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Santander Bank Latest Customer Reviews

BOSFLASH's Profile Image

Reviewed by BOSFLASH

May 12th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Very Friendly

A very friendly bank with a full line of useful financial services for the business person or individuals, like myself, currently living in retirement. The staff is willing to accommodate any or all of your financial needs in a courteous, timely matter.

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celluch's Profile Image

Reviewed by celluch

Apr 27th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Customer Service

Keith, at the Vineyard Haven branch was so helpful to me today, and I'm not even a Santander customer! I left my bank card at the drive up window over the weekend and was quite concerned. He was incredibly responsive, polite, effective, and very personable. The quality of service he provided has me considering switching my banking over to Santander.

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cyesko's Profile Image

Reviewed by cyesko

Mar 16th 2015

5 out of 5 marks


I have been a happy customer for 14 years. The transition from Sovereign to Santander was seamless. The tellers are friendly, professional and very helpful, and they greet their customers by name. The knowledgeable manager is available to assist with unique circumstances, and online banking is great as well. I would highly recommend this branch for all your banking needs.

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cfalcone's Profile Image

Reviewed by cfalcone

Mar 10th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Helpful and Friendly Tellers!

The people at this branch are so helpful and friendly. The teller always has something pleasant to say, and is very efficient.

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Noelli818's Profile Image

Reviewed by Noelli818

Jan 30th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Love Santander

I have been banking with them for almost a year and i love there service. They are always so nice to me. Some of the people on the phones though like customer service they could be nicer. Not so rude. But yeah. Great bank. Customer for life.

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bgibbs's Profile Image

Reviewed by bgibbs

Jan 6th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Mortgage Was A Breeze

I have to say i am 100% happy with my recent experience with santander mortgage division as well as a local branch, which i subsequently opened both checking and savings account. The mortgage process was expedient, relatively easy on my part and the people were fantastic. I really have nothing negative to say. The people and branch i am referring to are in the suburbs of philadelphia. In fact i am leaving wells fargo due to the superior service all around from santander.

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rbcarterx's Profile Image

Reviewed by rbcarterx

Dec 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Washington Crossing Branch is Stellar

I have always enjoyed good service and a friendly staff at the Washington Crossing branch. The tellers are personable and willing to do a little extra like when I wanted $100 bills for gifts, going back to the vault to obtain crisp bills. The manager helpfully directed me toward a money market paying 1% without a lot of conditions, when AMEX online bank was paying 0.85%. I really like the folks there, they are a part of my small town.

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1218jmm's Profile Image

Reviewed by 1218jmm

May 3rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I love this bank!

They have always been great to me and my family. I have checking, savings, line of credit and a mortgage. Never a problem. On all my accounts, I pay no fees whatsoever. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my branch and the tellers and management in my branch (225 Atwood Ave, Cranston, RI) always treat me great and have a nice smile for me! They also have a great bill-pay service on line. I pay about 15 bills on line, they generate the checks the day I want them paid and the payments go out promptly and it is very easy to use. The entire on-line banking experience is excellent as well. Complete breakdown of my mortgage payments, telling me when taxes are paid, etc. I love Santander!

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GeorgeRojas's Profile Image

Reviewed by GeorgeRojas

Mar 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best checking account around! Pays you $20 a month to bank with them! Yes, they pay you!

Best people and best checking account anywhere!

extra 20 checking pays you $20 a month!

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akiba37's Profile Image

Reviewed by akiba37

Jan 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best banking experience I have ever had in my long life...i.e. competence, multi-cultural skills, positive IPR skill, +

My comfort level in doing business with the Santander Bank in Windsor, CT, at the Windsor Shopping Center continually increases. The reasons for this are as follows:

1. I have never seen so many professionals in one operation, who know what they are doing, and do it in a cordial, relaxed manner! It is obvious to me that this team of people, and it is a team, the members of which interact very smoothly with each other in a consistently cordial manner, are at the top of their "game!" They are secure in their respective roles, because they know what they are doing, and they know that they know!

Another outstanding characteristic of the dynamics at this bank is this! They are "crisis oriented" and by that I mean that when you bring them what you perceive to be a crisis, they handle it very well, without getting rattled and do show respect for the person in crisis, even when the customer is rattled!

