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Peoples United Bank Customer Review

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carol1951's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by carol1951

Nov 14th 2011

i am pleased to be a customer of this bank. and have no complaints in regard to their services.

the people that work there are very nice when i ask them questions about any banking business i do or have done,recent or in the past, since i have been acquainted with this bank. i am satisfied with doing future business with them, also. i would recommend them to anyone i know or someone that wishes to have good relations with a good bank such as this. i have not had any problems with them,since i have been a new customer of there's. everyone should check out this bank, as they are very helpful to everyone that goes there.

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Other Peoples United Bank Reviews

bankbuster's Profile Image

Reviewed by bankbuster

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

What Happened People's Connecticut??

I have been a People's Bank account holder for years now. I have noticed a huge SCAM to charge overdraft fees. I bank online everyday, and have had funds shown to be "Available" for use. While out for the day, I used my debit card twice for two items totaling less than five dollars. As it turns out, the funds were NOT available, and I was hit with two consecutive 37 dollar charges for overdraft. I contacted the bank via email, and the response was received three business days later, basically stating that I should keep track of my available funds, when their system indicated that they were available. Needless to say, no reversal of the charges. It cost me 38.79 for a bottle of water, and 39.50 for a Gatorade. Best drinks I ever had. Thanks People's (for nothing). I am leaving People's now, and it's too bad for them. Investments paid off HUGE, and I'll do business elsewhere. Enjoy the 74 dollars in OD fees. You'll get no more of my money, do to lousy CSR service.

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ThisBankhatessmall's Profile Image

Reviewed by ThisBankhatessmall

Aug 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mickey Mouse Staff

I've had a small business account for four years with no problems. Then I get a letter in the mail that the balance has been raised from 500 to one thousand. went to the branch and a very young and rude kid said if I did not like it I could close the account. I did and went to the mt. Vernon branch. they confirmed that the account was closed but I could open a new one. I did . A few months later I get a letter from bank HQ saying the act is still open. Mt. Vernon Bank says acct is open. new Rochelle bank says the acct is closed.

with so much confusion. I opened the second account because it was closed. Then they took $20.00 when I closed the account. I closed both accounts and bank elsewhere. can you trust a bank that operates in a supermarket? Thank goodness I had a backup account with a real bank. I found the staff at both branches clueless and regret giving them my trust and money.

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