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Regions Bank Customer Review

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CrystalArk's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by CrystalArk

Dec 1st 2011

Too big for its britches, 3 times fraud this year : my debit card, nsf charges took 6 months to clear!

Moved down South to small town with 2 major national banks to choose from. Parents had all their accounts at Regions for 20 some years, so decided to transferred my funds to open a regions account. Told best to link a savings account to my Green life account to eliminate any NSF charges. Would cost only $7 per charge, v.s. $35 nsf charge. Did not believe I would ever need these fees. Boy was I wrong. It seems Regions has poor atm security on their Debit card usage. Not only was my checking / debit card scammed in another state that I had not been to in over 2 years. My debit card was hit 3 times in less than a year! Other friends in

my town and other near by towns were hit with this fraud as well. I was told this by an Regions associate whom called me one evening, asking if I was purchased an X amount at a certain retail store in Florida. No, I was having coffee 3 miles from home in another state far away from Florida. I had not been to Florida for over 2 years. This associate waited over 45 mins., before notification of this theft. This person told me that several debt card hits were made to several people with the same zip code as mind. Near by zipcodes were also fraud by these same theives in Florida. Some fraud transactions were at Airport ATMs, while others were at various Florida Wells Fargo ATMS. For me, this was the third and final blow. I wanted close my account, and this Regions associate only was interested in sending me a new debit card. NO, no way I told them. I was this account closed now. I was then told I could only close down the debit card, as there would be some possible nsf charges to my account, until Regions could verify my transactions history. I had been down this road 2 times before, with each taking anywhere from 2 to 6 months to clear things up. One time $200 was taken out of my account, as another time it was $1200 taken out by thieves. The first time I was traveling in a pacific state, not able to add funds to a Region branch. Adding funds online took for ever.

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nadezkara's Profile Image

Reviewed by nadezkara

Jun 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Make Sure You Take The Teller Flowers

If you think this tag line suggests a positive review, think again. I have had the worst experience of my life at the Coconut Grove branch of Regions Bank. My husband transfers money from one of our accounts to our Regions account monthly to cover home expenses. For personal reasons, he does this in cash, usually under $2,000/month. Although it is my account, it is perfectly legal for him to make a monthly deposit to the account in any manner he choses.

About 8 to 10 months ago, he mentioned that a certain teller was asking a lot of questions about who he was. He told her that he was my husband. She wanted his name and other unnecessary information. He became a little obstinate and decided not to play along. I have been out of the country this month. My husband mentioned that a certified letter came to me, he was unable to pick it up. The postal people showed it to him, it was from Regions. We thought nothing of it since we have never had any issues with the account.

Early this week we sent our quarterly tax check to the IRS, using this same account. Two days later, my husband tried using the Regions debit card and it did not work. He went on line and checked the account, if had been closed. I contacted Regions from Europe. Evidently, someone had reported our account to the Feds under the Patriot Act (guess who?). Regions closed the account. Of course this put us in a difficult position with the IRS and we quickly sent out a replacement check from a different bank. Bare in mind, our Regions account was only used to pay mundane things like the electric bill, cable, pool maintenance, property taxes, insurance and the like. The account was open for four years without incident, not even a bounced check.

The moral of the story, if you bank at Regions, you better kiss up to the tellers (flowers?). If they decide they don't like you, you may regret it. Of course, there is another solution, one I plan to use in the future, bank somewhere else!

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stommy141's Profile Image

Reviewed by stommy141

Jul 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mistreatment of Veterans (loss of safe deposit box key)

I am a 70 yr. old Vietnam Veteran who is 90% service connected disabled. A year ago I rented a safe deposit box from regions bank. I never used the box or keys and one of my other banks offered me a box for free. So, i decided to close the box rental from Regions Bank. This was when the problems started. The customer service guy said that he would have to charge me $150 fee to change the lock because I had lost one of the keys. I then told him that if they charged me $150, then I was going to take all my money out of regions bank and close my account. At this time I was turned over to his Boss who asked me what I wanted to do? I said, no what do you want to do? (1). Wave the fee of $150 and keep a loyal customer with $12,000. deposited with monthly direct deposits. Or, Or deduct the $150 lost key fee and loose a $12,000 account and a good customers business.

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