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Sandy Spring Bank Customer Review

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JGawesome's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by JGawesome

May 26th 2011

Terrible place to work! Worse place to Bank.

I worked at this terrible place briefly and thank god it was brief. I worked for Patrice Ffolkes. Patrice was the meanest person you could meet in your life. She didn't allow you to have a cell phone and she did not let her employees socialize. If you do talk to your fellow employees Patrice Ffolkes would come out of her office and ask why are you talking and tell you to go back to your desk and make sales calls. On top of that everything that ever came out of her mouth was negative. She never had anything positive to say. She treated her employees like children. The bank itself has terrible rates and is run like it is still in the 1800's. Their is nothing good going for this place. They make everything way more complicated than it needs to be. Their online system sucks and if you are a business owner and you bank with them GOD HELP YOU because they will Fee you like crazy and make everything hard on you. STAY AWAY from this place all together.

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Other Sandy Spring Bank Reviews

NickExarhakis's Profile Image

Reviewed by NickExarhakis

May 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible for Small Business or Professionals

Very difficult to deal with on loans. Glad to take your money but not willing to help when you need a good banker. Switched to Capital One and had a completely different experience. What a waste of 15 years.

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Bueller's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bueller

Mar 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Best Bank at City Walk in Sandy Springs --incompetent staff!

The Best Bank at Hammond Drive-City Walk shopping center has an incompetent staff. Incorrect information is the norm. The staff is also unable to perform even the most basic functions such as ordering checks and debit cards. I had to go to another branch, twice, to get my checks and debit card ordered correctly.

For months, when my account was new, I was told that my government paychecks would not clear and funds not be available for 5 days because my deposit was over $1500 (by $83). After months of being inconvenienced I was told by a teller that was only temporarily assigned to this branch that government checks are always exempt of this policy and that my check would be clear within 24 hours.

I asked him why he was the only person on staff that knew this. He was obviously embarrassed and simply shrugged his shoulders.

Even upper management is incompetent. After struggling with the personnel at this branch for months I called 2 regional managers a total of 4 times. No response.

Best Bank? Umm, no. Slow-learner/unprofessional Bank -- yes.

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