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Peoples United Bank Customer Review

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Robert's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Robert

Mar 1st 2010

Wants to play with the big boys.

Peoples is going down hill fast.

I had been banking with them since 2000.

I closed my accounts this past December and am very glad I did. I joined a credit union. Now the majority of the services I paid a fee for are free.

Their last group of account term changes was the last straw.

They jacked up all their fees and added a few new ones that even the CS person I called couldn't tell me anything about.

They lost the backup tape that contained my personal information a couple years ago when the company re-organized. It was not the first time they were lax in their security measures.

They installed a drive up ATM in a shopping plaze nearby. It is very convinient but the P.O.S. rarely functions.

They replaced the branch ATMs with a couple of old worn machines that look like they were found in the back corner of their basement in Bridgeport.

They changed their web account access to remove the Available Balance field and now only show Balance. Very mis-leading.

Now I read in the news that their latest computer update hasn't been going so well for Connecticut customers.

The only positive is their customer service. Having had to speak to them far too many times, they have obviously a lot of experience dealing with these issues.

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Other Peoples United Bank Reviews

Malaga2's Profile Image

Reviewed by Malaga2

Jan 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Their Customer Service Is Horrible

I have an issue with a service charge. Brought it to the attention of customer service who refused to credit. Customer service rep refuses to give her full name or supervisor contact info for me to contact. Relying instead on providing an 800 number that does not allow one to document the complaint or resolution. I will close three accounts and take my $$ elsewhere. As an fyi i have been a customer for more than 20 years. Incredibly disappointing end to a banking relationship.

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EmeraldRain76's Profile Image

Reviewed by EmeraldRain76

Dec 16th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Extremely Bad

My husband and I opened an account at the Canal Street branch in Brattleboro, VT. I should have listened to my bad gut feelings when we were sitting there with the woman and just walked out. My employer sent out a flyer for the bank's Workforce Checking account promotion with our pay-stubs. You get $100 for opening a new account with the bank. What you get is a great big headache! They call out of the blue today to tell my husband they are closing our account and mailing us a check for the money we deposited when we opened the account. It's been less than a week since we opened the account. We haven't even done a single transaction yet! They printed a direct deposit slip that we sent to the payroll department. Now in a couple of days there will be a check direct deposited into an account that no longer exists. Either the bank will try to keep the money or it will get bounced back to the payroll company and we will have to wait another 2 weeks until payroll is done again for them to mail a check to our house. This bank is run by a bunch of people who have a lot to learn about people skills, customer service and common decency.

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