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Peoples United Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Mike001's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mike001

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I recently visited my local branch on a Wednesday morning. The tellers where very friendly and want to help me.

I then helped myself to a coffee and filled out my deposit slip. The teller Theresa, who I believe is the nicest teller I have ever had in my 35 tears of banking, always has a smile and always very helpful. To tell the truth, I was having a bad morning until I walked in to People's United Bank on Boston Road in Springfield Mass!

Thank you again Theresa and the wonderful staff!

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Justin K's Profile Image

Reviewed by Justin K

Feb 18th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Too bad they don't have branches in FL.

From day one, People's has done everything right by me. I used to have Bank of America (back when it was Fleet) and they always posted my deposits late and I could never get an actual person on the phone to help me. People's has an easy to use online system, friendly staff, and they have even forgiven a few overdrafts (just something nice for doing business with them for so long I guess). Bottom line, if you live in CT, use People's.

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JasonG's Profile Image

Reviewed by JasonG

May 26th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Commercial Checking Account

I have been a customer of People's bank for almost ten years now. I have a commercial account for my local painting business. My mother has held a personal checking and savings account for much longer.

I have had nothing but good experiences dealing with this bank. I love that the hours and that it is open 7 days a week! I have been spending more time in Florida now and my experiences here with banks, such as Wachovia, have been terrible.

I wish that People's had branches in the Tampa Bay area!

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carol1951's Profile Image

Reviewed by carol1951

Nov 14th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

I Am Pleased To Be A Customer Of This Bank. And Have No Complaints In Regard To Their Services.

The people that work there are very nice when i ask them questions about any banking business i do or have done,recent or in the past, since i have been acquainted with this bank. I am satisfied with doing future business with them, also. I would recommend them to anyone i know or someone that wishes to have good relations with a good bank such as this. I have not had any problems with them,since i have been a new customer of there's. Everyone should check out this bank, as they are very helpful to everyone that goes there.

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moronic_kaos's Profile Image

Reviewed by moronic_kaos

Mar 26th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Should have stuck with them

There's nothing really that above-and-beyond about People's policies, except that they actually work and you never have to worry about them backfiring on you (or, at least I didn't anyway).

This was the first bank account I ever had, back before they started moving all their branches into grocery stores (Stop & Shop here in CT). I was 18 when I converted my savings into a linked checking & savings account. I never really knew about the BS other banks pull because it just didn't happen here. If I deposited my paycheck, it's there immediately. If I order a new card (I used to use mine as a backup key to my apartment), it was in the mailbox in a week. And even though I've overdrafted the account 3 times in two years, I never had to pay any kind of fees. When I went to close the account, the guy at the counter was more than happy to do so and didn't give me any crap about it. "No problem, just sign this" and that was it. The only problem I ever had with them was getting locked out of online banking, but I never really cared about the problem enough to make more than a half-***'d attempt to fix it since I never used it much anyway. Check your balance by phone, it's easier.

Now I've got Citizens Bank, and

- I have to wait an entire day for my paycheck to clear if I deposit it, even though it's a Citizens Bank Payroll check. Yet if I cash it, I can walk out cash in hand same day..?

- I only received my first debit card, which the lady explained to me was supposed to be temporary

- I can't set my own PIN number. I have to memorize theirs...

- From what I understand, their overdraft fees are like $33 even for a $1-ish overdraft. And then they go up from there.

Oh, and did I mention in CT, most Citizens banks (the Stop & Shop branches) are open until 7:00pm M-F!!! People laugh at me for going to cash a check after dark like I'm an idiot, but when I come back with money they are like in awe. Oh, and their open Sundays too! All the way until 4PM!

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rampant1's Profile Image

Reviewed by rampant1

Mar 17th 2014

4 out of 5 marks


helpful people, manager not so knowledgeable about IRA distribution, free IRA management, free notarizing

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Nancy C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nancy C

Dec 11th 2010

3 out of 5 marks

People's United Bank is doing worse than before.

I have been a customer of People's bank for over 10 years, they used to be a very good bank, they had good rates , accurate statements and nice office hours.

Since they changed to their new system, they made 2 mistakes on my statement.

1. I created a CD a few months ago, they doubled the amount on my CD.

2. I closed a different CD a quite while ago, they left a dollar in my CD, I continue getting a renew letter to renew it. After I finally closed it, they did not rollover interest rate, I still got a letter once a month to ask me to renew it.

