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PNC Bank Latest Customer Reviews

GinaPellegrini's Profile Image

Reviewed by GinaPellegrini

Aug 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Manager ever!

I've never posted a negative comment or called to complain about a sole! Bank manager was so rude and dismissive and I HAD to let it be known! The teller also made a huge error and neglected to provide me with receipts for 17,000.00 deposit of bonds. I worried all night about the missing $. Next day I alerted him to his error--he resolved it without a "sorry" or any type of apology. Waited on hold for 30 minutes with regional customer service to complain about the service ( something I've never done in my 54 years alive). Worth the wait!

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WonDerWOMan95's Profile Image

Reviewed by WonDerWOMan95

Aug 7th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Pnc Oak Hall, Va - A Great Bank

I was surprised to read some less than stellar reviews on this site. I deal with five banks on the eastern shore of md. And va. , one of which has a 5-star rating. My favorite is the pnc at oak hall, va. The people are outstanding from the manager to the newest teller. They are knowledgeable and efficient in all areas, but best of all, they care about me. I highly recommend this bank. Alula w. Marshall, temperanceville, va.

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Ivan1862's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ivan1862

Aug 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Hook to get you to sign up and disfuntional

I was hooked into moving my accounts to this bank. Free checking, free etc, etc. No minimum balances, no etc etc etc. Yes, thats the way it was for the first 3 months. Then they hit you with a $12.00 monthly fee unless you follow all their new rules. The funny part is they still show your account as a "free" checking account. Their online banking is about worthless. I log onto several accounts at the same time, moving and comparing data. If you don't happen to use theirs for 15 mins you are booted off. Most mornings it does not even work. Constant error messages or it just does not function at all. Watch out for their "friendly" employees. They will smile, throw you the nice hook and once they reel you in, you are soon in the stew pot. I am moving all my accounts from this place.

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lovely's Profile Image

Reviewed by lovely

Jul 28th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

PNC\ Carthage.....How I was amazed

I was amazed first and foremost for the wonderful treatment I got and get from the staff at this branch. The employees are wonderful, helpful and have great attitudes. What I like about my account is that I can have checking and savings all together and when I overdraw on the checking account I can transfer from my savings. I am sure a lot of banks can do that but I like the way this bank does things. Its very secure, no one is going to be able to take out of your account without the proper credentials. I am very satisfied with this institution.

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cmb71129's Profile Image

Reviewed by cmb71129

Jul 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Company in the USA 2014

I will definitely be closing my account with PNC after what has happened. Over the past 2 years, with 2 different accounts that involved no risky behavior, PNC has somehow let my account numbers get into the hands of scammers. Every couple weeks I get a call from a fake law firm claiming I owe money to companies I have never used before. These scams somehow have my entire account number and Social Security Number. The only people I have ever given my ssn to are PNC and employers. Then, recently, my free checking classic became standard checking, which resulted in a 7 dollar charge to my account I have been trying to close because of this. This 7 dollar charge put me in the negative, 7 dollars. I was not notified that this change would happen. I was not told of any new charges I would be receiving. Had I known this, I would have closed my accounts sooner. However, as I hadn't received a scam call in quite a while, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and believing they had handled it. Then, within 5 hours, I got charged this 7 dollars AND got another scam call. PNC has officially received my vote for worst company in the USA for 2014.

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IKEarthur's Profile Image

Reviewed by IKEarthur

Jul 10th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bad Business Practices

For small business owners. Pnc bank will charge u overdraft fees and after that $7. 00 everyday for 14 days. You wont be able to closeyour account untill they've finished charging

$7. 00 x 14=$98 plus $36 overdraft fee. Are they helping you stay in business or out of it? Finda better bank. Not only that purchases take a while to show up so they can charge you.

