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The Most Helpful Peoples United Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Mike001 Apr 2, 2014

I recently visited my local branch on a Wednesday morning. The tellers where very friendly and want to help me.

I then helped myself to a coffee and filled out my deposit slip. The teller Theresa, who I believe is the nicest teller I have ever had in my 35 tears of banking, always has a smile and always very helpful. To tell the truth, I was having a bad morning until I walked in to People's United Bank on Boston Road in Springfield Mass!

Thank you again Theresa and the wonderful staff!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By TristanMcDonough Jun 12, 2014

And the award for worst bank ever created goes to...

People's United Bank!

If you want to open an account with the worst bank ever, look no further! Unnecessary fees, unstable online banking are just a few problems with this bank. Funds are there one day and gone the next.

Heed my warning and avoid this bank at all costs. They will bleed you dry of all your money. Please, do not make a mistake and open an account with them.

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Latest Peoples United Bank Reviews

  • A
    Reviewed By Appalling Jan 6, 2016

    IRS Rule??

    I do have an account at this bank for years.
    I entered inside the bank and asked the young teller to change ONE $100 bill - into (5) $20's.
    The bank teller asked if I had an account?
    I said, "Yes". She proceeded to look it up.
    I asked, "I need to have an account to get smaller denominations for one large bill"??? (It was the fancy, new style bill, with the strip and halogram).
    The teller told me, "Yes, it's a rule, an IRS rule".
    I said, "you can't be serious!?? To change ONE larger demonization into (5) $20's, I need an account at this bank"?
    The bank teller said, "Yes. People would go around to banks changing money".
    I said, "but it's ONLY ONE bill! Not several or many, which I desire to change out"!
    Evidently, it doesn't matter....
    So, if YOU are ever out of town and need to break a $50 or $100 into smaller bills, because many small vendors, who don't accept anything larger than a $20 (or credit cards, such as our local movie theater, where I was going!), apparently, ....without an account!, your money is worthless and you can't exchange it for smaller denominations at People's United Bank.
    'No movie for you'! NEXT!

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  • A
    Reviewed By Ajenisch26 Dec 30, 2015

    This bank sucks

    This bank only wants to make money. They have alot of fine print. They charge 37$ for over draft fees and charge them all the time for the stupidest little reasons and things don't go through when they should, if you don't keep up with your check book every single little thing you use your debit card for than this is not the bank for you. They also allow your debit card to work after there is no longer money in your account, and they then charge you 37$ for every single transaction after the fact, days later even if you make you account positive in the mean time. They staff is extremely rude when things aren't in their favor. Been with them 2 years and have had so many issues, I finally give up. Credit unions are where its at, and they build your credit more than a bank.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Annalise Dec 15, 2015


    Firstly, I've had this issue with them and have attempted to get help on several occasions. I've gotten no where and the messages I have been sent have been disrespectful and not at all what you would consider customer service.
    Issue is that I have incurred $111 worth of overdraft fees for checks that cleared after a deposit was posted to my account. One overdraft fee took place 2 days after the fact! 2 days! One person attempted to tell me that it just looks like that but really it went in a different way! Really!!!? If that is the case then why doesn't it reflect that?!!! Your statement should look the same as what truly took place. Not something that you should just shrug your shoulders at and say okay take my money!!!
    Whats worse why they had screwed up my account they throw me further in the hole by putting in a account service charge. A charge that is supposed to help my small business! Which it never has, because I had to pay an additional charge to actual see the report. The whole bank is nothing but a fancy scam. Truly hate People's United Bank and wouldn't recommend them to my worse enemy!

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    Reviewed By Lizziebee14 Dec 15, 2015

    Hidden Fees Unwilling to help

    They are horrible with tagging fees on for what they claim is to help you. But instead it is just money in their pockets. Their computer system seems to be made so that is pushs checks through before deposits in order to occur a bounce check fee. Then when you wish to discuss it they are unhelpful!! Worse bank around if your looking for an account for small business!

