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PNC Bank Customer Review

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Jlkaplan1971's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Jlkaplan1971

Jun 22nd 2012


We had a home equity loan thru Nat. city. That was a great bank. I paid online and all was easy. As PNC just about every month there is a problem with the online bill pay. Today it simply will not allow me to even locate the spot to login to our home equity line so that I can pay them!!!!! I had to call them last month and was passed around like a beach ball at a concert for hours. NO ONE knows how to do their job over there. I want to work there. They probably get paid well to do nothing but transfer calls to wrong departments and get away with being extremely rude. This bank should call it quits and let someone take over that has some class.

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eefvet11's Profile Image

Reviewed by eefvet11

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Zero Stars For Worst Bank And Worst Customer Service

Where to start? I normally do not write reviews for anything good or bad, but PNC has made my life hell over the last couple years. First, when my husband and i wanted to open our first joint account, we did it online through pnc's website b/c of the ease they advertised. Turns out they never sent us the paperwork for our actual signatures, so the money we put in to the account was not accessible. This meant that it wasn't in our personal accounts anymore, and we couldn't access the new one.

So it was basically gone. Once i had a chance to go into the branch which had basically no lobby hours, they gave me the paperwork, it was signed and returned, and Still nothing! Turns out it was approved but nobody "flipped the switch" to turn on the account! Ok, so that's another trip into the bank itself. And finally done. But wait! My husband can't access the account details -- just the balance -- on his online banking! When calling it service, they said they didn't know why either. Sorry man. Excuse me?!

So we finally move to Chase when we're in an area where they're closer. Our joint account closed fine, but my personal accounts didn't. I had to go into a branch on three separate occasions to get everything shut down! And the worst part is they expected me to pay overdraft fees for having a $0 account balance! Hello! You closed the accounts and wrote me the checks!! Of course there is a $0 balance! But wait! There's more!

The same thing happened w/ my credit card. I am currently on hold as i'm writing this b/c i got a notice that i owed $0. 30 to my pnc visa. This is a few weeks after i called and made my final payment over the phone so that i could be sure it was shut down w/out a problem. The representative told me what i owed, i paid, they shut it down and gave me a confirmation #. Wtf? Why did 0. 30 post? It's been about 15min on the phone b/c they are trying to get me to pay it. Fat chance. Do yourself a favor and just get w/ chase bank.

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Mrkris's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mrkris

Sep 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No way to gain new customers

On 5 September I received a brochure from the PNC Bank inviting me for a tour of the Indian Trail Branch at 494 Indian Trail Lilburn. The brochure stated that if I came for a tour a Rubber Maid food saver set would be given as a gift for taking the tour.. On 6 Sept 2014 at 10.00hrs I arrived at the Branch waited in line for about 10min before being served by a very nice teller. I passed her my Brochure and said I had come for a tour of the Branch. She said I am sorry we don't have any of the Rubber Maid gifts it was a very limited supply. She could however, provide me with a key chain.

This bait and switch left me with a sour taste . If your first impression is negative further business is likely to be a repeat performance. I thanked her for her time but said I think not. My CD and I will do business elsewhere..

To bad as she (the teller) was a credit to the Bank. The advertizement magement end of the Bank needs to review.its performance

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