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Reviewed By chman Dec 12, 2013

Worst bank ever

I have had an account with PNC for 3 months now, and it has been extremely stressful to do business with them. From the get go, no pleasant experience. The consultant who helped me open an account was inexperienced and didn't know how to work with customers. She did not explain properly what documents she needed from me and made me go back home 3 times to get the right documents. PNC lets new employees work with customers without giving them enough training. Their employees are rude, defensive, and not professional. It has been 3 months since I opened an account, but I have not received my checkbooks yet despite multiple calls I made to them. It has been extremely stressful to do any business with them, and I've decided to close my account with PNC. I wasted so much time, energy, and money because of their unprofessional customer service. Absolutely worst bank ever.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By lmorton11 Mar 26, 2014

Worst banking experience ever! Lost 50 points on credit report.

We were trying to pay off a loan for a line of credit on our home. Every time I called the bank I was redirected to sometimes five different departments as we were told we had a "special" loan. I sent in a check for the payoff amount and they said they didn't receive it.

After weeks of frustration I went to our local bank to send the money electronically. Our local bank could not get in touch with them via email nor were the bank managers phone calls returned. Eventually they took the amount out of our local account and I received a statement showing our check cashed! Not only cashed but credited and debited.

During all this one payment was late (and I was still trying to pay the full amount) and after years of never having one payment late they sent it to the credit bureau where both my husband and I lost 50+ points on.our credit score. The entire event was the most unprofessional and taxing event I have been through. Any person who is thinking of using this bank should think twice to keep both their sanity and excellent credit score.

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Latest PNC Bank Reviews

  • E
    Reviewed By Eric2221 Feb 13, 2016

    Smoke, Mirrors & Dirty Tricks

    I worked for the old PNC in the 1990s on the investment side. Today's PNC is nothing like the institution of 20 years ago. Read the fine print CAREFULLY. There are a number of nuances that can trick a client into making mistakes that cost money and impact your credit score.

    The online banking site is a landmine field full of quirks that will cause payments to be initiated but not processed. Of course, errors are the customers fault.
    I closed personal and business accounts 2 years ago and never looked back. I'm paying off a personal VISA card that inevitably leads to a monthly phone call or branch visit due to administrative error. Apologies are made, fees are reversed (temporarily) and the game continues on the 4th of the next month.
    I have an easier time dealing with BofA and Wells Fargo....that alone speaks volumes about PNCs crooked, anti-consumer & disorganized operation.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jose111 Feb 13, 2016

    100% Capital Funding

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    Reviewed By Jojo0323 Feb 5, 2016

    Not the bank I used to know

    I worked for PNC bank 15 years ago as a teller and the bank back then had great customer service . It was "client" driven. I opened an account based on this and the experience has been nothing but horrible. I had the banker open my account and my number one request was NO statements to be sent to my address I wanted paperless banking. Guess what paper statements were sent to my address with promises it would be corrected. After the third statement and empty promises to correct the issue I closed the account with a fee (not disclosed to me upon opening the account -of course) I felt that fee should have been waived considering the bank couldn't provide me the number one request of paperless banking . The banker sure doesnt listen to clients needs , just way to interested in taking your money and making a deposite so he can get his commission. Its all money driven now. No desire to correct the wrong. Keep burning those bridges PNC. I will never recommend this bank to anyone, actually would discourage them from obtaining an account.

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  • U
    Reviewed By Unhappypncclient Feb 4, 2016

    Lacking in customer service skills!

    I have happily been a PNC customer for many years. I visited this location this afternoon to update my accounts with a name change. I waited in line because no one was in the lobby. I was handed a form to fill out and was asked to wait until a banker was available. When I left the desk I realized that the form did not have anything related to a name change. At this time the assistant branch manager was standing idly in the lobby and I asked her if I was given the wrong form for a name change. She seemed as though I was really putting her out when she advised me that for a name change I would need to have a seat and wait for a banker. I asked again if this was the wrong form, because I did not want to delay the process if I should be filling out a different form. She replied very rudely that if I wanted to have my name changed on my accounts I needed to have a seat and a banker would assist me. She also said, "I would never give this form to a customer for a name change! This is what WE fill out!!" I politely told her that I would go somewhere else because I was merely asking a question. I honestly felt like a chastised child by the way she spoke to me. I will not be back to this location. I am a manager myself and I would never treat my clients in a way that made them feel beneath me, or that I was being put out because of my title, which is exactly how she presented herself. I would provide my clients the same level of service that I would expect my employees to provide and set an excellent example of stellar customer service! So incredibly rude!!!!