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Bktsr0069's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bktsr0069

Jul 8th 2014

3 out of 5 marks


MANY instances of purchases not showing up until a week later, even though it will show as 'pending' online the day of the purchase, by the very next day it will literally disappear (without being deducted) and then all of a sudden show up, and be deducted, a WEEK later. Good luck if you are running low on funds and trust your PNC online banking is correct because you will overdraw your account. You do online banking so you don't/shouldn't have to keep track of every single purchase you make. Online banking means the bank is taking care of that for you, with PNC that is not what happens.

There are MANY complaints of their online banking not working, either unable to log on or you can log on and a message says 'oops sorry an error occurred' or 'unable to access your account at this time'. What good is online banking when 60% of the time it isn't working or your purchases appear and disappear?

Also, if you write checks using your PNC online banking, there is no way for you to see (after you hit send) that you have that outstanding check until it is cashed. In other words, write an online check and hit send, later on if you can't remember if you paid that bill or not and go back to your PNC online banking to check, there is no way to confirm/see you have already sent it and you may send out a second check thinking you did not pay that bill yet, or, if the company or individual you sent the online check to holds onto the check for some time and does not cash it right away you may forget that money will be coming out of your account, again if you live paycheck to paycheck and your available funds are needed to be known, this is yet another way PNC can have you overdraw your account. I have complained of that numerous times and there is never a resolve, you get the run around. PNC may have advantages over other banks, and unfortunately employers INSIST you have a bank account for direct deposit if you want to work for them, but any and all banks do not care anymore.

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mac2600's Profile Image

Reviewed by mac2600

Jun 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Hope you like to pay for your "free" checking account

Original account was opened at National City, but through a merger/sale became PNC --possibly the worst bank ever. Conversion to a similar "free" account was offered after the transition. But it wasn't long until the "free" account became a $9/month "free" account just to have the account, and get a statement. A statement might not be all that important, because you should be able to look online. Except the online access wasn't reliable.

Asked local branch for options for a real "free" account again, told there was nothing they could do, I could leave it I wanted to. So I did, to a credit union. So far so good. Things are free, and the staff at the local branch seems knowledgeable and helpful. I also got better rates on my savings account, and a loan that was previously at PNC.

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amberp82's Profile Image

Reviewed by amberp82

Jun 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Nothing they can't do! Why does this site not let us rate zero.

The ATM ate my money and took the amount out of my account. They said there was nothing they could do until the ATM was fixed and they did a balance on the account. This could take several days. In the mean time, that left me with 10 bucks in the bank. Then my husbands pay went in the next week (we are still negative at this point) so it took his whole pay and left $150 in the bank or I thought!

I forgot to mention that in the mean time, all of the bills that are on auto pay are going through. So when all was said and done, we are negative more than his pay and have no money to pay the babysitter, get groceries or put gas in the cars. So I go to one of those cash advance places to get money for the above, thinking that the money would be put back in before the cash advance was owed. Then I could go pay the advance and get half the amount back and put that in the bank, so that I do not owe such a large amount at one time.

By the time they credited my account the cash advance had already went through. I called the bank and the lady I usually deal with (Kristi Malone) is out, however i got to tell my store to three other bank people before I was given to a Manager (Brian), who told me there was nothing he could do, so I asked who else i could speak with, because he can not be the president of PNC, and he said no there was no one else. Maybe he does think he is the president, who knows! So instead of telling him all the words that are going through my head, I kindly thank him for his "help" and "time"

I have banked with PNC since my mom set up a savings when I was 12. I am now 31 and will be closing my account and moving to a much more helpful and considerate bank! Also I think that this site should have zero's as a rating because that is what i would give! Lots and lots of zeros!

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weiy888's Profile Image

Reviewed by weiy888

Jun 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Promotion award is true?

The bank promotion $200, but paid $150, I met all the requirement and called customer service and branch office. Looks like no one knows why. I have to wait for their promotion department to respond. It seems they don't know how to do business.

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knayber's Profile Image

Reviewed by knayber

Jun 2nd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Virginia is for lovers of PNC!

Recently relocated from western PA and completely dissatisfied with local banking options in central VA. Keeping accounts with PNC though there are no branches here in our area and waiting hopefully for PNC to join the local banking community!

