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PNC Bank Customer Review

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Doubting_Thomas's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Doubting_Thomas

Jul 13th 2012

Visa Card Deception

went to PNC because they handled Freddie MAC/Fannie Mae Mortgages -

OK - banking officer suggested I apply for a VISA card because new home - expenses - 12 mos. interest free - OK !! I set up - paid for some expenses - Busy - Set up Auto Pay for min. payment was going to pay off whole thing within 12 mos. - Found out even though I didn't receive any statements or notice - THAT THEY WERE CHARGING ME INTEREST ON A PURCHASE FROM THE 6TH MONTH - Upon Calling I got the Snotty Remark I should have read the very clear disclosure statement - I said I was sold the CARD - during the hectic moving process and was told it would be 12 mos. interest free - that I didn't feel I had to sit down and read a 20 page fine print contract if the Financial Rep at the bank said it would be 12 mos. interest free - (turns out 12 mos. interest free on a Transfer - 6 mos on purchase) - said having an MBA - from an Ivy League School - I could read the contract - but if I ask and am told it's 12 mos. interest free - and I'm approached during a busy time like moving - I would assume I could trust the Verbal Explanation - PNC CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. AND SUPERVISOR - said read the Disclosure - THIS BANK IS FOR THE BIRDS - I suggested the least they could do is offer some form of credit - and my intent to avoid paying 23 percent APR was clear that when I found out for the first time their interest I PAID THE WHOLE BALANCE OFF IMMEDIATELY -

No Dice - I JUST SAID FINE - I'M GOING TO WRITE MY ELECTED OFFICIALS AND POST ALL OVER ABOUT THEIR LITTLE SCAM - AND SNOTTY - BAD ATTITUDE - Probably - Just Told - This is the Line - You Give Customers if you want to Keep Your Job ! A pity but that's what seems to be common place business practice - you loose a couple of customers and you rope another 5 in!!! JUST DOING MY BIT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM GETTING ROPED!!!!!!!! CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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Other PNC Bank Reviews

M_Hall's Profile Image

Reviewed by M_Hall

Sep 29th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Wonderful People and Very Helpful

First, I just want to say that most people who post in these things have had issues with overdrawn accounts from their own mistakes, or are dealing with issues that come up in any bank (there are a lot of government regulation and practices that have to be followed) and these people tend to be angry from an isolated experience and want to vent.

I would like to just say that the PNC branch I go to in my neighborhood is wonderful. They all know my name, they are very friendly, and I call them when I have issues and they help me take care of things or answer questions for me. I am not unrealistic in my expectations, and am very pleased that they offer a rewards system for checking (Points) that most banks don't do anymore.

They don't charge me fees if I just overdraw my account a little (I think they girl said less than $5) and they do still offer free checking with no minimum balance and they don't charge for PNC atms, statements, or other little things. In fact, since I have a direct deposit into my checking I actually even get all my non-pnc atm fees refunded! I think I also get free checks on my account too. My bank before PNC charged me for everything. I have the virtual wallet account and it is much more interactive then my old bank's (Chase) online banking. I can also make deposits from my phone, which is very nice considering I travel a lot.

Overall, I think people need to remember that banks are a business, but some do it better than others. PNC doesn't nickle and dime me to death and they offer superior products like virtual wallet. I also know I can get help from my local branch really easily. I really appreciate that fact.

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eefvet11's Profile Image

Reviewed by eefvet11

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Zero Stars For Worst Bank And Worst Customer Service

Where to start? I normally do not write reviews for anything good or bad, but PNC has made my life hell over the last couple years. First, when my husband and i wanted to open our first joint account, we did it online through pnc's website b/c of the ease they advertised. Turns out they never sent us the paperwork for our actual signatures, so the money we put in to the account was not accessible. This meant that it wasn't in our personal accounts anymore, and we couldn't access the new one.

So it was basically gone. Once i had a chance to go into the branch which had basically no lobby hours, they gave me the paperwork, it was signed and returned, and Still nothing! Turns out it was approved but nobody "flipped the switch" to turn on the account! Ok, so that's another trip into the bank itself. And finally done. But wait! My husband can't access the account details -- just the balance -- on his online banking! When calling it service, they said they didn't know why either. Sorry man. Excuse me?!

So we finally move to Chase when we're in an area where they're closer. Our joint account closed fine, but my personal accounts didn't. I had to go into a branch on three separate occasions to get everything shut down! And the worst part is they expected me to pay overdraft fees for having a $0 account balance! Hello! You closed the accounts and wrote me the checks!! Of course there is a $0 balance! But wait! There's more!

The same thing happened w/ my credit card. I am currently on hold as i'm writing this b/c i got a notice that i owed $0. 30 to my pnc visa. This is a few weeks after i called and made my final payment over the phone so that i could be sure it was shut down w/out a problem. The representative told me what i owed, i paid, they shut it down and gave me a confirmation #. Wtf? Why did 0. 30 post? It's been about 15min on the phone b/c they are trying to get me to pay it. Fat chance. Do yourself a favor and just get w/ chase bank.

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