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  • U
    Reviewed By unhappy02151 Nov 13, 2015

    Tenant/Landlord Security Deposit Savings Account Sent To State as Dormant Account

    We are very upset that Peoples United Bank Sent a Tenant/Landlord Security Deposit Savings Account to the State as Dormant. There were no notifications, either by U.S. Mail nor on my online message ability. This account was closed on 10/21/15 and I was given an 800 number to call. The State told me that it is or would take MONTHS, perhaps several, to recoup the Security Deposit.
    We have owned property for decades and this has never happened with any other bank. The Lease expires at the end of December and these monies will need to come out of our pocket, plus there was a penalty of approx. $50.00, so our net amount the State would send back would be minus the penalty charged.

    We are demanding that Peoples United Bank replace the monies sent to the State.

    We do have several accounts with Peoples United and this will cause us to end our relationship with this Bank.



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  • P
    Reviewed By peoplesuntdrobers Sep 22, 2015

    They will rob you blind With fees

    This bank is by far one of the worst, charging fees on top of fees, not posting your direct deposits from payroll, then charging fees for insufficient funds because they didn't release your payroll deposit. Charging fees for their errors is their specialty. Expect to be robbed blind when you have an account with these jamokes

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  • E
    Reviewed By elastic1166 Sep 16, 2015

    Unforgivable behavior

    I have never been treated so poorly by any company. If felt humiliated, disrespected, and treated like a criminal when I wanted to transfer my own money.

    When I made the same request at another bank, that I also have an account with, I was treated very well and had no problems.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cjfeeley May 31, 2015

    Bank stops payment of Cashier's Check

    A bank officer stopped payment on a legitimate Cashier's Check and illegally converted funds to a third party that was illegitimate. This officer violated UCC regulations and committed bank fraud. He was obviously induced to do this by some nefarious means and should be in jail. This despicable bank continues to refuse to honor their commitment of paying a guaranteed obligation. There is no bank worse than this one in the United States. They are totally corrupt and their credit is worthless. Additional information and conclusive proof available upon contact. They have thus far cost a family Trust $1,500,000.

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  • L
    Reviewed By lnewton802 May 23, 2015

    After 10+ years, no longer authorized to access account

    I have been treasurer of our association for 10+ years. All of a sudden I could no longer log in and pay bills. When I called Customer Service, they told me I wasn't authorized. I explained I had been treasurer for 10+ years, had signed the signature cards, and more importantly had no problems until today. Not only did they refuse to tell me who was authorized (I imagine it's the previous treasurer, who retired, moved away and hopefully is living a peaceful life in his 90s somewhere), but they blamed it on Chittenden bank not doing the correct standards. So let me get this straight -- I've been writing checks, doing on-line payments, etc. for 10+ years, but now you tell me I'm not authorized and it's the fault of the bank you took over in 2010. If Chittenden was so lax, why didn't you notify me before now? What makes it particularly frustrating is that I have to go into the local branch where "they will know what to do because it's happened before." Happened before? And you haven't addressed it or at minimum emailed all your customers recommending they check? I had wanted to work on this account this weekend (it's not a job, it's a volunteer job for our homeowners association), but now with the holiday I'm out of luck until Tuesday. And, it's not like the bank is convenient to my place of work -- I'll have to take time off from work. The people in the local branches are great, but beyond that -- terrible. If you're thinking of opening an account -- go elsewhere! This is just the latest of many poor customer service issues at the corporate level.

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  • B
    Reviewed By Bass123 Mar 25, 2015

    Cathryn Corliss assistant VP/CSManager rude/disrespectful

    I intended to make a deposit to a savings acct last week and asked for a total to my acct on my deposit stub which is automatic at my other banks ,she hassled me and I was offended by the tone of her response .i asked to speak to the mgr and she said she is the mgr .so I reluctantly stopped the deposit and closed the accts .went to capital one got a better rate thanks mr.CEO for employing trash

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