3. Their new phone system is not better than the old one, finally I used to it.

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Morgun's Profile Image

Reviewed by Morgun

Jul 18th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Nasty Bank

Refuses to take direction over the phone.

Refuses to do anything by auto-renew CDs. They required me to visit the bank, or send a letter.

Extremely uncooperative - not worth it if they only offer 0.1% interest more than the good banks (.001 more yield).

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Klp2012's Profile Image

Reviewed by Klp2012

Jun 18th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Absolutely Horrific! They Must Screen The Most Unintelligent People They Can Find And Hire Them As Tellers.

I went in to deposit a check under my new married name and brought my marriage license with me. My other credentials are still being processed. The teller did not know what a marriage license was nor know how to read it. Furthermore, did not understand the fact through vital statistics that i am able to use my married last name with proof of my marriage license.

After standing at the counter for 10 minutes while the teller checked with multiple parties who also seemed dumbfounded i decided to close my account immediately. Prior to this negative experience, my husband and i opened a joint checking account at chase bank, who did not hassle me whatsoever.

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jferry26comcastnet's Profile Image

Reviewed by jferry26comcastnet

Oct 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Wouldn't Recommend-Particuarly For Business

Years ago my wife and i happily moved our bank accounts from bank of america to back of western massachusetts. We loved bwm! Over time bwm was purchased by chittenden then finally peoples united. With each merger are customer experience got worse. I can honestly say that people's united bank may actually be worse than boa ever was. Here is my list of complaints:

1) PU is progressively taking longer to clear checks-now often more than one day.

2) PU now counts all deposits made on saturday morning as being made the following monday. So if you deposit a check on saturday don't expect those funds to be available monday as they once were. There is thus no reason to bother making saturday morning deposits anymore.

3) we had recently attempted to refinance our home through pu and was given a loan offer with a laughably high amount for closing costs. We took that business elsewhere!

4) my daughter had a savings/checking account that went into a negative balance for a few weeks. I went to the local branch to deposit money into it but the account had been closed and could not be reopened without a fee. Td bank therefore got new 18 y/o customer as a result!

5) most important. PU installed check reader machines two years ago that really do not work. Business deposits now entail watching the teller sift through those checks not accurately read by their faulty machines, (at least 10% of them). The time involved in making deposits has increased four fold. The bank staff are oddly unapologetic about this problem as i suppose these machines have made their jobs easier?

6) as PU has become a worsening customer experience the fake friendliness from the branch staff has increased!

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Mmrw1714's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mmrw1714

Feb 5th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

This bank screws you at every turn, uses misleading practices to bilk you out of your hard earned money.

I deposit a check this morning at peoples united from a client for 2,800. Drawn off my bank ( peoples united) . I check my online account. The only transaction for the day is the deposit. 2 hours later I check again , now somehow 2 checks came in prior to my deposit , I made 10 min. After the bank opened. They charge me 37.00 for each check . Then it takes them 24 hrs. To make the funds available for a check drawn from their bank. I could have cashed it and deposited it to avoid this. It's not a friendly way to do business. No wondr they've 1 out of 5 stars. If your not in the 1 % you get screwed.

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Matt R's Profile Image

Reviewed by Matt R

Apr 28th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

What Happened to People'sUnited Telephone banking?

It's as if an alien has taken over People's United - a Bank that I have been a customer of for almost 25years. It is as if the just resigned CEO came on board without any banking credentials and trashed the place ---then left.

The new telephone banking system no longer links accounts - ten digit accounts for checking and special savings each must be entered separately for balances and transfers increasing the chance for a mistake in transferring possibly to the wrong account. The monthly paper statements look like a cheap black & white amateur product. Hopefully with the resignation of the CEO someone will take control back and return us to the People's Bank we used to know and love. In the meantime - if looking for a bank - stay away from People's until they get this thing figured out.

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Frank Z's Profile Image

Reviewed by Frank Z

Apr 13th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

Will Not Let You Opt Out of Overdraft Protection

I had a bill pay that I accidently set to the wrong checking account with caused an overdraft. After my balance went negative, the ATM card still allowed me to withdraw and use debits causing fees of $204 to accumulate. This due to their so called overdraft "protection" which charges you $34 PER INCIDENT. The idea being that this "service" ensures you have continued use of your card even if you don't have the money. What good is this so-called "protection" when it puts you further in the hole anyway?

