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PNC Bank Customer Review

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eacano's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by eacano

Jan 22nd 2013

Horrible. I knew something was wrong when they hand delivered an estimate for my HELOC which showed a trillion %

After 9 years of no payments late they cut off my heloc for being two weeks late. They refused to negotiate this matter.

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slb27va's Profile Image

Reviewed by slb27va

Aug 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Totally Incompetent with too many fees

We have a loan to pay off balance on a car that came off of a lease 2/13. Has been a disaster from day 1. They completely botched the paperwork for the loan. We had to go in to a branch multiple times to resign documents. They were incapable of obtaining the title from the leasing company. We set up a checking account with them to have the monthly payment deducted automatically to obtain a lower interest rate. They could not get the automatic payment to work for about three months. The fees they charge are ridiculous. They are charging $9 a month for a checking account where they do absolutely nothing. There is one deposit and one automatic transfer per month. The final straw is that I deposited funds to cover a payment, they didn't post it in time before the automatic payment for the loan and they have charged me a $36 overdraft fee. They basically screw up simple banking transactions and charge ridiculous fees. If you have any other banking choice then I would stay as far away from PNC as possible.

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macytwin26's Profile Image

Reviewed by macytwin26

Aug 26th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Online Banking

I can't believe they have updated this feature, and now I can't do my online banking on my computer. I have been with this bank for many years, and up to now, have had only good service. I'm very disappointed that they have done this so called "improvement" which is now now allowing me access to my funds. Very bad decision! Please fix this or I may have to change banks.

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