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Peoples United Bank Latest Customer Reviews

bankbuster's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankbuster

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

What Happened People's Connecticut??

I have been a People's Bank account holder for years now. I have noticed a huge SCAM to charge overdraft fees. I bank online everyday, and have had funds shown to be "Available" for use. While out for the day, I used my debit card twice for two items totaling less than five dollars. As it turns out, the funds were NOT available, and I was hit with two consecutive 37 dollar charges for overdraft. I contacted the bank via email, and the response was received three business days later, basically stating that I should keep track of my available funds, when their system indicated that they were available. Needless to say, no reversal of the charges. It cost me 38.79 for a bottle of water, and 39.50 for a Gatorade. Best drinks I ever had. Thanks People's (for nothing). I am leaving People's now, and it's too bad for them. Investments paid off HUGE, and I'll do business elsewhere. Enjoy the 74 dollars in OD fees. You'll get no more of my money, do to lousy CSR service.

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ThisBankhatessmall's Profile Image

Reviewed by ThisBankhatessmall

Aug 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mickey Mouse Staff

I've had a small business account for four years with no problems. Then I get a letter in the mail that the balance has been raised from 500 to one thousand. went to the branch and a very young and rude kid said if I did not like it I could close the account. I did and went to the mt. Vernon branch. they confirmed that the account was closed but I could open a new one. I did . A few months later I get a letter from bank HQ saying the act is still open. Mt. Vernon Bank says acct is open. new Rochelle bank says the acct is closed.

with so much confusion. I opened the second account because it was closed. Then they took $20.00 when I closed the account. I closed both accounts and bank elsewhere. can you trust a bank that operates in a supermarket? Thank goodness I had a backup account with a real bank. I found the staff at both branches clueless and regret giving them my trust and money.

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TristanMcDonough's Profile Image

Reviewed by TristanMcDonough

Jun 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

And the award for worst bank ever created goes to...

People's United Bank!

If you want to open an account with the worst bank ever, look no further! Unnecessary fees, unstable online banking are just a few problems with this bank. Funds are there one day and gone the next.

Heed my warning and avoid this bank at all costs. They will bleed you dry of all your money. Please, do not make a mistake and open an account with them.

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fedupinfarifieldco's Profile Image

Reviewed by fedupinfarifieldco

May 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Peoples Closing Accounts

My husband and I have been customers at Peoples for fifteen years. Just the other day we received notice that the bank was closing 2 accounts (one very active checking, one less active savings). No specific reasons were given other than a general "we're not making enough money off you" tone. We have never received any notice about insufficient activity, nor were we offered a substitute service to try and keep our business. Nothing. Just a "You're out in three weeks. Find another bank"

When I went to the local branch this morning (where the tellers know me and were very upset) they couldn't get any answers from corporate. So, I closed our 4 savings accounts (one joint, the others for our three kids). Once we have another bank lined up we close our personal and business checking accounts. We will close our safety deposit box. We will never, ever consider them for a mortgage, home equity line or any other banking service. I serve on two non profit boards and will make sure they are never considered as a banking option. My children - who we are trying to teach life lessons about money and banking - will never use them either. I used to be a big fan but now have nothing positive to say about them whatsoever.

In a highly competitive business such as banking, where everyone is tripping over themselves to get customers, this isn't how you treat the customers you have. Banking is a service industry that is built on customer relations. Customers are entrusting banks with their money. How can you trust a bank that treats customers like that?

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JasonG's Profile Image

Reviewed by JasonG

May 26th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Commercial Checking Account

I have been a customer of People's bank for almost ten years now. I have a commercial account for my local painting business. My mother has held a personal checking and savings account for much longer.

I have had nothing but good experiences dealing with this bank. I love that the hours and that it is open 7 days a week! I have been spending more time in Florida now and my experiences here with banks, such as Wachovia, have been terrible.

I wish that People's had branches in the Tampa Bay area!

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mariaf's Profile Image

Reviewed by mariaf

May 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I went there last Friday 05/16/2014. I'm your customer over 15 years -- I have two business accounts and one personal.

Very disappointed at the manager of the branch [Redacted]. She is so far away from management position -- so unprofessional and so unhelpful!

When I walked in there she was talking to her employee, laughing and for sure that was not peoples bank related conversation, no one was interested -- no greeting! No customers there -- only me for the very first time (I was passing by).

