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Santander Bank Latest Customer Reviews

JackH's Profile Image

Reviewed by JackH

Jun 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

You've Got To Be Kiddin' Me!

I have a direct deposit account with Santander. I've had the same account for nearly 20 years. I started the account when it was Fleet Bank. I kept the account when it became Sovereign Bank. I still have the account now that the bank is owned by a foreign company, Spanish Santander.

This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. ATMs, especially those in less affluent neighborhoods, the Dorchester Section of Boston, Webster Square area in Worcester, and several others, never work. Lighting at ATMs in those areas is always broken, number pads worn away, broken slots for deposits and so forth. Their Branches are large, cavernous halls with space for up to 12 tellers. There is typically only one available. Service is awful. Employees standing around chatting with each other while customers wait.

Since Santander took over, the whole company has gone down hill at a rapid pace and I need to find a new bank, quick. Not only have I been charged an unreasonable $35.00 insufficient funds fees on a number of occasions, when the money was already there, I have been charged $35.00 unavailable funds fees. This has happened when direct deposit payments have arrived, but they've slipped in a few withdrawals just ahead of posting the deposit.

Direct deposit accounts are supposed to come with benefits. I get none. With Sovereign, if I used a non-Sovereign ATM, I might get stuck with the native bank's fees, but was never charged by my bank. With Santander, they charge an additional $3.00 for using the non-Santander machine -- outrageous!

This bank comes in from another country and uses Americans as if there is nothing we can do. There is. I urge everyone who uses Santander to pull out all accounts. Let them play their usury ploys on their own countrymen. They probably do, anyway.

SEC, pay close attention to this bank. They are bad, bad business.

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mic857's Profile Image

Reviewed by mic857

May 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Excessive Overdraft Fees! You may want to "opt out"

Santander (formally Sovereign) has outrageous and excessive overdraft fees. Supposedly, you have to sign an agreement (called "Opt-in) for the overdraft protection allowing them to cover ATM and Checking withdrawal and charges when you have insufficient funds. So, say you have $25 left in your checking and $0 in savings. Then a check deposits for $26, they will cover that check leaving you a balance of -$26. But! They will also charge you a $35 overdraft fee so now your balance is -$61. Then, if withdrawal $20 from your ATM, they will cover that, then charge you another $35 in that same day, so now your checking balance is -$96.

Important fact: Santander's policy is that they can charge this $35 overdraft fee up to 6 times in one day!

I searched all over their online banking site for information on "opting-in and Opting-out" to no avail. I searched for opt-in under their help link (in the search box) and it come up with "no results" I then search for overdraft and a couple of links come up asking "How to enroll in Santander's Account Protector?" It provides a link that says click on and "Read Carefully." Of course the link does not work. I called and complained about a couple links not working and when I checked yesterday, it was still a broken link.

I called and called to get all of my $840 overdraft fees refunded but the said "no." I wrote the president yesterday so I'll wait for that response.

Also, I requested on the phone, speaking with a supervisor, to send me my "opt in" contract or any proof that I agreed to this protection and he said they don't have any records from Sovereign, where I first enrolled in the bank.

I found out over the phone, after I was unable to find anything online about "opting in or out," that you have to actually call the bank to do so.

So, I called them on Tuesday to "opt-out." The supervisor told me it was done. So, guess what? Today is Thursday and I was charged another $35 overdraf

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Gringuito's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gringuito

May 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Branch is Worse Than Call Center!

I had a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with Sovereign Bank which became Santander. Everything was great with Sovereign, but once Santander took over, everything went downhill -- fast! Twice they processed a regular monthly payment as a principal only payment which made my regular payments late! They refused to reverse these payments so not only was the payment late, but late fees were incurred. Finally, I had enough and requested a pay-off amount.

Went to the branch with a bank check, and the teller at first didn't know how to process the pay-off payment and then couldn't find the loan in the system. Turns out she wrote the wrong account number down. The day after paying off the loan, I get a call from them indicating that I still owe late charges! Well, those weren't included in the pay-off amount they provided? I just paid the small amount to avoid the additional harassment from these boobs. Very incompetent service. Not sure if it is training or the corporate culture. My personal prediction, they will go out of business or be taken over by another bank in the very near future. Don't use them. Run in the opposite direction!

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joe_schmo's Profile Image

Reviewed by joe_schmo

May 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Actually Terrible

I consider myself to be pretty tolerant of mistakes by others. I make plenty myself. But I have never had a good interaction with Sovereign/Santander Bank in the three years I've banked with them.

