lburton

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor service from poorly trained customer service so called professionals

I spoke with Monk regarding my account and the issues I was having. After an already very poor experience over the phone with rep Thomas Dillard who was very unhelpful, rude, and isn't at all clear on what his job duties are as a customer service representative which is to help the customer. After not being able to resolve my issue and admitting he wasn't management but did have a manager and Supervisor but would not do his job because he probably doesn't know how to transfer a phone call that would be too common sense for him. After becoming frustrated with Mr. Dillard I contacted my local branch and explained my banking needs and situation where I was supposed to be assisted by Monk. I was told I would receive a call back. After two and a half hours I had to follow-up with him only to be told two hours later that he could not assist me and that all the information I had been given the whole time was incorrect?? Incompetence across the board if you ask me....I will never use nor recommend PNC to anyone again and will make sure I let anyone I can know how unprofessional this company really is.

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