No pleasureful place to be there at all. The manager was keeping me there for over 45 min faking that she trying to help. No wonder why there was no customers there. For the 45 min I was there, no one walked in, not one!

For the first time being in People's Bank branch, I felt very bad about the service specially the managers. She is the worst person I have ever met at a People's Bank branches.

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Mike001's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mike001

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I recently visited my local branch on a Wednesday morning. The tellers where very friendly and want to help me.

I then helped myself to a coffee and filled out my deposit slip. The teller Theresa, who I believe is the nicest teller I have ever had in my 35 tears of banking, always has a smile and always very helpful. To tell the truth, I was having a bad morning until I walked in to People's United Bank on Boston Road in Springfield Mass!

Thank you again Theresa and the wonderful staff!

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rampant1's Profile Image

Reviewed by rampant1

Mar 17th 2014

4 out of 5 marks


helpful people, manager not so knowledgeable about IRA distribution, free IRA management, free notarizing

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snowyowl's Profile Image

Reviewed by snowyowl

Feb 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with their customer service (lack of). I was given mis-information and treated very rudely by the woman behind the counter. When a mistake was made on their end, they became very defensive and took no accountability. As I was leaving, I looked back at the woman and watched her roll her eyes at me.... seriously. I was fuming mad, but didn't give her the satisfaction of making a scene. Thank goodness I was running an errand on behalf of someone and I don't bank there myself!!!

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Mmrw1714's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mmrw1714

Feb 5th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

This bank screws you at every turn, uses misleading practices to bilk you out of your hard earned money.

I deposit a check this morning at peoples united from a client for 2,800. Drawn off my bank ( peoples united) . I check my online account. The only transaction for the day is the deposit. 2 hours later I check again , now somehow 2 checks came in prior to my deposit , I made 10 min. After the bank opened. They charge me 37.00 for each check . Then it takes them 24 hrs. To make the funds available for a check drawn from their bank. I could have cashed it and deposited it to avoid this. It's not a friendly way to do business. No wondr they've 1 out of 5 stars. If your not in the 1 % you get screwed.

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Rugy34's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rugy34

Dec 18th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Checking account

This is the worst bank you can go to they screw you every way they can I've paid 500 dollars in fees this month alone and they did it all to me they charged me 12 dollars a month when I was told if I pay 5 bills or more it would be free nope lie I pay 10 bills a month on line and they still charged me and since they did that I bounced all my bills ask me how ready they made my account negative charged me 30 dollar fee for returning it then paid and charged me 37 dollar fee cause I used the ATM and deposited my check I call custmer service and didn't get no where I talked the manager and was told it was my promblem so rude thought I was going to jail that day I raise 2 kids and they treated me like I was nothing and all started cause I was $2.36 negative in my account and the 12 dollar month fee bounced everything I can't believe this I'm so done with bank the worst I ever been too.

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EmeraldRain76's Profile Image

Reviewed by EmeraldRain76

Dec 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Extremely Bad

My husband and I opened an account at the Canal Street branch in Brattleboro, VT. I should have listened to my bad gut feelings when we were sitting there with the woman and just walked out. My employer sent out a flyer for the bank's Workforce Checking account promotion with our pay-stubs. You get $100 for opening a new account with the bank. What you get is a great big headache! They call out of the blue today to tell my husband they are closing our account and mailing us a check for the money we deposited when we opened the account. It's been less than a week since we opened the account. We haven't even done a single transaction yet! They printed a direct deposit slip that we sent to the payroll department. Now in a couple of days there will be a check direct deposited into an account that no longer exists. Either the bank will try to keep the money or it will get bounced back to the payroll company and we will have to wait another 2 weeks until payroll is done again for them to mail a check to our house. This bank is run by a bunch of people who have a lot to learn about people skills, customer service and common decency.

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pam57's Profile Image

Reviewed by pam57

Oct 22nd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

If Your Looking To Get Charged A Fee For Everything You Do, Pick Peoples United!