When I first opened my account, there was a step where you receive some forms to sign in the mail. These forms contain private information (SSN, date of birth, etc.). Santander sent me someone else's forms. This means that there's a good chance someone else received mine too. When I called about the mistake, I never received an apology or any attempt to rectify the situation beyond just sending the forms back. Good thing I'm not an identity thief.

By some weird error, I received a check "from" myself written out "to" myself in the mail a few months ago. Rather than question it (I wish I had), I deposited the check in my non-Sovereign bank account. This caused an overdraft in my Sovereign account with an accompanying $35 fee. I didn't notice this for a few weeks and went on using my Sovereign debit card like normal, racking up more fees ($35 each transaction). When I finally realized what was happening, they agreed to reimburse me for the original fee from the random check since it was entirely their fault, but refused to give me back any of the subsequent fees "because it's my responsibility to monitor my account."

I don't understand why their customer service line is only available until 8pm. If any malicious activity takes place at night, you must wait until the morning to speak to a human about it.

Phone calls get dropped. Wait times are long. And I can't figure out who I would call if I have any issues while abroad for the next few months. Because of this, I am closing my account.

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michelledangelo's Profile Image

Reviewed by michelledangelo

May 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Rips off your money

I withdrew 300.00 out of my savings. When I got home, I counted out the money to give to my husband. It was $40.00 short. I tried all the next day to call them, no answer. I tried the next day. Shawn, answered. This was at 8:30 isn in the morning, said he would call me back at 9:15. When he called me back he said that teller was over $20.00 that day. REALLLY???? So, now I only get 20.00 back. He said he would be happy to give me the $20.00. Honestly, I was there to get money already, now your going to so happily let me come there again, waste more gas and your not even gonna give me my full $40.00 back? BANK SOMEWHERE ELSLE. My husbands employer writes their payroll checks on this bank and they charge him $5.00 every time to cash his check. THATs why we opened the savings accountâ?¦..to save the 5.00 each week, their suggestion and rules. So, they don't even honor the checks written out on them. Then, once we did open the account we were bombarded every night for about 6 months with phone calls about opening a checking account with them. Last but not least, when I called 911 for the Whitman office, the phone number they have for them is a bogus number, it just rings and rings.

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marisaellinymailco's Profile Image

Reviewed by marisaellinymailco

May 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank I have ever dealt with!

The bank manager is one of the rudest people I have ever met! Not helpful at all! Always making excuses for her and the banks mistakes. Rather then be helpful she can not be bother by any extra work she may need to do.

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PTerra's Profile Image

Reviewed by PTerra

May 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not very good since switching from Sovereign to Santander

Where to begin? I had a retirement account at Sovereign which allowed me to have a Premier Account. After Sovereign switched to Santander, I was getting charged $30 monthly maintenance fees because I was told, Santander did not recognize Sovereign's investment accounts. So, to the Beacon Street branch I went (in February) to sign all new paperwork to correct this issue. And yet, not only am I still getting charged the $30 monthly maintenance fee, but also the new investment account reflects all zero balances while my former Sovereign investment account, which Santander does not recognize, is still open.

Two months ago I called [Redacted] to ask him to please take care of this, but he did not. Over a month ago I called him again, he said he would look into it and call me back. Here I am, over a month later, and I am still waiting for that call. I am still getting $30 monthly maintenance fees. I think it is time to switch banks. Oh, and as an aside, I had a dormant account that should have been closed but I never got around to it, and Santander withdrew three month's worth of monthly maintenance fees ($90) to cover the cost of future monthly maintenance fees from that account.

When I asked [Redacted], the branch manager about it, he said he would look into it. He never did. I called about two months later to inquire about his alleged "search," and he actually said to me that it was I who had made the transfers! If you are thinking about opening an account with Santander, don't. They make promises they don't keep, they say they will correct a problem but then they don't bother, they say they will figure out why something keeps happening, but they really don't.

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mrcancer's Profile Image

Reviewed by mrcancer

May 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

IMO Improper Maintenance Fee Triple Interest

The story is long so I'll talk of the last 2 problems.

Besides having problems with getting a debt card due to their own inability to update my address on several ocassions, there's a problem with the so called triple interest savings account.

2 years ago it was suggested I open this triple savings account so I did as it was explained there are no fees etc. However, shortly after I found it had a $5K max monthly withdraw limit. Since this would not work for me I transferred all funds out ASAP.