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imadabdelrahman's Profile Image

Reviewed by imadabdelrahman

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

[Redacted] at PNC Branch in downtown Orlando, Orange Street

[Redacted], a teller supervisor at PNC Bank branch on 420 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801 treated me like a suspect this morning when I went to withdraw some money from my account. The story started when I deposited a check from insurance company few days ago. The check was issued in my name and wife's name, however, [Redacted] refused to release the money to me stating that my wife's name wasn't in the account. When I told her why the teller at the PNC bank branch on Pine street agreed to deposit the check if there was a problem with my wife not being on my checking account, she had the worse possible attitude. She went and talked with a supervisor name [Redacted], who also was not helpful at all. Both of them were arrogant. In fact, she called the teller at the Pine street branch and asked her if my wife was with me and the teller there acting like she remembered who came to the window 6 days earlier stated that my wife was not with me. Anyway, I have $6000 in my account and I was told I can't withdraw a penny.

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jeepgirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by jeepgirl

May 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

PNC is totally corrupt

After having a small bank bought out by PNC. Records were lost for LLC account and cannot provide a complete audit. They say I owe them on open mortgage when they controlled all the money and did not ensure payoffs to subcontractors based on the original contract. Then they would not release my money in an account to pay off subcontractor, of which they paid contractor who was liable to pay subs and cost me well over $100,000 plus attorney fees. They stated the only way to release these funds were if I signed an agreement not to sue them, which I really did understand which shows they knew that they were wrong and did not want to be sued.

They are insured, their employees lost paperwork during conversion to PNC and should be held accountable for their actions. I would recommend that anyone dealing with PNC be very careful because they are ripping off clients by suing you but they do not want to be held accountable for their errors and mistakes. Does anyone know whether they can deny a request to make a payment but based on their attorney at the time out of Baltimore they would not release my money unless I signed not to sue. What does that tell you. They knew they were guilty of misconduct.

Beware, they are too big and grew too fast to be a reliable, honest banking business. Any feedback appreciated if you have had a similar experience.

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seamoose's Profile Image

Reviewed by seamoose

May 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

PNC Bank bites!

The staff are rude, unhelpful, and have no respect for people in general! They need two IDs to cash a check drawn on one of their customers accounts. This person is rich and tries to help people in need! Plus all the staff need to visit Jenny Craig. I hope that PNC bank fails and does so quickly. There's just no need for them to exist.

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vernal's Profile Image

Reviewed by vernal

May 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

PNC is the worst bank ever!

My story with PNC is a long one. The bottom line is I regret opening an account at the PNC Bank. The manager is a swindler and a liar. Staff members are rude and make fun of their customers. I had lived most of my life in a third world country and never had an experience even close to what I have experienced at this bank. I do not recommend this bank to anyone.

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mindy's Profile Image

Reviewed by mindy

May 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

great online and phone service

I've had to call my bank, and use their online customer service for many reasons, and the representatives have always been very helpful and overflowing with information. They made sure that I understood what was being communicated to me, without being demeaning, and also seem to have my best interest in mind.

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BanksAreUseless's Profile Image

Reviewed by BanksAreUseless

Apr 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service In Branch and On the Phone

Dublin/Columbus/Sawmill branch. First the good: Ryan Horace the Branch Manager truly tried to resolve any issues we were having with our accounts (personal and business). He really owned the issues and saw them through.

However, the terrible, mindless, confrontational customer service from Amanda and the dark-haired woman that runs the "drive-thru" is unacceptable. Amanda doesn't listen, when she thinks she understands she just passes it off or forgets about. Lots of bad information and lack of follow through from Amanda and Rye. I'm not coming to the bank to have fun or waste anyone's time, I expect to be treated with respect and have my accounts, credit cards, and online banking working, no ownership, and after 5 months my online banking account still doesn't work! Every time I call or go in there is no resolution.