Lastly, I am always impressed by the fact that multiple solutions are always presented for your crisis and not always ones that will profit the bank only! Suffice it to say that, yes, I am a very satisfied customer/depositer/patron, however, you want to label me, that LOVES doing business with this bank, and, yes, I would definitely refer family, friends and associates to this branch of Santander Bank, located in the Windsor Shopping Center, Windsor Av, Windsor, CT! That branch is destined for continued success, long term!

All the best!

Joyce Christie-Taylor

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SovBank17's Profile Image

Reviewed by SovBank17

Aug 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service in Hopatcong!

I have been with this bank for over 30 years, through a few changes in bank name, and have always been happy with my treatment. We have used a variety of their services, including loans, CDs, checking and saving. I used to live in town and knew most of the tellers and managers. When we moved away 9 years ago my husband and I kept our accounts with the bank since they had a branch at our new location in another state. It was a seamless transition, and I could always call Hopatcong to get great response to my questions. A few years ago I made a big mistake in our checking account that could have resulted in costly charges. A quick call to Hopatcong and a talk with one of the managers straightened out the problem immediately. I was grateful for that kind of service, and decided to never leave this great bank. They might have changed their name and logo, but it's still the same friendly faces/voices at this location.

Although I stay with this bank for their wonderful customer service, I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their Bill Pay and Extra 20 services.

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Kaleigh D's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kaleigh D

Dec 31st 2010

5 out of 5 marks

very forgiving with fees offers great account&overdraft protection hrs arent great but convenient atms

when i had some changes in my circumstances the bank made it extremely easy to switch the type of my account. it only took me one visit and less than 10 min to switch to an account more suitable to my current needs. no hassle check reorders and twice i have needed a replacement card and recieved it in my mailbox within 3 days. the staff is usually very courteous and helpful. they dont have great hours, most of their branches closing around 3-4 pm but they do have a lot of atms, including in almost every cvs.

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Barbara_Westrich's Profile Image

Reviewed by Barbara_Westrich

Jul 30th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Customer Service At This Branch Is Very Good.

I've been with bank over 20 years. Never had a problem.

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diane345's Profile Image

Reviewed by diane345

Dec 18th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

wendij74's Profile Image

Reviewed by wendij74

Mar 21st 2015

4 out of 5 marks

so far so good

I have had a very pleasant experience w everyone in the office so far. They have all been very helpful to me. My only problem I have experienced is the "bankers hours" lol being that they are only open til 5pm. Other than that I like them

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MichaelLaffan's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichaelLaffan

Dec 29th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Kimberley Mestas did an outstanding job on my last two visits to the branch and is both professional and very helpful.

In the first transaction, I was moving money from my equity line for a deposit for my daughter to purchase real estate and the second transaction was similar for closing costs and included having a bank check issued.

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Simon b's Profile Image

Reviewed by Simon b

Oct 27th 2009

4 out of 5 marks

Wow! What a great bank!

It is good experience with Sovereign Bank..


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Jeanne R's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jeanne R

Aug 28th 2008

4 out of 5 marks

Good bank

I have been a costumer for a long time and haven't had any trouble with them.

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Jaclyn O's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jaclyn O

Jul 16th 2008

4 out of 5 marks

Very good bank! (checking, at least)

i've been a sovereign checking customer for 7 years and have always had great service from them. Only problem is that they don't have many ATMs outside of the Northeast.

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virgogirl08yahooco's Profile Image

Reviewed by virgogirl08yahooco

Aug 6th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Great Service

I have been with another Bank for many years now and just recently changed and now I am part of the Santander Bank. Reason? Scott! He is Great! He took the time to explained everything and he was so pantience and even after I left the bank, I had many other questions and the same service I received in person, I received over the phone. I can't say the same about other Santarder Branches. I am happy that I was treated with respect and the professionalism of the staff in that branch is great! I like how you are welcomed from the moment you enter the door, and that no matter if you are dress down or dress with a suit!!! you are treated right! Many of us in life have different jobs, different life styles and many necessities and different background...I appreciate that we all are treated the same way! I opened 6 account within a week! I hope it all continues the same way it started. As for anyone there, stop by and as for Scott Rosenthal, I recommend his service!