2 years later I'm told this $5K limit did not apply. I then was very direct and asked about fees etc and was told the only thing I needed to be aware of was to maintain a min. of $100 a month auto deposit.

With the new info in hand I transferred some funds in it. 3 days later I get wacked with a maintenance fee. A phone call drew the response of "I'll talk to the manager". A week passed and nothing was done so I sent them a letter. My letter drew a phone call but no actions!

In my 45 years of banking with several banks, the problems incurred in those 45 years with all other banks combined do NOT come close to what has been my issues with Santander the past few years.

Ironic but the few dollars that IMO was skimmed from my account is peanuts compared to what Santander could have had as I was considering transferring some investments to Santander. Thank God I didn't make that mistake.

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1218jmm's Profile Image

Reviewed by 1218jmm

May 3rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I love this bank!

They have always been great to me and my family. I have checking, savings, line of credit and a mortgage. Never a problem. On all my accounts, I pay no fees whatsoever. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my branch and the tellers and management in my branch (225 Atwood Ave, Cranston, RI) always treat me great and have a nice smile for me! They also have a great bill-pay service on line. I pay about 15 bills on line, they generate the checks the day I want them paid and the payments go out promptly and it is very easy to use. The entire on-line banking experience is excellent as well. Complete breakdown of my mortgage payments, telling me when taxes are paid, etc. I love Santander!

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KailaS's Profile Image

Reviewed by KailaS

May 2nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Not Great

I was with Sovereign, certainly going down hill at the end, when Santander took over. I do not think Santander sweats the details. So many little issues have been problematic. For instance, I tried online to order checks; they never came. I then had to order the checks twice--at the window with the help of a teller--before the checks finally came. I had a similar problem with turning down "overdraft" protection. How many times can I say, "No," "No. Thank you," and similar statements to someone on the phone?

The Sphere credit card, prompted initially at Santander, is laughable. I needed three calls and an online request before I could get an extra credit card for another user. Although I was promised the card in ten days, I had to wait for over three months. Only after my third call, did someome notice that there was a computer issue. Once Alex was involved, she called me back, told me the issue had been resolved, and I had the card in about a week.

A barrage of new tellers who do not know me, an array of new rules about how to fill out banking slips, and out of order ATMs on the weekend helped to fuel my annoyance. Maybe I just am becoming less tolerant of poor service.

Billpay seem to work well online and I like the Mobile App for my iPad. I also have always had polite folks on the other end of the phone, and just this week began noticing phone calls, greetings when I enter the bank, and even smiles when my banking transactions are finished. Perhaps training has finally kicked in.

I am suspicious of all of the "new" accounts that seem to change every six months, and I cannot get the Sphere Card automatic payments ever to be withdrawn properly from the Santander site. Santander should have hit the ground running when they officially took over. I think they are beginning to offer a little more service or maybe I am becoming immune to the issues. But a few individuals seem to be trying a little bit lately to make the transition better for customers. Finally.

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mitchteller's Profile Image

Reviewed by mitchteller

Apr 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I was offered "free" overdraft protection by the Washington St, Brooklyn branch manager when I opened my account. Six months after closing my account (because of multiple minor clerical mistakes on their part), I received a statement claiming that I owed interest on my Credit line which was apparently tied to my allegedly "free" overdraft protection. Multiple calls to customer service got me nowhere. After receiving notification from a collection agency, I paid. Good riddance to a grossly disreputable Bank.

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shadowsrevival's Profile Image

Reviewed by shadowsrevival

Apr 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Avoid Like The Plague

I been a member for quite a while now and ever since its changed to Santander, I've been harassed to sign up for a bunch of stupid programs which charge you every month. I wrote a check recently and it didn't cash until I didn't have enough in my account and they charged me $35 bucks. I didn't know I was under and got myself some lunch, and they charged me another $35. I now owe them about $100 bucks and I would never of known unless I looked it up myself because they didn't even call or notify me about being under. My card, however, still works when I have no cash in it. Sweet right? Avoid this bank.

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NewBedfordMa's Profile Image

Reviewed by NewBedfordMa

Apr 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Predatory practices against the elderly.

My father has early stage dementia and cannot remember a lot of things. Last week when checking on the shared account that my sister holds with my 85 year old father, my sister found that all but 500 dollars of my fathers account had been withdrawn. Upon further investigation, she found that during one of his weekly withdrawals a teller at the Ashley Blvd. branch in New Bedford, Massachusetts talked him into putting all his money into a CD for 15 months.