PNC's policies are very inconsistent, and beware if you deposit a check in their ATM, you will not get the original back if they decide not to process it/deposit it. Instead, they send you a picture of the check on regular printer paper and expect you to take it somewhere else to be cashed or deposited. I was told it would take 7-10 business days and I would have to file a dispute (Amanda) to get a scanned copy of the check (not the original). It's crazy. PNC allowed deposits before, but not this time. Ridiculously random. Today I went in to cash a check and make some deposits and the dark-haired lady that runs the drive-thru started giving me attitude because their random policies as she mindlessly understood them required I write the check an extra special way just for her apparently. It's fine if I made a mistake, but don't give me an attitude. You are a worker in a penny-ante regional bank, not an authority, and not a business owner. Your bank's success and your paychecks come from bank members like me. If PNC doesn't improve they will lose more market share and "assets". Do not bank with PNC.

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desertdawg1991's Profile Image

Reviewed by desertdawg1991

Apr 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Never use PNC mortgage! I'm a disabled vet and was treated like my business was waste of their time.

I went in for a mortgage and received a pre-approval for a V.A. loan. My personal experience was as bad as it gets! (I can only speak for my own experience with them). They first say my file was "lost"(not possible),&they handed me off to 3 different loan reps over the period of 3months.

I had to start all over again. I spent $4000 cleaning up all my credit and then 3 days before our closing date the idiots call me and say "well we can't do V.A. loan. We can only do conventional and 25% down! 25% down on a $43,000! Unbelievable and they actually made my credit all most 30 points lower because those idiots ran my credit over 3 different times and never gave me credit adjustment for paying all debt off! So not only did I not get to acquire this house, but I spent almost $4000 dollars.

I won't get back and my credit score is worse than when I started the mortgage process! They are the most unhelpful, incompetent mortgage team around!..do not waste your time and money with this company! I am a disabled vet and they screwed me and strung me along until 3 days before close. If they will screw a veteran they will defanitly screw you. I cannot believe they had the balls to ask me for 11 thousand down on a 43 thousand loan. I am going to cancel my account entirely and I intend to pass out flyers at the v.a to get as many people to not ever use PNC bank for any reason! Worst experience of my life -- they actually made my situation worse! Veterans, do not use PNC Bank ever!

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neverthisbranch's Profile Image

Reviewed by neverthisbranch

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Likes to talk behind your back

Other customers may not experience what I just experienced, so please keep an open mind. I just recently opened an account at this branch. Great people, and willing to work with you. Everything seemed to go smoothly and they said they would call me back with more answers to my questions. The next day (Tuesday), they gave me a call to answer those questions, but I was busy at work and their office closed before I could call. Same thing happens Wednesday. They leave another wonderful voicemail until the consultant hangs up the phone or so she thought. She starts saying to her co-worker she thinks I'm a fraud and that there is no way I could have save so much of my hard-earned money at a young age. Now I think she was just joking, but when dealing with a customer, you should make sure they don't hear you talk behind their back.

PNC is a great bank, but this branch specifically, I will never return to. Like I said, everyone will have a different experience at any branch they visit, but I've experienced rudeness. I will for sure never return to this branch and if I do, I will never return to that specific rep. I know it is hard times right now and I at least have respect to not put her name online. I leave it up to you to decide if you want to visit this branch.

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ScrewedByPNC's Profile Image

Reviewed by ScrewedByPNC

Apr 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

While you might have integrity, PNC Bank does not.

While you might have integrity and be a person of your word, who backs up those words with actions, PNC Bank most certainly is the complete opposite. They have no integrity and they blatantly lie. We have a loan with PNC Bank and have made every single payment to them, on time, for the past 2 years just as we agreed to do. Our attorney is/was in the process of negotiating the terms of the balance of the loan and was told by their attorney what documents they were going to require and was also told that our bank rep was going on vacation and nothing would be happening for at least the next week. Well, they lied.

