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Santander Bank Latest Customer Reviews

NewBedfordMa's Profile Image

Reviewed by NewBedfordMa

Apr 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Predatory practices against the elderly.

My father has early stage dementia and cannot remember a lot of things. Last week when checking on the shared account that my sister holds with my 85 year old father, my sister found that all but 500 dollars of my fathers account had been withdrawn. Upon further investigation, she found that during one of his weekly withdrawals a teller at the ASHLEY BLVD. branch in NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS talked him into putting all his money into a CD for 15 months.

When my sister spoke to the manager, with my father present, my father denied ever making the transaction,. He further declares that wasn't his signature on the withdrawal slip because he didn't remember signing it. In the face of this obvious error, the manager said that inorder to get his money back into his checking account, my father will have to pay the early withdralwal fee.

Santander Bank employs deceptive, predatory, financial practices against the old and infirmed and then CHARGES them to correct the wrong that they did.


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Jenlorourke's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jenlorourke

Apr 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Deplorable Customer Service with a Branch Manager who I don't believe could cut it at a gas station mini-mart

I have been a customer at this bank for over a decade. In my opinion, this branch in Marlborough, Massachusetts is deplorable. On several occasions, I have gone in there to find NO EMPLOYEES behind the teller counter for up to 10 minutes. One will be out front of the bank smoking. The other will be fixing the ATM or in the back. When you ask the manager if anybody is working, you get a sarcastic response. Went in yesterday and found that yet again the employees were unable to process a simple transaction which is part of their own acknowledged policies and procedures. When I mentioned the poor training being exhibited to the supposed Branch Manager, Kathleen Kennedy, she was being so unprofessional...telling me I had no basis for complaint even though I am the customer. Telling me the requested transaction is almost never done, yet Santander stocks preprinted forms at every branch for just this transaction. Yelling at me. Calling me by somebody else's name, telling me it was my responsibility to come in and introduce myself to her when she exhibited the behavior of a shrew. This woman is supposedly a Business banking specialist which in my opinion is a joke. In my opinion, this branch has high employee turnover. Perhaps Ms. Kennedy is a major reason for that. I'm a CPA in two states and deal with many, many businesses big and small. I wouldn't let this woman manage a piggy bank of pennies and will surely let all my business contact know that they should go elsewhere. I'll gladly take my business and cash to a bank where they actual do their jobs and respect the customer.

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harol's Profile Image

Reviewed by harol

Apr 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

agony and frustration plus incomitance

i have an acc in uk and wished to transfer money from it but was told i live in a foreign country so i must travel to grimsby branch to withdraw money that is four days travel for me.Santander must be the worst bank in the world by a long way and i will be closing my acc as soon as i have contacted the banking ombudsman with a written strongly worded letter and a bill for 36 pounds for talking to them on a premium phone line or rather listening to music on a

premium line.If i treat my customers the same as the morons at santander i would finish up out of work and a boot imprint on my


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JCS's Profile Image

Reviewed by JCS

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible! Precisely the reason I'm moving to an online only bank...

Apathetic, unfriendly, terrible customer service.

Dropped by the bank this afternoon to cash a small expense check as my company doesn't process direct deposit for expenses, this is the only reason I've physically visited the bank over the past few years. I was the only person in line with three tellers behind the counter. One of them made eye contact but the three of them continued to chat about bank gossip for the next 1 to 2 minutes. I realize that doesn't sound like a long time but when there is literally a single person waiting for service and three tellers, it's completely unacceptable and disrespectful.

I was finally called up by a miserable woman named Sandra or something similar who didn't acknowledge me with a smile, a hello, nothing. I handed over my check and ID and she began to process the transaction. The only interaction she was "forced" to have with me was "do you have an account here?" and she completed her work. She then handed me my cash and turned back to continue to gossip, no goodbye, no thank you, no nothing.

Seriously, get out of the customer service business completely if that's how you approach your job. Unreal.

I'll be working diligently to transition to a new bank as quickly as possible. Good luck to anyone that keeps this shitter of a bank in business.


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ckotsios's Profile Image

Reviewed by ckotsios

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Santander UK- Worst Customer Service Ever!

I live in the USA. My Mother, in the UK, sent me an international wire from her Santander Bank. 8 business days later there is no wire! My US Bank told me to just get the ADAT code from Santander and have them send a trace message. Santander UK told me to have my Mother call them. When my Mother called the main number she was told they would not help her on the phone and to contact the branch. When she called her local branch , she was told they would not help her on the phone and she had to visit a the branch. My Mother is 75 and just had surgery, she does not drive. This would mean her walking and getting a bus and then walking again. I thought this must be a mistake, but when I called them they said this was correct. So even though she has all of the info including security questions etc. and shes just trying to find out where her money, that she paid them a fee to transfer, is at, they will not help her on the phone! ...and when I called the complaint line, I was told by a very nice guy, that he doesn';t think a branch will be able to help her, and that they would need to contact an internal help desk....but he can't give us that number! We have spent approx 4 hours on the phone so far with no help. Worst Customer Service ever!

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