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Reviewed By chman Dec 12, 2013

Worst bank ever

I have had an account with PNC for 3 months now, and it has been extremely stressful to do business with them. From the get go, no pleasant experience. The consultant who helped me open an account was inexperienced and didn't know how to work with customers. She did not explain properly what documents she needed from me and made me go back home 3 times to get the right documents. PNC lets new employees work with customers without giving them enough training. Their employees are rude, defensive, and not professional. It has been 3 months since I opened an account, but I have not received my checkbooks yet despite multiple calls I made to them. It has been extremely stressful to do any business with them, and I've decided to close my account with PNC. I wasted so much time, energy, and money because of their unprofessional customer service. Absolutely worst bank ever.

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Reviewed By lmorton11 Mar 26, 2014

Worst banking experience ever! Lost 50 points on credit report.

We were trying to pay off a loan for a line of credit on our home. Every time I called the bank I was redirected to sometimes five different departments as we were told we had a "special" loan. I sent in a check for the payoff amount and they said they didn't receive it.

After weeks of frustration I went to our local bank to send the money electronically. Our local bank could not get in touch with them via email nor were the bank managers phone calls returned. Eventually they took the amount out of our local account and I received a statement showing our check cashed! Not only cashed but credited and debited.

During all this one payment was late (and I was still trying to pay the full amount) and after years of never having one payment late they sent it to the credit bureau where both my husband and I lost 50+ points on.our credit score. The entire event was the most unprofessional and taxing event I have been through. Any person who is thinking of using this bank should think twice to keep both their sanity and excellent credit score.

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Latest PNC Bank Reviews

  • W
    Reviewed By William02 May 4, 2016

    Bunch of Thieve

    They act like they're your friends just to get your business why are you opening up an account and then they did they'd sneak in all of these extra fees on top of everything else that you're paying you know when you're a person who makes $400 a week and the bank try to take that $400 what are you supposed to live off of if the bank is trying to take that money and not try to fix your problem with them I suggest to anybody who's out there looking to open up a PNC check PNC checking or ATM don't do it because now my kids are going to be hungry because they don't want to fix their problem all they care about is getting their money and they keep on charging for every overdraft fee that you tried to stop their charging $36 each time your card overdraft

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  • D
    Reviewed By dej1for Apr 28, 2016


    You all know why Im here.PNC bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with.I faxed in paper work for the truck they financed for me for the insurance.After I received the 1st payment bill there was an additional 225.00 dollar charge because they said I didnt change over my insurance.After several calls to them they said the paperwork was never sent in but it was sent by my state farm agent.After a coulple more calls they said it was to late.They were also kind enough to screw me for a 6.5 interest rate through POHANKA HONDA OF FREDERICKSBURGH V.A. So after I paid my payments for a year and a half I refinanced the loan through bank of america for a 4.5 interest rate and saved alot of money.If you have a car loan from pnc bank see if you can refinance with a different bank at some time.You will save hundreds. Payback is a -----.

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  • L
    Reviewed By llRidd Apr 6, 2016

    Main St Millsboro

    The Millsboro Branch on main Street give excellent customer service. Everyone there is always pleasant and helpful. I only use this bank for my job, however if i ever need to open a new account, it would differently be with them.

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  • R
    Reviewed By robM Apr 4, 2016

    Just terrible - Don't Bank with PNC

    I read the negative reviews but still went ahead an opened account because I wanted the $400 promotion for new checking accounts. Now I know why they were offering the incentive...What a mistake!! not worth the $400..They made so many errors it took 30 days before I had access to my $$ then to top it off I sent my mortgage check using on line banking it was never cashed by my mortgage services company!!! which was very clear when you look at the bank of the check, yet the PNC researched it and said the matter is closed because my mortgage services company would not provide any info..what IDIOTS !!! The back of the check clearly shows it was deposited by BNY not my bank...The customer service is the worst ever...Don't bank with PNC you will regret it..

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    Reviewed By jstern5592 Mar 17, 2016

    Retirement/benefits department for clients who have passed away is awful

    Having a family member pass away recently, there have been nothing but problems in attempting to transfer a retirement account. There was no will and when the account was opened, beneficiaries were not allowed as an option. Probate court has approved transfer to 1 heir by line of succession, however, PNC refuses to honor the judgement. When the retirement and/or benefits department has been contacted, they refuse to speak with the estate attorney even with documentation they have showing that the heir has given written permission. IF you can get through to the departments, the only answer you get is "we'll have to check with this department or that department" and NEVER receive an answer. When they are asked to have the call escalated to someone higher up the change, they refuse. They cannot or will not explain their policies and procedures. Thus, probate cannot be closed due to their dragging their feet and doing nothing. The heir could end up with massive taxes and penalties because of their inept practices. EVERY other financial institution has been extremely helpful and taken care of what needs to be done in courteous and timely fashion. NOT PNC. I would like to leave ALL stars blank.

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  • F
    Reviewed By FedUPConsumer Mar 15, 2016

    Customer Service is the worst ever. They call themselves Money Managers

    The Customer Service is the worst. You reach them dialing 1-800-PNC-Bank. Don't waste your time they refer you to an Escalation Dept, which will basically further escalate you beyond your wildest dreams. They are very callous and sarcastic, nothing like the old PNC with morals, values, and quality standards. I would highly recommend someone who gives a darn offer retraining and just plain old common courtesy skills. Something called telephone manners. PNC is lacking in helping customers feel valued.

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  • Y
    Reviewed By Youottoknow Mar 9, 2016

    Has multiple system issues last two months

    Pnc has never had a problem, but since the microchip requirement for bank cards their system upgrades have been a constant fail. Cards denied and random places, weekly upgrades shutting down on line access, inconsistent answers from customer service reps. Not knowing answers about own service lines. Online banking payments not getting to destination on time, security very weak. We are moving to another bank despite the huge headache of notifying all automatic payers! Had excellent service up until last couple months. Extremely disappointed.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Riekopo Mar 4, 2016

    Total A-holes

    Recently got a PNC credit card. I made a payment on it through my Paypal account with my Paypal debit card. The payment went through and it was fine. Then about 5 days later they returned the money and charged me a $25 fee for the trouble. I called for an explanation and described the situation. They couldn't logically explain why I was charged a fee and refused to retract the fee. Worst bank I've ever used. Will be closing my account with them.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Coleman05 Feb 26, 2016

    closing my account

    I went to close my PNC account and Ryan N. Craft introduced himself to help me. When he asked what he could helped with I informed him I needed to close my account. Mr. Craft became upset and we proceeded to sit down and discuss the account. An older gentlemen that could barely walk with a cane was trying to ask Mr. Craft a question and in a rude tone Mr. Craft told the man, "Well, I am with a custoner right now so you will wait." When I was asked why I want to close my account, I explained the fraud charges to our account 3 times and that was difficult for us when on vacation. Mr. Craft became irate and told me that this is not a reflection on the bank but the merchants we use. I explained, how the bank handles this is a reflection and we need our money available. Mr. Craft continued to be unprofessional and tried arguing with me and I told him politely I just wished to close the account. We are also moving and love the perks of pnc. Mr. Craft then told me he could not help me and asked me to leave. This customer service is unprofessional and uncalled for. I am very disappointed with how I was treated. We use PNC for our mortgages and vehicles however, after this experience we will refinance our home with someone new and never use PNC again.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jcastellanos4 Feb 22, 2016


    AGAIN, DO NOT BANK HERE. The convenience, apps, smiling faces etc...just a distraction from the fact that this bank is out to make $ off its customers. Flat out abusive fees. Customers are treated as profit centers. Don't give your money away. Try a local credit union.

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