On Friday, at the end of the day, PNC sucked $58,000 from our account with no notice whatsoever. To make matters worse, there is $50,000 worth of checks written to vendors and employees, including our paycheck. They took the money out anyway, even though there were outstanding checks which were written on clear money. We sent an email to our rep and received an auto-response saying she was on vacation and giving the names of 2 people to contact in case of an emergency. Well this is an emergency and surely this must be a mistake, right? Despite repeated phone calls to both people, we were only able to get one man on the phone who basically said, "too bad, fuck you, talk to your attorney." When our attorney spoke with the PNC attorney, they said they knew it was happening, despite telling us, in writing that it wasn't going to.

I can't even fathom how someone would do that and then leave for vacation, without any regard and leaving people to try and pull their business and lives together. We are filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I'm tempted to write all of their names here, but I have more integrity than that.

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Suckmepnc's Profile Image

Reviewed by Suckmepnc

Apr 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Could not be worse service.

I'll save the long list of how poor this customer service is. After 10 months (Ten - please count them, ten) of trying to get something simple like my loan payment to be deducted automatically, I finally lost it today.

The bank was refusing to waive $130 of fees, their error, and they admit that. Spoke with somebody who puts the "Douche" in "Douchebag", [Redacted], at 877-631-8998, [Redacted] (Love those ten digit extensions).

Will never do business with this bank again. Poor customer service.

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Wyattbaughn's Profile Image

Reviewed by Wyattbaughn

Apr 21st 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Wonderful branch with wonderful people.

I can't speak for other customers' experiences, but I can say that Chris and Laura have been absolutely wonderful, and have become good friends in the time that I have known them. No matter what is going on, Laura and Chris always have a smile on their faces, and always greet me and every customer I've seen with a positive and upbeat attitude. This makes going into the bank (which would normally be a chore) a pleasurable experience that I actually look forward to. As far as PNC as a whole, they are like any other large national bank. They do make things more convenient with their ATM that allows you to deposit cash and checks. Mostly, though, the excellent customer service at the Pawleys Island branch separates the bank from others.

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Fatdaddyk's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fatdaddyk

Apr 12th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Acworth GA Branch has been great to me.

PNC bought out my previous bank and I have been very happy with my overall experience. I am a fairly technical person so the online access and all of the things I can do with my online banking and depositing with my iPhone has helped a lot. My particular branch is not busy so it is more like going in to your local barber shop than it is your local bank. Everyone knows me and is always friendly and willing to chat if not busy so the overall experience for me from a service and access perspective has been fantastic. I do not have any loans or investment products with them so I cannot attest to those items.

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frosty32261gmailco's Profile Image

Reviewed by frosty32261gmailco

Apr 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Awful service, poorly trained staff. Worst banking experience I have ever had.

I took out a very small loan ($5,000) with PNC bank. After many phone calls, getting the run around (they couldn't find my loan request at first), and call backs as they promised with a status (that should have been the key). Finally got a call the loan had been approved after over a week. Went in to the bank to sign paperwork, then got a call a week later they had processed the paperwork wrong (wrong payment date) and needed me to resign new paperwork.

I found this a little fishy as I had already received my check. Ok, signed new paperwork. Week later get a call the head office had let the paperwork fall in to a black hole and they needed me to resign paperwork for a third time. I have good credit and a good salary so there is nothing on my side causing this insane business. Come on, three times to sign the same paperwork. What is wrong with these people.

Will never, ever, ever do business with this bank again. Just hope when I pay off my loan they show it paid and don't want me to repay it 3 times.

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PreviousPNCCustome's Profile Image

Reviewed by PreviousPNCCustome

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely Terrible

Absolutely terrible.

When I opened my accounts (1 personal and 4 business) I was told that everything was going to work seamlessly through their e-banking system. Turns out that;

The system doesn't allow integration between business accounts because they have different Tax number. Transfer of funds between accounts (usually done with a quick click of a button with other banks) is a big deal. Funds were available between 3 to 5 business days -- unacceptable result for online banking. And it took me over a year to get this answer.