When my sister spoke to the manager, with my father present, my father denied ever making the transaction,. He further declares that wasn't his signature on the withdrawal slip because he didn't remember signing it. In the face of this obvious error, the manager said that inorder to get his money back into his checking account, my father will have to pay the early withdralwal fee.

Santander Bank employs deceptive, predatory, financial practices against the old and infirmed and then charges them to correct the wrong that they did. Despicable.

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Jenlorourke's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jenlorourke

Apr 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Deplorable Customer Service with a Branch Manager who I don't believe could cut it at a gas station mini-mart

I have been a customer at this bank for over a decade. In my opinion, this branch in Marlborough, Massachusetts is deplorable. On several occasions, I have gone in there to find no employees behind the teller counter for up to 10 minutes. One will be out front of the bank smoking. The other will be fixing the ATM or in the back. When you ask the manager if anybody is working, you get a sarcastic response.

Went in yesterday and found that yet again the employees were unable to process a simple transaction which is part of their own acknowledged policies and procedures. When I mentioned the poor training being exhibited to the supposed Branch Manager, [Redacted] she was being so unprofessional, telling me I had no basis for complaint even though I am the customer. Telling me the requested transaction is almost never done, yet Santander stocks preprinted forms at every branch for just this transaction. Yelling at me. Calling me by somebody else's name, telling me it was my responsibility to come in and introduce myself to her when she exhibited the behavior of a shrew. This woman is supposedly a Business banking specialist which in my opinion is a joke.

In my opinion, this branch has high employee turnover. Perhaps [Redacted] is a major reason for that. I'm a CPA in two states and deal with many, many businesses big and small. I wouldn't let this woman manage a piggy bank of pennies and will surely let all my business contact know that they should go elsewhere. I'll gladly take my business and cash to a bank where they actual do their jobs and respect the customer.

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harol's Profile Image

Reviewed by harol

Apr 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Agony and Frustration Plus Inconvenience.

I have an account in UK and wished to transfer money from it but was told I live in a foreign country so I must travel to Grimsby branch to withdraw money that is four days travel for me. Santander must be the worst bank in the world by a long way and I will be closing my account as soon as I have contacted the banking ombudsman with a written strongly worded letter and a bill for 36 pounds for talking to them on a premium phone line or rather listening to music on a premium line. If I treat my customers the same as the morons at Santander, I would finish up out of work and a boot imprint on me.

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JCS's Profile Image

Reviewed by JCS

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible! Precisely the reason I'm moving to an online only bank.

Apathetic, unfriendly, terrible customer service.

Dropped by the bank this afternoon to cash a small expense check as my company doesn't process direct deposit for expenses, this is the only reason I've physically visited the bank over the past few years. I was the only person in line with three tellers behind the counter. One of them made eye contact but the three of them continued to chat about bank gossip for the next 1 to 2 minutes. I realize that doesn't sound like a long time but when there is literally a single person waiting for service and three tellers, it's completely unacceptable and disrespectful.

I was finally called up by a miserable woman named Sandra or something similar who didn't acknowledge me with a smile, a hello, nothing. I handed over my check and ID and she began to process the transaction. The only interaction she was "forced" to have with me was "do you have an account here?" and she completed her work. She then handed me my cash and turned back to continue to gossip -- no goodbye, no thank you, no nothing.

Seriously, get out of the customer service business completely if that's how you approach your job. Unreal. I'll be working diligently to transition to a new bank as quickly as possible. Good luck to anyone that keeps this bank in business.


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ckotsios's Profile Image

Reviewed by ckotsios

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Santander UK -- Worst Customer Service Ever!

I live in the USA. My mother in the UK, sent me an international wire from her Santander Bank. 8 business days later there is no wire! My US Bank told me to just get the ADAT code from Santander and have them send a trace message. Santander UK told me to have my Mother call them. When my Mother called the main number she was told they would not help her on the phone and to contact the branch. When she called her local branch, she was told they would not help her on the phone and she had to visit a the branch.

My Mother is 75 and just had surgery, she does not drive. This would mean her walking and getting a bus and then walking again. I thought this must be a mistake, but when I called them they said this was correct. So even though she has all of the info including security questions etc. and she's just trying to find out where her money that she paid them a fee to transfer is at. They will not help her on the phone and when I called the complaint line, I was told by a very nice guy, that he doesn't think a branch will be able to help her, and that they would need to contact an internal help desk but he can't give us that number! We have spent approx 4 hours on the phone so far with no help.