I have been a customer of danvers savings bank since 1986 & in all that time i have never bounced a check or been charged a fee for anything. Then along comes peoples united and it seems that every month i'm charged for something. 1st i get charged for an overdraft. I called to find out how this can be since i transferred cash from my savings to my checking online just before doing my online checking. The C.S. woman tells me that it's because they process the credits before the debits daily. Are you serious? The next month i made a mistake and sent an online check to my mortgage company when it should have gone to my credit card. Mortgage company was wonderful (citimortgage) they say "no problem, we will just send it back to your checking account". Yuh, no problem, except i was charged an $18 fee by peoples united to receive money back into my account!! Now today, today is the last straw. I came across a danvers savings bank money order that i had never deposited. Looked it over & see no expiration date on it so i go to my local branch & deposit it. Now 3 days later i see on my account that they took the deposit & charged me a $13 fee! I called the bank to find out why. She tells me the money order was expired. I said "there's no expiration date on it? " she tells me it doesn't matter. I asked her why the teller didn't say this when i was depositing it. She said she couldn't speak for him. I asked her who gets the $50 then, the bank? Her response to me "you do, i'm sending you back the check" i attempted to try & explain to this idiot on the phone that i'm just getting a piece of paper in the mail & that the person who gave it to me went to the bank & gave them $50 cash for the piece of worthless paper she is sending me back in the mail. So i again ask her if the bank just gets to pocket the money? After explaining this 3 times to her i think she finally got it because she finally said ohhh, i guess so. At that point i hung up & started looking for

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Ajasciortino425's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ajasciortino425

Aug 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Very Poor

Called to report my card lost and stolen, a woman answered and when I explained the situation she said "I have no idea what you're talking about." Then I explained again and she said "okay, was it a people's card? There's nothing I can do I'm sorry" very confused as to how my bank branch can't do anything for me. Very poor customer service would not recommend this branch.

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gio's Profile Image

Reviewed by gio

Aug 6th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


Over 2 month ago, I recently opened an account at the Brentwood, NY branch during the $100 reward promotion for any new account and never receive my reward. I've contacted them several time and each time they give me a different excuse.

Customer service is very poor and they clearly don't value their customer. I closed my account and will not recommend banking with People's United Bank to anyone!

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Morgun's Profile Image

Reviewed by Morgun

Jul 18th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Nasty Bank

Refuses to take direction over the phone.

Refuses to do anything by auto-renew CDs. They required me to visit the bank, or send a letter.

Extremely uncooperative - not worth it if they only offer 0.1% interest more than the good banks (.001 more yield).

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JessicaGalvez's Profile Image

Reviewed by JessicaGalvez

Jul 13th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

So Upset

Used the passbook account when I got my first job and it worked out but I was going to school and People's isn't really convenient for me. My dad took out all but $50 and asked if there would be a charge for maintenance, the service rep said no, my money would be there when i went back for it. This morning I got a letter saying I owed the bank $4.70 and if i didn't pay I would get charged overdraft. We called and asked how that could be and they said "oh you didn't have enough to pay for last month's maintenance, there's no money left in your account". They had been taking out $5 for letting the account sit below $250 every month for the past year. At the branch, the best the customer service agent could get out of the manager, who didn't even bother to leave her office, was the last 2 months service charge and no fee to close the account, for a whopping total of $10. Wrote a letter to the regional manager telling him how disgusted I am that for my family to have so much money invested in that bank I was treated with so little integrity; my parents are moving all the money that they can elsewhere. You can't spot a teenager $40?

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Jennifer's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jennifer

May 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible, the teller was rude and insulting!

The teller was not friendly and was not helpful. They did not have the funds to cash my check and was insulting when I asked where another branch was. I am so glad I do not do regular business with People's Bank especially when they have people like that working for them. There is so many people looking for jobs that deserve one, and they keep a miserable person like that!

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MrsPeterson's Profile Image

Reviewed by MrsPeterson

Mar 22nd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Non Stop Issues, Horrible Service For 5 +Years. Avoid

Avoid this bank. In the last 5 years the following has occurred:

unable to delete a joint bank account, leaving my info available to an former relationship. Took almost a year to solve. Multiple atm card replacements due to loose " account compromises " which left me updating all online account repeatedly - several days of work each time. If you bank with peoples expect ramdom card replacements at any time, several times a year. Cannot wire money or replace checks without going into a branch location. Customer service people have been ok, but some have been extremely rude. Very unpleasant. I am switching. I've had it.

