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Santander (formally Sovereign Bank) is a locally-focused bank backed by the strength of the Santander Group, a leading global financial institution. Here in the U.S., we offer a broad spectrum of products and services for personal, business, and corporate banking customers.

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Most Helpful Santander Bank Bank Customer Reviews

  • G
    Reviewed By gocreditunion Nov 7, 2013

    Is it any coincidence that "Satan" can be spelled from the name of this bank?

    I am a business customer of Santander USA. I was recently locked out of my account for reasons I couldn't understand, for days. Not simple to resolve since there is no 'log in help' button that gives you instantaneous options for resetting your password. You have to call Business Customer Service within business hours. Over the course of three days, I placed 9 phone calls, made one branch visit and spent 4 hours of my time over a password reset issue. In the 9 calls, I would often be cut off--calling the business number I'd end up in the personal banking number due to 'overflow' and then would be cut off in the transfer back. Twice when I got through, I was promised that I would be sent emails that would allow me to reset. The emails never arrived-nor were they in 'spam'. On a third contact the customer service person admitted they had not been able to get emails through over multiple email clients, had major problems since a website update, and that my log in problem was a technical issue on their end that had nothing to do with my log in attempts. He then promised me a 'special' email that would reflect his escalation of my problem to the tech sector. Again, jack sprat arrived.

    I should add that I am generally polite patient and understanding and it is a rare experience for me to alienate customer service staff. However, I lost it on the third day/fourth live contact when once again I was promised an email and denied contact with a supervisor after I explained I had been down that road before and needed resolution now. I told the rep I considered this to be a material breach of my bank contract since I did not have reasonable access to my money. Those are the magic words: material breach! Magically an email allowing me to reset my password appeared 10 minutes later.

    It is a password reset people. Not rocket science. I will be changing my bank at the first opportunity.

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  • N
    Reviewed By Nysportsfan Sep 15, 2014

    The Worst!

    I am trying to reach a customer service representative and after going through 10 minutes of automated options the "robot" just keeps hanging up on me! Great customer service.

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  • S
    Reviewed By Sharonnkyle Jan 21, 2015

    Rude Tellers And Manager

    I have been a customer at this location for over 30yrs. Over the past several years, this branch has gotten a severe attitude with myself and my entire family who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in our accounts at this location. I have made deposits into my accounts over the past 30+ years through the drive-thru. Today i was kept waiting for 20 minutes as other cars were allowed to go before me and were waited on immediately.

    Finally, i asked the teller, what the problem was and she stated in and extremely rude manner that i had to come inside because the deposit was over $2,000. Why is this suddenly a problem today? I went inside and spoke to the manager pat. She stated that the girl was new. Ok, that was fine, but why wasn't i told immediately to come inside? Why did i have to wait 20 minute? She had no answer for me or an apology either. She also did not want to give her supervisors name and number to me.

    After several requests, she did give me the number. Myself and my family are not happy with our daily interactions with this bank or it's staff. The good ones who are polite and even friendly and helpful move on quickly to other branches. One of my family members was told by a teller who has since moved to another location, that this branch's manager is very hostile and difficult to work with on a daily basis. I have waited numerous times for over 10 minutes in the drive -thru with no one else in any of the lines.

    It only takes a moment to come across the sound system to say: "goodmorning, i will be with you in a moment sir". In closing, with all of the many choices in today's world for banks,myself and my family are considering a move to another bank entirely! Shame on you all for your lack of service.

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