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jaye's Profile Image

Reviewed by jaye

May 29th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Have Had No Problems With Sovereign In 7 Years Of Banking With Them

I opened accounts with sovereign in Massachusetts after or around the time they became affiliated with (part of? ) santander (a huge multinational bank if i understand correctly). I have had no problems with my accounts or with branches/tellers. I actually have had pretty decent experiences with customer service (telephone). I love my accounts' online bill pay. You can make anyone, including any individual, a biller - so that means you can have the bank send a printed check via USPS to your mom, yourself (i was traveling), or some person who doesn't use Paypal. You get the idea. But maybe all banks have great online banking features now. All the bad reviews here remind me of dealing with bank of america and other banks in the past. Seems that all the huge banks offer crappy experiences in one way or another!

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Dave's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dave

Feb 28th 2010

3 out of 5 marks

Not up to snuff

Very simply, I think Sovereign Bank is falling behind the times... quickly. They were purchased by Banco Santander over a year ago with promises to improve their services and offerings, yet I see nothing improved. Of the larger banks out there, they still do not have any mobile services for Blackberrys or iPhones.

When I was living in Massachusetts, there were Sovereign Banks everywhere - and since I am from NJ, it was natural to just stick with them while I lived there. However, for some odd reason, Sovereign New England and Sovereign Mid-Atlantic are not the same bank and I was only able to conduct banking through ATMs. How stupid is that? Does BofA or TD designate regions and section their customers off that way? Nope.

Lastly, I read about a girl who had a problem with an Unavailable Funds fee - I had the same problem. When I checked my balance online, my available balance was $700, so I moved monies around accordingly. I then got consecutive $35 fees for UNAVAILABLE FUNDS. After expressing my aggravation and mildly threatening to take my business elsewhere, the Fees were refunded, magically - so that's what I recommend.

Nice people at Sovereign, and I've been with them since I was a little boy... but I think it's time to switch to a bank that is a little more with the times.

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melissa's Profile Image

Reviewed by melissa

Feb 1st 2010

3 out of 5 marks

Stay Away From This Bank

Some soveriegn banks are good but my experience was horrible. When i put cash in my account it didnt show up till 5 dyas later, my checks werent processed till 5 days later and oh yeah they never updated my online checking or phone account. They refused to take off overdraft fees when places actually admitted to making the mistake of charging me twice. They also have the worst workers i have ever met. Their rude, cocky, and refuse to help you out. Everytime i walk in there theuir always on break and theres maybe 1 person working. A woman actually refused to put in my check and tried to keep my signed check! They told me i didnt even go to the bank yet i have checks, an account number, and have gone to that same one for 6 months. They are a terrible bank and anyone who has them be careful and do not go to the sovereign bank on lehigh st.

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Myself's Profile Image

Reviewed by Myself

Apr 2nd 2014

3 out of 5 marks


I went to the bank today in a hurry, only needed 2 rolls of quarters, did my banking outside. There was a small line, but customers were taking a long time at the teller's window. I asked the manager if he could get me the quarters, he said no, he was too busy chewing gum and checking his phone. A nice teller saw me with the $20 in hand and asked what I wanted, and in 2 seconds I had my quarters. I think the manager could have done that.

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Cliff's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cliff

Feb 1st 2013

3 out of 5 marks


The good: The managers at my branch (and there have been many over the past several years) are accessible, and have been quite helpful with special needs and resolving problems. Interest rates seem to be a bit better than the competition. Good ATM coverage with locations in many CVS drug stores.

The bad: Way too many problems with utterly routine operations. Sovereign seems to screw up the interest payment on my savings account every other month. Their "premier customer" call center has been of poor quality. They make up stuff when they don't know the answer, and nothing they say will happen actually does happen. On one occasion, the online statement function was down, so I called the call center and they helpfully offered to email the statements instead...and then charged me a hefty fee for the privilege which took multiple phone calls to reverse. I've given up calling them and just email the branch manager when something's wrong.

