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Peoples United Bank Customer Review

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degwal's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by degwal

Oct 3rd 2011

I Have Dealt With Peoples Bank As My Name Is On The Account With My Parents

I have been to the bank in person and have also called the bank to clarify the 7. 00 per month they charge on my parents account to cash my fathers government retirement check. They said if it was a payroll check they would not charge, its a retirment check. I was assured that they would not charge this fee again , but guess what they did... I hate this bank and going to move all the money to another bank so i do not have to deal with them again

customer service is awful.

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Other Peoples United Bank Reviews

lnewton802's Profile Image

Reviewed by lnewton802

May 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

After 10+ years, no longer authorized to access account

I have been treasurer of our association for 10+ years. All of a sudden I could no longer log in and pay bills. When I called Customer Service, they told me I wasn't authorized. I explained I had been treasurer for 10+ years, had signed the signature cards, and more importantly had no problems until today. Not only did they refuse to tell me who was authorized (I imagine it's the previous treasurer, who retired, moved away and hopefully is living a peaceful life in his 90s somewhere), but they blamed it on Chittenden bank not doing the correct standards. So let me get this straight -- I've been writing checks, doing on-line payments, etc. for 10+ years, but now you tell me I'm not authorized and it's the fault of the bank you took over in 2010. If Chittenden was so lax, why didn't you notify me before now? What makes it particularly frustrating is that I have to go into the local branch where "they will know what to do because it's happened before." Happened before? And you haven't addressed it or at minimum emailed all your customers recommending they check? I had wanted to work on this account this weekend (it's not a job, it's a volunteer job for our homeowners association), but now with the holiday I'm out of luck until Tuesday. And, it's not like the bank is convenient to my place of work -- I'll have to take time off from work. The people in the local branches are great, but beyond that -- terrible. If you're thinking of opening an account -- go elsewhere! This is just the latest of many poor customer service issues at the corporate level.

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Jerelithus's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jerelithus

Mar 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Prepare to be robbed

Every transaction or change you make you will pay for. When my bank was Merrill Bank I had much better luck and as a matter of fact when I accidentally overdrew once they forgave me for it and didn't charge me when I knew full well it was my fault. Now I had debit card network charges, monthly charges, charges for charging me so much, I since have changed my bank account, but I wanted to keep a savings. Come to find out there is a charge for not having a minimum balance, they did not tell me that part so I'm finally going to dump them.

Basically you give them your money and they come up with fees to justify taking it. There is no point of opening an account that's a savings or any other type of account if you want to save money. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, give a man a bank and he can rob the world. I have since gotten a car loan at a credit union, and have a checking and savings that I get monthly dividends into my account which for the first month is more money than I have ever gotten in interest from this bank.

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