Online customer service told me there was nothing I could do about it but the local branch manager understood and reversed the fees. However, when I inquired about opting out, which will be mandated by law in June, I was told I could not and they wanted to upsell me on a line of credit instead. I am COMPLETELY disgusted by this and I'm taking my money to Chase which allows you to opt out right off the bat.

Also, their online banking is PATHETIC. I can't even believe this is a bank operating in the 21st century. Horrible interface, poor alert system, and the online customer service is extremely rude and unhelpful. I'll be very surprised if this bank lasts another 10 years with its poor customer service.

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Robert's Profile Image

Reviewed by Robert

Mar 1st 2010

2 out of 5 marks

Wants to play with the big boys.

Peoples is going down hill fast.

I had been banking with them since 2000.

I closed my accounts this past December and am very glad I did. I joined a credit union. Now the majority of the services I paid a fee for are free.

Their last group of account term changes was the last straw.

They jacked up all their fees and added a few new ones that even the CS person I called couldn't tell me anything about.

They lost the backup tape that contained my personal information a couple years ago when the company re-organized. It was not the first time they were lax in their security measures.

They installed a drive up ATM in a shopping plaze nearby. It is very convinient but the P.O.S. rarely functions.

They replaced the branch ATMs with a couple of old worn machines that look like they were found in the back corner of their basement in Bridgeport.

They changed their web account access to remove the Available Balance field and now only show Balance. Very mis-leading.

Now I read in the news that their latest computer update hasn't been going so well for Connecticut customers.

The only positive is their customer service. Having had to speak to them far too many times, they have obviously a lot of experience dealing with these issues.

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Ajasciortino425's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ajasciortino425

Aug 16th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Very Poor

Called to report my card lost and stolen, a woman answered and when I explained the situation she said "I have no idea what you're talking about." Then I explained again and she said "okay, was it a people's card? There's nothing I can do I'm sorry" very confused as to how my bank branch can't do anything for me. Very poor customer service would not recommend this branch.

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chompy's Profile Image

Reviewed by chompy

Sep 8th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

A customer service nightmare

A customer service nightmare from the off. Every time you call the 'service center' you are basically fobbed off and told to go into the branch. When you visit the branch you are fobbed off and asked to call the 'service center' Information on the same issue given by the service center and the branch contradict each other.

In the end I closed all my accounts after they told me the quickest they could do an 'instant transfer' was 72 business hours. Funny when I was closing my accounts they managed to sort out the mess - too late for them though - I wasted too many hours being passed from pillar to post.

So now my accounts been 'closed' for over 2 weeks - and I get a letter from them telling me they honored a payment for $6 and now have to pay a $35 fee - despite me not having an account with them. I call the number on the letter, only to be passed to the branch, only to be left on hold, only then to leave my number for them to call me back later....zzzzzzz...... you guessed it - they never called back. I'm sure they would be happy to make a mark on my credit history for a $6 payment they should have never authorized.

I'd never recommend them, nor will I go back.

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snowyowl's Profile Image

Reviewed by snowyowl

Feb 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with their customer service (lack of). I was given mis-information and treated very rudely by the woman behind the counter. When a mistake was made on their end, they became very defensive and took no accountability. As I was leaving, I looked back at the woman and watched her roll her eyes at me.... seriously. I was fuming mad, but didn't give her the satisfaction of making a scene. Thank goodness I was running an errand on behalf of someone and I don't bank there myself!!!

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Rugy34's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rugy34

Dec 18th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Checking account

This is the worst bank you can go to they screw you every way they can I've paid 500 dollars in fees this month alone and they did it all to me they charged me 12 dollars a month when I was told if I pay 5 bills or more it would be free nope lie I pay 10 bills a month on line and they still charged me and since they did that I bounced all my bills ask me how ready they made my account negative charged me 30 dollar fee for returning it then paid and charged me 37 dollar fee cause I used the ATM and deposited my check I call custmer service and didn't get no where I talked the manager and was told it was my promblem so rude thought I was going to jail that day I raise 2 kids and they treated me like I was nothing and all started cause I was $2.36 negative in my account and the 12 dollar month fee bounced everything I can't believe this I'm so done with bank the worst I ever been too.

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degwal's Profile Image

Reviewed by degwal

Oct 3rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

I Have Dealt With Peoples Bank As My Name Is On The Account With My Parents

I have been to the bank in person and have also called the bank to clarify the 7. 00 per month they charge on my parents account to cash my fathers government retirement check. They said if it was a payroll check they would not charge, its a retirment check. I was assured that they would not charge this fee again , but guess what they did... I hate this bank and going to move all the money to another bank so i do not have to deal with them again

customer service is awful.

