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Simple is not a bank. Simple replaces your bank. Funds live in FDIC-insured accounts with their partner bank, The Bancorp Bank, and Simple provides everything else. Simple allows members to make purchases with a Simple Visa® Card, deposit checks using their smartphone app (coming soon), set up direct deposit, earn interest, pay bills, transfer money, withdraw cash from over 40,000 ATMs, and more. Beautifully-designed web and mobile apps, no surprise fees, and real customer service.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

avezbanking's Profile Image

Reviewed by avezbanking

Mar 13th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

An Internet Bank with a Personal touch

I've run the gamut of issues you can present to a bank, as freelancer with irregular income - I am the worst. What sets Simple a part from other banks, even comparable internet banks, is that they are proactive and communicate with you! I got a message today about my name being misspelled by a check issuer, and ended up having a very friendly chat where a cat picture was exchanged. I am so charmed that I am leaving a review wherever I can. They absolutely deliver on their promise: it's simple. Simple in the good way. Operated by human beings - good human beings. I am chucking my interest bearing Charles Schwab account, which has better perks, because I've never actually felt a genuine connection to a service provider the way I feel for Simple.

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countvidal's Profile Image

Reviewed by countvidal

Mar 4th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Not a Big Bad Bank

Simple feels like your personal banker in your pocket. Support staff are always ready to help you. There is no getting transferred 4 times to somebody in india that can barely speak english.

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Texas_Aggies_WRTS's Profile Image

Reviewed by Texas_Aggies_WRTS

May 12th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Best bank ever!

My previous bank took more in fees than what I put in, and that didn't feel right. (I reward them with a deposit, and they steal my money...). I overdraft by 12¢, and they charge me $35.00. That isn't fair.

Moving my funds to Simple, and banking with them for the past 3-4 months has been the most rewarding, refreshing banking experience I've ever had. The customer service is excellent, the software interface (both web and iOS) are pleasing to look at, and the goals feature built into the program works and is geared toward helping me save for my needs.

The customer service reps for Simple are humans. They care about their customers. They're professional, and sometimes respond with memes.

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