Worst customer service ever!

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Myself's Profile Image

Reviewed by Myself

Apr 2nd 2014

3 out of 5 marks


I went to the bank today in a hurry, only needed 2 rolls of quarters, did my banking outside. There was a small line, but customers were taking a long time at the teller's window. I asked the manager if he could get me the quarters, he said no, he was too busy chewing gum and checking his phone. A nice teller saw me with the $20 in hand and asked what I wanted, and in 2 seconds I had my quarters. I think the manager could have done that.

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johnradock's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnradock

Mar 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very Poor

Will not respond to calls or email. Very bad service, treated me like the enemy. Don't bank there!

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alociouz12's Profile Image

Reviewed by alociouz12

Mar 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Banking Experience Ever

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have the worst experience from this bank. I have opened up an account with Santander (Llanerch Branch) with branch manager [Redacted]. I was told that I would be receiving the checks in the mail. Three weeks passed no checked received. I had received the Password for online banking and pin number for the Debit Card; never received the online banking user name. After three weeks, I called the Customer Service and they told me that they already mailed the user name and if I have not got it, it should be on the way soon. In addition, I was told that checks were never ordered and check with the branch that opened the account.

Finally, I called the Llanerch Branch where I opened the account and spoke with Customer Service Representative Zach. According to Zach, I could use my SSN as my user name and I should be good to go. It did not work. Zach told me to call the customer Service again. I am running around a circle here. Does anyone in this bank have any clue as to what they are doing? This bank is the worst by miles. Anyone reading this, think twice before you open an account here.

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danpatel's Profile Image

Reviewed by danpatel

Mar 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

No service

I have mortgage with bank for 6 months. I have made several call and e-mail to have my tax statements, I did received yet.

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CustomerComplaint's Profile Image

Reviewed by CustomerComplaint

Mar 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Extremely Dissatisfied Customer

I have been a loyal customer with Sovereign now Santander for many years (over 20 years) and recently a significant number of overdraft fees have been applied to my account, which is not ordinarily a problem. I spoke to a support leader, [Redacted] who was not able to assist me and also the Branch Manager at the local branch and still not assistance. Since the matter could not be resolved to my satisfaction, as a loyal customer, I will be taking my business elsewhere. Additionally, due to my extreme dissatisfaction, I will explore alternate options for my business account. I will also not recommend Santander banking services to employees, family or friends. Poor customer service. Poor treatment of loyal customers.

An extremely dissatisfied customer

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Rajat's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rajat

Mar 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

my identity stolen!

i applied for a checking account at this bank using their online application and the stupid bank sent an account opening application via USPS (seriously?). This package has all my info including my full SSN,home and work addresses, phone numbers, drivers license number etc and only this particular envelope with all my info was opened in the mail itself! I have a secure mailbox with a lock in my apartment and Someone has opened this particular envelope and photocopied all my documents and put it back. Seems like the thief knew exactly which envelope to open since there were 2 other envelopes from the bank and they were not opened. All i wanted was to open a simple checking account and now i got my identity stolen! i cant image how can a bank be so careless about its customers financial information.

Never do any business with this bank guys ...just horrible!!

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GeorgeRojas's Profile Image

Reviewed by GeorgeRojas

Mar 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best checking account around! Pays you $20 a month to bank with them! Yes, they pay you!

Best people and best checking account anywhere!

extra 20 checking pays you $20 a month!

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LadyLiberty's Profile Image

Reviewed by LadyLiberty

Mar 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

EXTRA20 Checking is a HOAX -- don't fall for it

Don't let them talk you into opening an EXTRA20 checking -- you are supposed to get $20 deposited into your savings every month for having two direct deposits over $1500 and paying two bills via their online epay. Well, its been three months and even though I have done *everything* required according to their rules, so far NO $20! Not once.

I have called customer service 3 times. The first time I was told it would be corrected. Now they say I don't qualify, even though I exceeded the requirements every month.

So in reality its just a hoax to get you to sign on. I am moving my accounts to another bank. Who would trust these guys with their money?????

If there was a "minus 20" option on the ranking I would give it.

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Ruthie88's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ruthie88

Feb 28th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Pulling teeth.