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  • R
    Reviewed By Raynellp Feb 2, 2016

    Financial Planner pushy, aggressive

    I would give a negative star if one were available. 2 or 3 calls from a fast talking "financial advisor" who is "just wanting to help me.". So today I stopped in with specific questions which I kept asking over and over. He would not answer or give me written info to review. His one and. ONLY GOAL was to sell a 5 or 7 year annuity to me from New York Life Ins. I could have access to 10% of my money 1 time a year. I had REPEATEDLY told him over the phone that I was not going to tie up my money where I could only access 10% 1 time a year for this low interest rate. Today when I met with him that was all he would discuss. Did not lay out the options, would not answer my very simple and basic questions. So because of this pushy, aggressive" ten cents trinket salesman, " I am going to clise y accounts with PNC.

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  • L
    Reviewed By Ladybug1990 Jan 28, 2016

    Please do not do business!!!!!!!!! Let's get pnc bank out!

    I've been with pnc bank for ten year, worked for them 3years that's how much I loved my bank. PNC is absolutely HORRIBLE I know first hand these past few years they've changed for the worst. Check for $4 & check for $5 caused my account to go into negative I just bought my first home so that's why the account was cleaned in the first place, however $9 overdrawn they hit me with two $36 fees not ONE TWO off of $9 dollars only 10year customer and they refused to refund one, yup not even one. This the funniest part I was in route to deposit a $50,000 check guess what? Account closed..... Went with Delaware federal credit union: by the people for the people stop making these corporations rich lets invest in our local credit unions......

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  • P
    Reviewed By pwvinson Jan 28, 2016


    The drive through is horrible. Never anyone there and usually only one and if you are lucky 2 tellers even working. Wish they had not closed the other branch. I try to do as much of my banking in Smithfield which is 30 minutes away but they are so nice and efficient it is worth the drive to get good customer service.

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  • H
    Reviewed By Helena Jan 26, 2016

    Rejected Dispute handled poorly

    In 2014 we had a dispute about money paid to a company for computer services. They called 2 months after payment was made (which I'd used our Visa/Debit card and had to give permission to pay them via PNC automated phone call), this company says they didn't receive payment and to just tell my bank to resubmit the funds and they'll call me again in 24 hours so I could pay them again. A scam????!!!! I believed so immediately. Went to PNC and they agreed with my suspicions and promptly filed a dispute and instructed me on how to fill out paperwork I'd be sent. Did everything accordingly.

    The woman who "handled" my dispute, not at any branch, rejected it saying I had no hard copy proof of anything. I wondered why she simply didn't call this company on our behalf, since she technically works for the customer, for the proof she required? She did nothing. Just rejected it.

    I've spoken to several PNC reps over these past 18 months about this, receiving so many lame excuses it was shameful. NOW they say too much time has passed to do anything for us. And this woman no longer works for PNC so there's really no follow up person to deal with. What????? So that's almost $300 out of our pocket. Shame on PNC. Put your money elsewhere people. They are a terrible bank to deal with. Do your homework before opening any account, you'll be happy in the end you did so.

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dmcdonald_1 Jan 19, 2016

    David McDonald

    I wish I could give a negative star.... I went into the Dubois location and there was 6 people in line, 2 at drive through and one teller with phones ringing and no one answering...I stood in line 41 min.. ( no joke) During that time 3 people walked out.. I took a picture but can't up load it.. This isn't the first time but the worst I have seen to date.. I will be changing banks... I don't ever post anything because I know things happen but if you are thinking of using PNC.. DONT....

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  • S
    Reviewed By Soccermom22 Jan 18, 2016

    Great bank! LOVE the cashbuilder credit card!!!

    I have been with PNC for as long as I can remember. I honestly have nothing bad to say about them. They have one of thr best credit cards around. I can earn 1.75% cash back when I use my credit card ANYWHERE. The best part is that there is no annual fees. I love getting free money for buying things I normally would have used my debit card to do. I have the virtual wallet, and it is a great account to have. Not only can I manage everything all in one place online, I can pay my bills with their online bill pay (which helps so much in this hectic and crazy world we live in). I have 2 kids and they keep me very busy. I don't have to worry about getting my bills paid on time, pnc does it for me. I love that I can use my debit card at Wawa for free, and if I am some where that doesn't have a Wawa, pnc will reimburse any fees I may have accrued if I used an atm that isn't one of theirs. Overall great bank with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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