If you are away from any branches good luck trying to resolve any dispute over the phone, everybody is nice but nobody seams to be able to resolve a problem. You always have the option to file a complaint. Nobody follows up on those one anyway. Result at the branch are similar but at least you can annoy the teller and create a huge line up before they find someone that can help you out.

Most of the information received from some associates are different depending who you talked to. Everybody seams to come up with their own answer, most of the time unsupported or wrong.

Setting up Business Accounts is the most painful experience ever. Even when you go fully prepared the associate or "the system" doesn't seam to find a way to go through the process smoothly.

The entire e-banking experience is designed for a troglodyte -- plenty of pictures and animations that makes it look more like "Dora the Explorer" website rather than a Bank Portal.

List goes on. Needless to say, I switched to a different bank. 30 minutes set up and now all things that were impossible for PNC are available with a click of a button.

So long PNC Bank.

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WendyOConnor's Profile Image

Reviewed by WendyOConnor

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Getting access to my online banking

For 18 months now I have tried to get into my online banking account but because the manager I had, Alice Martin, left. The current Manager does not know me, so refuses to give me information on how to get into my online banking account and I have lost a lot of money to an Insurance company I should not have.

I do not live in the USA anymore but still have my account setup. It's impossible to get to the right people to sort out their mess with my bank account.

When Alice was there, I was happy and she attended to my every need, since then it has been a disaster. I took out a huge chunk and brought here, now it looks like I'll have to try to rescue the remaining amount.

When I call it takes 15 mins to get to the right department and then still they stuff up what I need. My daughter lives there and she is a signatory to my account and even she can't get them to get it right.

What is wrong with this bank? All I want is access to my money in your bank, but even that is a hard task for them to do.

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lburton's Profile Image

Reviewed by lburton

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor service from poorly trained customer service so called professionals.

I spoke with Monk regarding my account and the issues I was having. After an already very poor experience over the phone with rep [Redacted] who was very unhelpful, rude, and isn't at all clear on what his job duties are as a customer service representative which is to help the customer. After not being able to resolve my issue and admitting he wasn't management but did have a manager and Supervisor but would not do his job because he probably doesn't know how to transfer a phone call that would be too common sense for him.

After becoming frustrated with [Redacted], I contacted my local branch and explained my banking needs and situation where I was supposed to be assisted by Monk. I was told I would receive a call back. After two and a half hours I had to follow-up with him only to be told two hours later that he could not assist me and that all the information I had been given the whole time was incorrect? Incompetence across the board if you ask me. I will never use nor recommend PNC to anyone again and will make sure I let anyone I can know how unprofessional this company really is.

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heather97's Profile Image

Reviewed by heather97

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent staff and customer service.

My debit card was stolen on a Saturday. When I called to cancel the card the customer service was excellent. When I visited my branch on Mt. Zion Road the following Monday, not only was everyone comforting and supportive, but agreed that it is unbelievable how times have changed and people can be so cruel.

A special thank you to Shaney Piccirillo who helped me beyond my expectations. She was patient with me and understood what I was going through. I appreciated her and the other tellers taking the time to talk with me and comfort me knowing that I was upset and disappointed that this happened in the first place.

I have banked with PNC for some time now and would highly recommend them, especially the Mt. Zion branch.

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Rowena411's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rowena411

Mar 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very very dissatisfied!

I had an account for years while I was working. Lost my job for two months.

My daughter, whom I added to my account closed my account. I called to have it reopened and the PNC Bank Manager called me and stated that he was severing/closing my account because I use Check-n-Go to supplement my income. I told him I am now employed again, and he stated that he has the right to terminate any relationship.

This happened at the Battle Creek Michigan Branch. This is a form of discrimination!

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RileyRiley's Profile Image

Reviewed by RileyRiley

Mar 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Have had several types of bank accounts for 60+ years.

I had a problem w/ an account and live 1000 miles away from this branch. I called the branch, got a real live person on the phone who actually remembered me from when I was in the bank and opened the account. She solved the problem for me in minutes! Wonderful human experience in this day of computers and robots.

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