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PNC Bank Customer Review

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rickandkitty's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by rickandkitty

Jul 2nd 2012


Well this is the most greedy bank ....just closed the account....we only use this account from Nov. - May...my husbands seasonal work is direct deposit...we have another checking with a credit union...the phone company made a mistake a put my payment through PNC there was only 5.00 in the account ...instead of them not putting it through they did and we were out of town and when we got back ..we got a letter saying we owed all these fees...36. and a 7.00 (4x) total of 60.00.

My husband is on unemployment...so $60. is a lot right now...tank of gas...well they said there was nothing they could do....what a bunch of greedy people...hope they all can sleep at night knowing they take money from people that are struggling to begin with....never never never will I do business with them again....the attitude is just this is the way it is...suck it up......terrible terrible bank....I think I will stick to my credit union.

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Other PNC Bank Reviews

Fcukpnc's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fcukpnc

Mar 9th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

THE WORST!!!!! One star is only bc i had to

I noticed my account balance kept getting lower w/o having made withdrawls! I tried to log on to my " online bullshit" account but didnt recognize my name! Tried to call customer service and waited on hold w/o having heard from a human for one hour! I AM WITHDRAWING ALL MY FUNDS AND THEY CAN FUCK OFF!2

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KAGC111's Profile Image

Reviewed by KAGC111

Apr 2nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

PNC Service is Very very poor

PNC service is very poor, reporting, use of rewards points, elder care, tax reporting etc. I've been a customer for 30 years and would change if I could legally.

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