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PNC Bank Customer Review

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WilliamBurstein's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by WilliamBurstein

Jan 5th 2013

Excellent Customer Service

The people know and greet me by name.

However, I was charged a $3.00 fee for examining a deposit, online. Never had this charge before, but I was told that is is a new fee. I checked with Suntrust, and Chase Bank, which is opening a branch nearby, and they never heard of such a fee.

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neverthisbranch's Profile Image

Reviewed by neverthisbranch

Apr 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Likes to talk behind your back

Other customers may not experience what I just experienced, so please keep an open mind. I just recently opened an account at this branch. Great people, and willing to work with you. Everything seemed to go smoothly and they said they would call me back with more answers to my questions. The next day (Tuesday), they gave me a call to answer those questions, but I was busy at work and their office closed before I could call. Same thing happens Wednesday. They leave another wonderful voicemail until the consultant hangs up the phone or so she thought. She starts saying to her co-worker she thinks I'm a fraud and that there is no way I could have save so much of my hard-earned money at a young age. Now I think she was just joking, but when dealing with a customer, you should make sure they don't hear you talk behind their back. PNC is a great bank, but this branch specifically, I will never return to. Like I said, everyone will have a different experience at any branch they visit, but I've experienced rudeness. I will for sure never return to this branch and if I do, I will never return to that specific rep. I know it is hard times right now and I at least have respect to not put her name online. I leave it up to you to decide if you want to visit this branch.

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Suckmepnc's Profile Image

Reviewed by Suckmepnc

Apr 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Could not be WORSE SERVICE

I'll save the long list of how poor this customer service is. After 10 months (TEN - please count them, TEN) of trying to get something SIMPLE like my loan payment to be deducted automatically, I finally lost it today.

The bank was refusing to waive $130 of fees, their error, and they admit that. Spoke with somebody who puts the "Douche" in "Douchebag", Thomas Dillard, at 877-631-8998, x2695443896 (LOVE those TEN DIGIT extensions).

Will NEVER do business with this bank again. POOR, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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