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Bass123's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bass123

Mar 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Cathryn Corliss assistant VP/CSManager rude/disrespectful

I intended to make a deposit to a savings acct last week and asked for a total to my acct on my deposit stub which is automatic at my other banks ,she hassled me and I was offended by the tone of her response .i asked to speak to the mgr and she said she is the mgr .so I reluctantly stopped the deposit and closed the accts .went to capital one got a better rate thanks mr.CEO for employing trash

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Jerelithus's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jerelithus

Mar 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Prepare to be robbed

Every transaction or change you make you will pay for. When my bank was Merrill Bank I had much better luck and as a matter of fact when I accidentally overdrew once they forgave me for it and didn't charge me when I knew full well it was my fault. Now I had debit card network charges, monthly charges, charges for charging me so much, I since have changed my bank account, but I wanted to keep a savings. Come to find out there is a charge for not having a minimum balance, they did not tell me that part so I'm finally going to dump them.

Basically you give them your money and they come up with fees to justify taking it. There is no point of opening an account that's a savings or any other type of account if you want to save money. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world. I have since gotten a car loan at a credit union, and have a checking and savings that I get monthly dividends into my account which for the first month is more money than I have ever gotten in interest from this bank.

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SSNVet's Profile Image

Reviewed by SSNVet

Mar 10th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service misleading - now $180 in overdraft

Account(s) to be closed in Dec '14 as advised by teller/clerk when final drafts were drawn as discussed in Nov '14 once balanced had been "zeroed" which I didn't take literally. At the end of Dec '14, only $2.26 remained in the main account to be closed and $0.00 in second account - pretty much "zeroed" as far as I believed. I no longer wished to bank with People's United as I do not have access to actual bank counter for deposits, etc., in my new location and the random fees charged for having account(s) in lieu of just one - never advised or given an explanation that this would happen and after 18 months - fees started to be assessed. In Jan '15, my wife and I no longer regarded these accounts until I opened the 6th letter received in 3 days at the end of Jan '15. At first I had thought tax papers but after the 6th letter, I opened to find I now am being charged overdraft fees (3 and counting apparently) on an account thought to be closed. By the time I called them the following day, I now had 5 overdrafts from an auto pay bill my wife didn't yet switch but also didn't think it would be an issue since the account was supposedly closed - so I had thought too. Now neither can be closed until I pay for letting them keep $2.26 and according to their phone help center - "Enjoy your new bank while it lasts as we will do whatever it takes to prevent you from ever opening another account with ChecSys." BBB has been notified and I'm advising the Federal Reserve too. Personally, I advise all concerned parties to bank elsewhere and for those considering People's United Bank - don't do it!! Branch management advised over 3 weeks ago that they would call me within 48 hours to resolve - no calls as of yet. To date I am receiving 2-3 letters a week requesting payment.

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Allisonh's Profile Image

Reviewed by Allisonh

Feb 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

I have had a business account with people's for 5 years. On monday i had several bills coming out, meanwhile two checks were pending deposit. I have over 1000. 00 in my savings account, keep in mind. It's now thursday, i have 259. 00 worth of over draft and returned check fees for four transactions totaling 130. Spoke to a teller at the bank, said they would speak to their manager in the morning.

Spoke to two reps on the phone, including a supervisor and nothing. I was never notified of an overdraft, (which almost never happens) and their response was "you should get it in the mail today. " mail? Are you kidding me? How about email or phone, isn't that why you have that information on my account? Going to withdraw all of my money and close the accounts, this is unbelievable. Worst bank ever.

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nessob's Profile Image

Reviewed by nessob

Feb 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Order Checks - Get Ripped Off

I placed an order with peoples for checks expecting to get a fair amount of checks for about $20 or $25. I figured, give them the business rather than some online company. What a mistake! I received 50 checks and a few deposit slips and was charged a whopping $46. 76. That's almost $1 per check. They were business checks but that's ridiculous. I called peoples customer service and the answer was we're sorry but you're screwed.

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Cahro's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cahro

Feb 12th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Once a Loyal Customer, Now Horrible Customer Service!

People's United Bank used to be great, until they started turning into a larger entity. I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years, and like another reviewer stated, even continued to use them after I moved to the Southwest. This past year and a half with People's has been nothing but a nightmare.