Also, online and mobile banking capabilities are extremely primitive. No funds transfers to other customers or banks. No current or projected account balances on bill payment pages. No remote deposit. No mobile site or app at all. Online statements work about half the time, yet I constantly get nag screens asking me to turn off paper statements. They are at least 2 years behind the competition in online/mobile banking.

I stick with Sovereign because they're the least objectionable alternative for the locations where I need ATM's and branches.

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RealEstateMan's Profile Image

Reviewed by RealEstateMan

Jul 16th 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Unorganized And Expensive

They are forcing me to go elsewhere, as a result of fees, disorganization and a general lack of wanting my business. I should be a preferred customer with all of the transaction and money i have with them, but i get the feeling this bank is grabbing all they can and then they're going to sellout. It's time to bail, while the getting is good, do to them before they do it to you!

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GeorgeTravers's Profile Image

Reviewed by GeorgeTravers

Dec 9th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

so so

Bank officer belittled my just having a free checking account with no savings account.

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iceburn15's Profile Image

Reviewed by iceburn15

Jul 18th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

A Financial Institution Who's Only Flaw Is The Foreign Corporation That Bought Them Out.

I'd think that sovereign was probably decent prior to their acquisition by santander, but since it seems they've gone way downhill, and their friendly bankers have had watch it go up in smoke. I just recently opened up a student account -- i'm coming from chase. Santander is a gigantic spanish bank: since opening my account, i've had to wait days for information in the mail, some of which i never received -- my online account login.

I called -- i was instructed to enter in my pin. I entered the one they mailed, and was told it was incorrect -- i was locked out of my account. I was transferred to someone and told to go to the branch or wait a week plus to get my login in the mail -- something they should have all ready mailed out! They then told falsely me that there was a $100 minimum for my student savings account (an accident, probably) and that i should switch to this new account, a triple interest savings account. The fact that they tried to sell me something over the phone, as a bank, is unethical in my mind.

Now the people at the branch are great people! If it weren't for santander, i wouldn't be writing this review, but we had to wait on the phone for at least half an hour to get my login -- they needed to actually call their headquarters. The login we were given was wrong -- we had to call again, and we probably would have waited another thirty + minutes -- i politely left after ten. I called up again. Their mailing an extra one out just in case. I'm going to stay with them now that i've all ready joined? But leaving will be on my mind after my first semester. If it weren't for santander, sovereign would probably be the perfect bank!

But because this atrocious foreign corporation bought them out, i'd have some real reservations about recommending them to anyone else. If you're going to open an account, be cautious! They have a lot of fine print that they don't tell you, their support (while it is us-based) is slow and they're a pain to deal with.

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Ed B's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ed B

Nov 4th 2010

2 out of 5 marks


I really hope not all Sovereign Bank Branches are like the one in Nahatan Road in Norwood, MA. Avoid it like a plague, if you can!!! Helping customers with their needs is such a huge burden for these representatives. They rush you, treat you like an idiot. They tell you one thing and do another. When you ask a question, they respond to you like you have no right to ask at all.

As a significant customer, the least thing they should do is treat you with respect. Forget that at this branch!!! Don't ever go there.

To the Executives/Regional Directors of Sovereign Bank in New England and or Massachusetts, note that your image and products are hugely discredited by staff like these. Do something about it!!!

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joanna's Profile Image

Reviewed by joanna

Aug 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Treated very rudely over the phone

I called the local branch to kindly inquire if I had left my ATM card in the ATM. I was told that since it has been past 3 business days my card had been destroyed. When I politely asked why no one from the branch called to notify me that they had my ATM card before taking the liberty of destroying the card, I was treated very rudely and my question was dismissed without an explanation or acknowledgement of my disappointment. The gentleman took great defense to my suggestion. I was simply suggesting that it would have been a courtesy to first be notified instead destroying my card without any notice.

Now I have to take time out of my busy work schedule to go to a branch to request a new card in person. I have been a customer with Sovereign for over 15 years and this is the first time I left my ATM card in a machine. I am appalled by how I was treated as an inquiring customer. I will certainly not step foot in that local branch to request a new ATM card as I do not have faith in how I will be treated in person if this is the kind of treatment I received over the phone.

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