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Peoples United Bank Customer Review

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Robert's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Robert

Mar 1st 2010

Wants to play with the big boys.

Peoples is going down hill fast.

I had been banking with them since 2000.

I closed my accounts this past December and am very glad I did. I joined a credit union. Now the majority of the services I paid a fee for are free.

Their last group of account term changes was the last straw.

They jacked up all their fees and added a few new ones that even the CS person I called couldn't tell me anything about.

They lost the backup tape that contained my personal information a couple years ago when the company re-organized. It was not the first time they were lax in their security measures.

They installed a drive up ATM in a shopping plaze nearby. It is very convinient but the P.O.S. rarely functions.

They replaced the branch ATMs with a couple of old worn machines that look like they were found in the back corner of their basement in Bridgeport.

They changed their web account access to remove the Available Balance field and now only show Balance. Very mis-leading.

Now I read in the news that their latest computer update hasn't been going so well for Connecticut customers.

The only positive is their customer service. Having had to speak to them far too many times, they have obviously a lot of experience dealing with these issues.

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Other Peoples United Bank Reviews

gd1493gd's Profile Image

Reviewed by gd1493gd

Oct 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fees, Fees, Fees, And More Fees!

People's is full of fees! This is the stuff people's doesn't want you to know.... I have a personal checking with automatic direct deposit because if you don't have automatic direct deposit it is another fee! I also have a business checking account. The personal checking gets about 20 dollars a month in fees (due to nyce bill payments such as my verizon phone bill, paypal, and geico auto insurance payments) i pay a fee of 2. 95 every transaction for the "luxury" paying my bills! These fees add up like crazy because merchants don't want to get charged a credit card fee so they run it as an instant debit transaction and that means people's is going to charge you, the consumer!

And some companies can use your bank card as a debit card and not even ask for your pin # so you never even know... And yep, people's charges you a fee. People's says it's not their problem and they have been very unhelpful. They blame it all on the merchant. But people's is the one with the stupid hidden fee! People's corporate number tells you to talk to your local branch, branch tells you to call corporate, it's a huge run around. And they answer your questions in strategically worded ways to not give you the answer that you were really looking for, but to deceive you so they can keep their fees adding up.

Plus.... I just found out today a new policy i never even had to sign for states my business account must maintain over 1,000 dollars or else they take out 7. 95 a month. I never even saw this in their disclosure they claim they sent, but i signed out of paperless billing to avoid more fees. They don't care. Banks are screwing the little people left and right nowadays, it is so sad. The bank is no longer your friend like in that christmas movie, it's a wonderful life. We've lost all sense of community and common good and truthfulness and honesty. Everyone is out for themselves and people's can get right in line with everything else that's gone downhill in this greed-based society.

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JasonG's Profile Image

Reviewed by JasonG

May 26th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Commercial Checking Account

I have been a customer of People's bank for almost ten years now. I have a commercial account for my local painting business. My mother has held a personal checking and savings account for much longer.

I have had nothing but good experiences dealing with this bank. I love that the hours and that it is open 7 days a week! I have been spending more time in Florida now and my experiences here with banks, such as Wachovia, have been terrible.

I wish that People's had branches in the Tampa Bay area!

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