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Klp2012's Profile Image

Reviewed by Klp2012

Jun 18th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Absolutely horrific! They must screen the most unintelligent people they can find and hire them as tellers.

I went in to deposit a check under my new married name and brought my marriage license with me. My other credentials are still being processed. The teller did not know what a marriage license was nor know how to read it. Furthermore, did not understand the fact through vital statistics that I am able to use my married last name with proof of my marriage license. After standing at the counter for 10 minutes while the teller checked with multiple parties who also seemed dumbfounded I decided to close my account immediately. Prior to this negative experience, my husband and I opened a joint checking account at CHASE bank, who did not hassle me whatsoever.

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amcmahon's Profile Image

Reviewed by amcmahon

May 2nd 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Not very good. Everything from the beginning of their merge from beverly national has been such a nuisance

It is really to bad that Peoples Bank bought out Danvers bank as well as Beverly National. Though I do realize times have changed. My first experience was of course when Danvers Bank bought Bev National Bank and all of or ATM cards/ and any accounts we had there were being transferred to new account numbers. So naturall everyone has to take time off from work and get there to get new pin numbrs for their temps card ect. Then People's Bank announced they were buying Danvers Bank. The whole transaction process starts again , take tim eoff from work get to bank for new cards ect. Then I get these checks in the mail with hardly any deposit slips and when I went to Peoples bank to make a simple deposit and was told the numbers are wrong that people s bank made a mistake on the deposit slips and I would have to pay to reorder new deposit slip at my cost of 25.00. Ok now somethings not right here. So I called Customer service , got the same story until I finally argued with a manager and she hummed and hawed me saying ok finally no cost to you . Then I have a 200.00 loan attached to my checking account so if I go over at all on a check the revolving loan will adjust into my checking account if needed. have had it for years on end , well I have an 18.00 balance which would have been paid off the following month on this revolving loan and I guess People's bank got bored because they decided to charge me 35.00 for an annual fee of having it with no pre notices sent to me about any charges. This bank is nothing but a bunch of crooks and their customer service people are extremely rude and not helpful. Unfortunatly I will be visiting them as soon as I can get time off from work to withdraw all of my funds and look into another normal local bank.

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col's Profile Image

Reviewed by col

Mar 1st 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Screwed me

FYI to people going on vacation. PEOPLES UNITED BANK can and did cancel my ATM card without cause.. Long story, short...they sent mail notification to my house 2000 miles away about a possible fraud. No phone call.I called them, they still would not reinstate the card, I faxed them my info as they requested, they promised to overnite a card, it was sent regular mail and arrived in Lexington, Ky after I had left. So, unable to obtain cash had to shorten my trip and drive home, no card still. Imagine it happening to you, maybe overseas....how screwed would you be. I am SWITCHING BANKS , you may want to do the same.

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carol1951's Profile Image

Reviewed by carol1951

Nov 14th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

I Am Pleased To Be A Customer Of This Bank. And Have No Complaints In Regard To Their Services.

The people that work there are very nice when i ask them questions about any banking business i do or have done,recent or in the past, since i have been acquainted with this bank. I am satisfied with doing future business with them, also. I would recommend them to anyone i know or someone that wishes to have good relations with a good bank such as this. I have not had any problems with them,since i have been a new customer of there's. Everyone should check out this bank, as they are very helpful to everyone that goes there.

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degwal's Profile Image

Reviewed by degwal

Oct 3rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

I Have Dealt With Peoples Bank As My Name Is On The Account With My Parents

I have been to the bank in person and have also called the bank to clarify the 7. 00 per month they charge on my parents account to cash my fathers government retirement check. They said if it was a payroll check they would not charge, its a retirment check. I was assured that they would not charge this fee again , but guess what they did... I hate this bank and going to move all the money to another bank so i do not have to deal with them again

customer service is awful.

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chompy's Profile Image

Reviewed by chompy

Sep 8th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

A customer service nightmare

A customer service nightmare from the off. Every time you call the 'service center' you are basically fobbed off and told to go into the branch. When you visit the branch you are fobbed off and asked to call the 'service center' Information on the same issue given by the service center and the branch contradict each other.

In the end I closed all my accounts after they told me the quickest they could do an 'instant transfer' was 72 business hours. Funny when I was closing my accounts they managed to sort out the mess - too late for them though - I wasted too many hours being passed from pillar to post.

