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Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. is the second largest publicly traded bank holding company in Maryland. Its primary subsidiary Sandy Spring Bank traces its origins to 1868 making it among the oldest banking institutions in the region.
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Sandy Spring Bank Location Map
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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

airpark's Profile Image

Reviewed by airpark

Feb 13th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I deal with the Air Park branch and they are very easy to work with. Their online is a bit hard to get started with due to their security process,however; once you get started, it is easy.

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lukie's Profile Image

Reviewed by lukie

May 24th 2013

2 out of 5 marks


I did a refinance on May 3rd and was given a note. The note said my 1st payment was due on the 1st of June. I was given a loan number and told that I would hear from Sandy Spring Bank approx 7 days before the 1st pmt was due. Well I have not heard from them as of the 24th and when I called to find out why I gave them the loan number I was given. They could not find it and I was told it was incorrect. When I asked for the correct number I was told that it couldn't be given out over the phone. This was after I had given my social security number, address, mother's maiden name, and birth date. I then said text or mail the number to me because I do not want to make a payment to an account number that is incorrect (especially the first payment). The response was "I'll make a request for it to be mailed to you" This is a bank that I am trying to make a payment to and I'm getting red tape after being given a wrong account number at settlement. Today is the 24th of May (21 days after settlement and I have not heard one word from Sandy Spring Bank). It was the same thing in obtaining the loan. I would rush to fill out forms and they would sit on them for weeks and when I would hear from them it was "these must be returned within 48 hrs" I certainly would not give them a B for efficiency.

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James C's Profile Image

Reviewed by James C

Jun 27th 2010

1 out of 5 marks

LAZY employees at nearly every branch.

They seem to move the same lazy employees from branch to branch. I swear it is the same lady at the gaithersburg branch that i used to see at the olney branch. she should be fired. she never smiles!!! I think it is a bad place to work as well as a bad place to bank. I only banked w/ them for 4 yrs but i closed my acct after i saw an employee crying at the rockville branch may 2010. i over heard the branch manager in montgomery village talking about her supervisor brian within ear shot of me while i was filling out my dep slip.

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