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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By BOSFLASH May 12, 2015

Very Friendly

A very friendly bank with a full line of useful financial services for the business person or individuals, like myself, currently living in retirement. The staff is willing to accommodate any or all of your financial needs in a courteous, timely matter.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By gocreditunion Nov 7, 2013

Is it any coincidence that "Satan" can be spelled from the name of this bank?

I am a business customer of Santander USA. I was recently locked out of my account for reasons I couldn't understand, for days. Not simple to resolve since there is no 'log in help' button that gives you instantaneous options for resetting your password. You have to call Business Customer Service within business hours. Over the course of three days, I placed 9 phone calls, made one branch visit and spent 4 hours of my time over a password reset issue. In the 9 calls, I would often be cut off--calling the business number I'd end up in the personal banking number due to 'overflow' and then would be cut off in the transfer back. Twice when I got through, I was promised that I would be sent emails that would allow me to reset. The emails never arrived-nor were they in 'spam'. On a third contact the customer service person admitted they had not been able to get emails through over multiple email clients, had major problems since a website update, and that my log in problem was a technical issue on their end that had nothing to do with my log in attempts. He then promised me a 'special' email that would reflect his escalation of my problem to the tech sector. Again, jack sprat arrived.

I should add that I am generally polite patient and understanding and it is a rare experience for me to alienate customer service staff. However, I lost it on the third day/fourth live contact when once again I was promised an email and denied contact with a supervisor after I explained I had been down that road before and needed resolution now. I told the rep I considered this to be a material breach of my bank contract since I did not have reasonable access to my money. Those are the magic words: material breach! Magically an email allowing me to reset my password appeared 10 minutes later.

It is a password reset people. Not rocket science. I will be changing my bank at the first opportunity.

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Latest Santander Bank Reviews

  • L
    Reviewed By Lisarachinsky Feb 5, 2016

    Worst bank ever

    I get paid on the 1st and 16th of every month. If the payday is on a holiday or weekend don't expect YOUR money until the day the bank is opened. My co workers bank with Bank of America, PNC, and Wells Fargo and their money is in their account on the payday at midnight whether a holiday or weekend. This bank is horrible!

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  • D
    Reviewed By Doubledeeztat2s Feb 5, 2016

    Horrible bank

    Not only am I a business owner but have personal accounts through this horrible bank. On multiple instances I have had issues. 1) lost my business card last year so immidiatly went to bank to get a new card so they canceled my old card then took two months for them to recieve a new card sent to bank and they lost my letter with pin code. So all my automatic payments through my business declined and I had many issues from this from canceled subscriptions to companies calling wheres there money. 2) tried heloc last year but my income was to low so instead of them telling me that upfront they then said should all be good and kept checking every week same response oh they have ur application just waiting on response this went on for 3 months before they said no you are not approved. 3) this past year I made a lot more so I went to continue my refi this time they drained me of $26,000 out of my savings to pay off things they said needed to be handled first then kept screwing up the application i ended up filling out 5 applications all which took 2 weeks to produce. Also took 3 weeks in between to hear from underwriter. And weeks where there was no response from morgage manager. In end took 7 months and still no completed application so I switched to Price financial they took 3 days and already have paperwork on underwriters desk. And no this wasnt some pitty cause showed $80k income with paid off house appraised at $225k also they had me pay $400 application fee TWICE.

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  • D
    Reviewed By debbiemeck Jan 31, 2016