So now my accounts been 'closed' for over 2 weeks - and I get a letter from them telling me they honored a payment for $6 and now have to pay a $35 fee - despite me not having an account with them. I call the number on the letter, only to be passed to the branch, only to be left on hold, only then to leave my number for them to call me back later....zzzzzzz...... you guessed it - they never called back. I'm sure they would be happy to make a mark on my credit history for a $6 payment they should have never authorized.

I'd never recommend them, nor will I go back.

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drake1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by drake1234

Aug 15th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

People's United Bank Security Sucks And Always Has - My Identity Was Stolen People's United Bank Bailed On Me..

Regarding the people's united bank -. People's united bank and its board of directors put my college son and myself out of business leaving my son $8,000 dollars in debt. This happen when i exposed them for fraud and obstruction of justice during the the four month long documentary on identity theft called i see dumb people's. Bing or google people's united bank vs. James hastings or watch these you tube videos for proof of what i say. People's united bank and the state of connecticut also tried and failed to put james hastings into fed pen for 10 yrs on trumped up extortion charges in order to cover up the worst breach in banking history. Do not be fooled by c. E. O. Jack barnes and his corp. Thugs - they are cowards who will not hesitate to crush family and anyone who gets in the way of their greedy bonuses. Http://peoplesunitedbankshred. Blogspot. Com/

www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ca2zqefjk74

http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=qkd7i5glpue

http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=przscy_9qp8

www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=ca2zqefjk74 strikes

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RP P's Profile Image

Reviewed by RP P

Jun 16th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely deplorable - worst every banking complete with disrespectful branch management

Nickel and dime is an understatement of mass proportions.

Thieves of the highest order.

Branch management that brings you to tears - literally.

The lowest possible level of service ever experienced.

Absolutely awful and disrespectful interactions.

No hesitation to make you feel you're of a lowly class no matter the circumstances.

There are many other banks - I suggest you use them.

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CTC's Profile Image

Reviewed by CTC

Apr 1st 2011

1 out of 5 marks

People's United Bank is "nickel and dimeing" customers and really doesn't care.

Recently assessed annual fee on my home equity line that will not be waived. Line is in good standing - actually excellent standing; have a checking and savings and over $100,000. on deposit with them.

I am closing all accounts and have to pay the $50. fee anyway. If I do not they will ruin my credit. I will pay the fee only to be rid of them. Will never do business with them again and will be my best to spread the word that People's United Bank just doesn't care about their customers. They are willing to let me walk for $50. - does this make sense - not to me.

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moronic_kaos's Profile Image

Reviewed by moronic_kaos

Mar 26th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Should have stuck with them

There's nothing really that above-and-beyond about People's policies, except that they actually work and you never have to worry about them backfiring on you (or, at least I didn't anyway).

This was the first bank account I ever had, back before they started moving all their branches into grocery stores (Stop & Shop here in CT). I was 18 when I converted my savings into a linked checking & savings account. I never really knew about the BS other banks pull because it just didn't happen here. If I deposited my paycheck, it's there immediately. If I order a new card (I used to use mine as a backup key to my apartment), it was in the mailbox in a week. And even though I've overdrafted the account 3 times in two years, I never had to pay any kind of fees. When I went to close the account, the guy at the counter was more than happy to do so and didn't give me any crap about it. "No problem, just sign this" and that was it. The only problem I ever had with them was getting locked out of online banking, but I never really cared about the problem enough to make more than a half-***'d attempt to fix it since I never used it much anyway. Check your balance by phone, it's easier.

Now I've got Citizens Bank, and

- I have to wait an entire day for my paycheck to clear if I deposit it, even though it's a Citizens Bank Payroll check. Yet if I cash it, I can walk out cash in hand same day..?

- I only received my first debit card, which the lady explained to me was supposed to be temporary

- I can't set my own PIN number. I have to memorize theirs...

- From what I understand, their overdraft fees are like $33 even for a $1-ish overdraft. And then they go up from there.

Oh, and did I mention in CT, most Citizens banks (the Stop & Shop branches) are open until 7:00pm M-F!!! People laugh at me for going to cash a check after dark like I'm an idiot, but when I come back with money they are like in awe. Oh, and their open Sundays too! All the way until 4PM!

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