I've had my card changed on me 3 times in the last year, no warning, and then when I actually had fraudulent charges on my account they were less than helpful. When I called People's to request a new card to be sent to me, they didn't even know what was going on and it took a LOT of hoops to even get a new card!! I ended up with a screaming match on the phone with the customer service rep because he was very rude and unprofessional, even to the point of telling me maybe I should bank somewhere else (all because I was requesting a new card from out of state).

He didn't even want to call me back at the end of the day to make sure that the paperwork I had to send in on my end (I had to fax a picture of my ID and a signature saying I was requesting a new card. I used the same address that all my bank statements and previous unrequested cards were sent to). In the end, this "service rep" didn't even put my request in, I waited 2 weeks for a card that never came, all the while had absolutely NO access to any of my finances, and I had to call People's again, where they had no record of me ever requesting for a card. In the end they tried to charge me a $25 fee to have it expedited, when their service rep was the one who put me in the predicament in the first place. Eventually they waived the fee.

Customer service from this bank used to be great, and the people at the local branch I used to go to have always been awesome, but since I am limited to phone and online banking with them, I have had nothing but negative experiences over the past couple of years. I am in the middle of changing my account and will be closing my People's one

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rachaelg2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by rachaelg2014

Feb 3rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service

After falling in love with my personal branch of People's at the University of Connecticut, I became a loyal customer. Even after i moved 1,000 miles away I went through the hassle of keeping my account open, simply because I loved their service. However, I began receiving fees for having a student account and no longer being a student, which would have been fine had I been notified about it...which I was not. After months of receiving $14 in fees showing up on my acct I started to get annoyed.

When I called the customer service center they told me I needed to switch to a regular checking account and maintain direct deposit each bill cycle. Only problem with this is my job does not pay direct deposit and I notified the company it might take me some time to work that out. When not meeting the deadline for direct deposit they charged me $18 even though I had a positive balance in my acct. When asking if they could make an exception while I get another job and get back on my feet they refused even though I have been banking with them for 5 YEARS. RIDICULOUS.

Needless to say I am closing my acct with People's bank after getting charged almost $100 in fees the last few months. I am extremely disappointed with the way they handled this situation considering I am a loyal and long term customer of theirs. SO unprofessional!

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Malaga2's Profile Image

Reviewed by Malaga2

Jan 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Their Customer Service Is Horrible

I have an issue with a service charge. Brought it to the attention of customer service who refused to credit. Customer service rep refuses to give her full name or supervisor contact info for me to contact. Relying instead on providing an 800 number that does not allow one to document the complaint or resolution. I will close three accounts and take my $$ elsewhere. As an fyi i have been a customer for more than 20 years. Incredibly disappointing end to a banking relationship.

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JaneDoo's Profile Image

Reviewed by JaneDoo

Dec 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Have for Health Savings through work, HATE IT

PUB sent me an HSA credit card with the wrong name on it. This card was stuck to a piece of paper which read "if your name is incorrect please contact the call center at #." So I called the call center and was told I had to go to a branch. I explained I was following the directions that came with the card, and I was curtly told again to go to a branch. So I did.

The branch took my information, ordered a corrected card, and a week later, when I had two days left to refill the prescription I wanted to put on the card, the replacement showed up...with the same wrong name on it. The nearest branch was closed, so I called the call center again, just to see if maybe the first person I spoke to was wrong. After all, the instructions with the card were clear: in the event of a misspelling, contact the call center.

I was on the phone for an hour. First I complained about the useless card I'd been sent twice, then I asked to file a formal complaint. I was told that was also something the call center couldn't do. I put up a stink because WHAT ELSE IS A CALL CENTER FOR?? They eventually put in a new card order for me, but could not authorize expediting delivery. That had to be approved at a branch.

FF to the next day - I go to the branch, explain the situation and they are surprised the call center wouldn't just go ahead and expedite the card. Instead of expediting it at the branch, they activate the misspelled card and tell me to just use it and call them if I have any trouble. Worked in the short term, but I didn't like the whole mess.

You cannot access your HSA information or balance online. You have to know your account number - which is not on your card, but on checks that I never use - to access your balance over the phone, and today when I called the call center was having "system difficulties" and couldn't be reached after repeated attempts.

I have no idea what a regular account at this bank is like, but they've guaranteed I'll never try to find out.

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pattyh's Profile Image

Reviewed by pattyh

Dec 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful Customer Service reps at Peoples

They are rude and condescending to the customers. Just terrible. They have no concept of customer service.

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