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Regions Bank Customer Review

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wrongfullytreated's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by wrongfullytreated

Sep 15th 2011


This place makes me sick. The branch manager acts like she is 14. She is very condescending. They also sneak in a ton of things on your account. Make sure you tell the csr you want to opt out of overdraft protection. This only means that they cant charge a fee if you overdraft your account. They dont want you to know that of course, but thats how it is. Trust me noone at this branch will take the time to explain anything. This is the most awful customer service i have seen in a very very very long time.

I would never dream of talking to someone much less a customer the way the branch manager did. The csr is a piece of work herself. Easy when the branch manager is full of it. You know what they say, lead by example, right? Good thing i moved and no longer have to deal with these uneducated fools. Furthermore, i will never ever bank with regions if thats the kind of person they choose to represent their bank! Sick. Kind of makes me want to throw up! Ciao!

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Gregory C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gregory C

Nov 3rd 2010

3 out of 5 marks

Online Banking Account Details can't be trusted to accurately track spending.....

Regions Bank, in my opinion, seems like it deliberately does not list all of my transactions in the "Pending Transactions" just so it can have a reason to charge me an overdraft fee because I do not have an account with a significant amount of excess funds in it and hoped I could get a small amount of help until the next month with minimal fees. I also feel that someone thinks I am going to use the money they do not show as being deducted for new transactions. A situation has already arisen when I was charged NSF fees that I would not have been charged if the normal procedure the bank had been using since the account was opened had been used on that particular day. I was given a partial refund of the fees, but I was still out of $35.00 that I should not have been. Also, I was told that I was eligible for Standard Overdraft Protection, but all checks I wrote were returned. On top of that, they were returned a total of three (3) times costing me over $300 - again, a set of fees that should not have been. So, this bank is not on my good side, not that it really matters. And, it can never do anything that will change the way I feel. I have already stated to the BBB that I will never be satisfied with the bank's decision - and, I am still not satisfied, even after the partial refund.

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GaZoomIn's Profile Image

Reviewed by GaZoomIn

Feb 25th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Account Holder for over 20 years, but getting tired of fees etc.

I have been with Regions for, technically, over 20 years. I say technically as Regions bought out my hometown bank years ago. After 17 years at the same branch I moved to another city, within the same state. However, whenever I had an issue to deal with I would have to call my old hometown's branch, as the local branch did not hold my account. Eventually I had to close my account and reopen it at my local branch. Ridiculous if you ask me in this age..

Over the past few years the fees have gone up and up. I am not happy. But after an incident last week I am seriously thinking about changing banks. I wrote my landlady a check for our rent, which I usually pay in cash. Because my landlady does not have an account with Regions bank they charged her $20 to cash the check. So from now on I will have to include that fee in my rent payment.

Thanksgiving my husband cashed out one of his retirement funds. He received a Cashiers Check, so all he should have had to do was deposit it. But... now get this.... Regions Bank held the check for 7 (seven) days before depositing it into our account. Reason, and this is so stupid, since we normally do not make such large deposits they decided that they had to hold it for that long to make sure it was not gained illegally. A cashiers check from a huge national bank, but they had to hold it.

Another incident was our cable company tapping our bank account and several times taking out money without permission. While they admitted their wrong, we could not get Regions to block them from doing so over and over and over again. We proved our case beyond a shadow of a doubt with legal documentation, but Regions refused to do anything. Their recommendation, close account and open new one. Since my husband and I have direct deposit of our income, we would have all kinds of difficulty switching things around etc. Did Regions Bank care? Heck no.

We are looking around for a new bank as I type this. Regions has lost touch with its customers.

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