    My Mom and Me trying to get what is needed for taxes

    About 4 years ago my mother's health declined so her home was sold along with her car and belonginings. Her bank was Santander in Lebanon Pa..
    Every year she would ask for her statements be put together for her taxes so this continued when I had to be the power of Attorney was helped me. I came back home for a job which is long hours and 76 miles away. I work for the department of defense and am a Veteran. During surgery she lost oxygen to he brain twice.I'm a single Mom also. My daughter is in college so I take care of her too including finanicially
    .Santander was helpful and and the manager was great. He moved up and went elsewhere. Things changed when a new manager took over. I waited 2 months to get new checks which caused some issues because I pay 3,800 for the nursing home and another 3,000 plus for her meds, therapy,supplies etc..
    I asked for the compiled 12 month data for the taxes this year last weekend but not immediately maybe a few weeks no problem , right?!, since it was common to get it for her.So I didn't keep the statements each month as I have a paperwork nightmare with all her issues.
    This year the new manager actually "rolled his eyes" and said no . That was mean. So he showed me the on line site so I could pull it. I tried my best but I can't . Since a presidence was set I'm lost. Gee whiz I'm so frustrated and nervous this is not helping me as I'm not IT coordinated.
    I am so afraid the taxes will not be able to be correctly accomplished. I do not get this ...what happened to customer care???
    I would be happy to get this done even if I had to pay for the help which could have been accomplished. My plate is full and would sure appreciate a helping hand. Also am waiting for interest tax statement. The bank is in Lebanon PA on Quentin Road 17042. I'm considering moving all her accounts. This is not the bank my Mom used.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Mrothgeb Jan 20, 2016

    Find another bank

    Go somewhere else! Run! Don't walk. I've been a customer for a while. They STILL charge me a monthly fee to have a checking account, just because my $4500 monthly deposit is via paper and not direct deposit. AND....im closing on some real estate next week. Underwriter just wants LAST bank statement. I'd love to give it....but seems their system can't generate a statement for anyone right now. Internal system errors. Really? If you can't generate a simple statement every month...I can't trust my money there. Because I can't produce the simple document, my closing is delayed....thus putting my earnest money in jeapardy. Going to TD Bank.

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  • A
    Reviewed By aurelina Jan 17, 2016

    deposit check and my account got overdraw

    I deposited a check today sunday 17 in the amount of 300 dollars the atm said my available balance was 131.00 i used my card for 72 dolllars plus 20 dollars later that night checked my account and it was overdraw i called the bank and all they said is that the bank does not offer any money advanges when you deposited a check any more so know i have to pay the overdraw fee. its that my fault ?

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  • R
    Reviewed By richcec Jan 4, 2016


    I cannot believe that this bank closes at 4:00PM! I got to this branch at about 4:05PM and obviously was out of luck! I was told their hours changes last September.
    This is the only bank in the entire area of 07202 that closes at 4:00PM. That is really unheard of in this day and age. I thought the days of closing at 3:00PM would never return! Is Santander headed that way?
    By the way, that 4:00PM closing also applies to the drive-through. Really pathetic.

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  • T
    Reviewed By thomaspierce Dec 30, 2015

    what i think

    i staff at santander bank at union ave framingham are very nice halp it is just a small bank in my local area i have been doing bussiness with them for a little over 6 month i would diffinetly recorremend them as a good place to do banking

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    Reviewed By tinah58 Dec 28, 2015

    Horrible service

    Plan on a minimum of 15 minutes at the drive-thru at this bank. 5 to 10 minutes pass before you are even acknowledged as sitting there. My most resent visit took 15 minutes and 3 male bank employees to cash a 91.00 check. It has become a joke the gentleman who usually works the drive thru because my displeasure of the long wait is written all over my face. The long wait is not just me. I've gotten there behind other patrons and have learned to not even bother to wait because I'd be there for a half hour. I would not go to this bank if it wasn't so close to work.
    The manager really needs to take a close look at the employees at this branch. With the service I receive here I would never consider any deeper involvement with any Santander bank.

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  • M
    Reviewed By misst Dec 2, 2015

    openning an account

    Horrible. My experience in branch as well as on the phone attempting to receive customer service have all been very unpleasant. Highly incompetent staff. I can see why they have such desperate promotions to pull in customers- they wouldn't get any customers any other way.

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  • P
    Reviewed By paul Wexler Nov 11, 2015

    Business Owners STAY AWAY!

    They courted my company for a loan. Said they were different and that they were giving loans.
    In all honesty it was a ploy to open an account with them. They don't do traditional lines of credit. I'm told only after opening up a checking account.
    The representative LIED! Not mistaken, LIED! Do yourself a favor an steer clear of yet another big bank with unscrupulous policies.

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