I absolutely hated having to step foot in the building. Every time I had a simple deposit or withdraw, the teller would insist on telling me all about their new offers and forcing me to take handouts on programs I specifically said I was not interested in. I would drive out of my way to other branches or complete my transactions at the ATM so I would not be harassed.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I got married and had to change my name. Against my better judgement, I went in to the location not once, not twice, but three times over 3 months to have them correctly change my name. I was told by multiple different tellers and their supervisors that "you don't need the right name on your checks or bank card" and "if you want it done, then close your account and open another one with your husband (so you can participate in our new refer a friend promotion)". After telling me the third time that they still can't find a copy of my marriage license (they scanned it into their system twice as well as keeping at least 2 hard copies), I gave up. The kicker being, the staff went to the back and came out with a big stack of manilla folders full of random papers of many different customers , rooting through these folders right in front of me.

I had nearly my whole life attached to those accounts with multiple direct deposit and automatic bill payments. Needless to say, I've closed all my accounts and gone through the hassle of rerouting everything. Life is so much better. I still can't drive past the place without getting a sick feeling in my stomach.

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mass0058's Profile Image

Reviewed by mass0058

Feb 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I asked that they close my account they left it opened paid charges and paid charges I asked them not to charge fee

I asked the bank to close my accounts they left it open paid customers i asked them not to pay then charged me fees overdraft fees. I paid the initial charges then asked that the account be closed again, again they did not close the account and continue to charge monthly fees. On two custodian accounts they claim they cannot close because it earns interest after I asked that they close the accounts. The charged off the accounts claiming that I owe them when in fact the amount on the account were all bank fees they added after I requested that the account be closed. I went into a branch to close the account and was told I had to go into the branch I opened the account in which was an hour and a half from where I now live. impossible. Worse banking experience ever.

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GaryHarkness's Profile Image

Reviewed by GaryHarkness

Feb 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My daughter opened a student account in this bank about 6 months ago. At the time she opened it she asked to have her small savings account cover her overdrafts. The understanding was that once the savings account was empty any attempts to use the debit card would be rejected.

About two weeks ago she lost track of her bank balance and charged 11 separate cups of coffee at Dunkin Donuts over the same period of time. Santander charged her $35 overdraft for each $3 cup of coffee. That's $385.

My daughter was telling some friends at college about this and they told her that Santander is notorious for their fees and lack of heart.

We stopped by the bank this morning and talked to an assistant manager about the problem. He said he would talk to the manager when he came in later today and they would call us, which they did.

The bottom line is that they had no intention at all of reversing even one of the charges. The manager, a guy named Joel, said he would talk to the regional manager but these requests usually get rejected. I responded that maybe this is why they have a rating of D+ on this webpage.

I thought that possibly the problem was that this bank is top down driven and they don't allow their bank managers to give up money even in matters of customer satisfaction. But in thinking about it, it seems like this guy Joel has no interest in these things.

Anyway...we are waiting to hear if the regional manager will grant some relief. In light of the fact that I told them they weren't getting any of these charges from us, anyway, they really have nothing to lose by doing the right thing.

If they do the right thing, I will make a point of saying so in on this web page. But I am not optimistic.

In the meantime...there are lots of banks out there...many that are not owned by foreigners. This gang certainly doesn't give us any reason to bank at Santander.

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Reviewed by Emma1012

Feb 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever

This bank is horrible. Money hungry thieves. They have killed us before with ridiculous charges even though we have "overdraft" protection, they have split our heads with six unavailable funds fees, not insufficient funds. We had over 1700$ in the bank. When I called them they were condescending, rude, and told I was out of luck. Idiots.

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Reviewed by Kerena

Feb 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Car Lienholder EVER!!!!

When we purchased our vehicle we initially got a loan from Citi Auto...then Cit i sold off a bunch of their loans to Santander Consumer USA. They are the WORST. Our payment is due on the 19th of every month, we do not receive the bill in the mail until the 17th of the month at the EARLIEST. I kept calling them to inform them I did not receive my bill and my payment would be late. They said they mail out their statements on the 5th of every month (a load of crap). FINALLY, they added online bill pay, which i thought would be a Godsend, instead that was a failure too. I signed up for it and for the payment to be removed from my bank account on the 14th of every month (5 days prior to the deadline). They tried to remove payment on the 1st of every month, which is not what i signed up for. They are so a** backwards, its like a bunchof morons work for the company. Now I see that Santander purchased Sovereign bank...how disappointing. Only 4 more months of payments left for our vehicle...can't wait to not have to deal with these idiots anymore

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