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Reviewed By compSciSenior Nov 1, 2013

Enjoyable for the young adult

I am a Senior in an undergrad Computer Science program. Therefore, I am tech-y and young, kind of the key market for this bank.

The app is wonderful. My parents bank with a larger bank and they have a similar app, but I looked into it and it still reeked of old world trying to be 'hip. They took their current clunky online banking solution and painted it up to look 'hip', but it just was still terrible.

Simple's app is both beautiful, responsive and to the point. Whenever I had to bank mobile on my old bank account (which I still have and hate), the app was slow and I had to type in my full password, it took four or five clicks just to see my balance! With Simple, I open the app, punch in a four digit number (Not your PIN number obviously!) and it is there, bam. It took 10 seconds.

I haven't gotten to the best part! The goals! I love the goals. I am always telling myself "Oh, I need to save for this. No I can't, the money is for this." With Simple, you create a goal, set the amount and the time (or not if you just want a pot to transfer money into at will) and it will set that money aside. That money will still exist, but it will not be "Safe-to-Spend" and as a result, won't show on the app (which is one of my few complaints. The app doesn't show your 'real' avaliable balance, only your safe-to-spend)

Anyway. If you are looking for a clean and intuitive banking solution: try Simple. It may do what you need without overcomplicating things like many banks do.

The few things I do not like:
- Paying traditional bills is next-to-impossible. Yes, there is a 'Send Check' feature, but I am still weary about it.
- Occasionally, if you get gas, you will get a massive hold. Send them a message and they will fix it quite quickly.
- Some places are misclassified, not a big deal.

Fantastic customer service, fantastic app, everything makes sense, simple and doesn't over complicate their app and website with ads and other non-sense.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By mortramalt@gmail.com Oct 11, 2014

Significantly Degraded Experience Since Acquisition

I was an early simple adopter and loved it, and have used it as my primary checking account. But since they were acquired this year and have been transitioning their operations, i have had terrible problems with my account and the website that a bank should never have. My scheduled payments disappear or do not display (you never know which). My available balance is incorrectly reported.

A check for over $1,000 was returned by the post office and simple never notified me or credited the money back to my account (until i called them to ask what was up). Their customer service is good but without a reliable banking experience, sadly i have to leave it. Too bad because they still have the best online banking interface, although other banks like chase have begun to catch up.

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Latest Simple Reviews

  • C
    Reviewed By crawfordifland Aug 16, 2016

    Disloyal, Unethical Company. Don't waste your time.

    I've been a loyal customer for over a year and have enjoyed using simple – their app is great, support is usually pretty good, and the card looks nice. I thought branchless was banking was the way of the future. However, I just got an email this morning notifying me that my account had been closed. No explanation, no warning, not even a hint that I may have been using my account incorrectly or violating any of their policies. Just an account closure. Incredibly disappointed from a company who claims to be all about genuine human this… Don't waste your time with Simple. Get a real bank.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Calikid777 Aug 11, 2016

    Simply Awesome.

    This organizations is awesome. They have always been available and willing to help me overcome any issues. I have held accounts at numerous banks, and this organization really treats its customers respectfully and graciously. I recommend this company highly, and would encourage anyone to give them an opportunity to prove me wrong. AAAAA+++++++++++++

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  • Z
    Reviewed By zackattack Aug 1, 2016

    Best Banking Experience I've Ever Had

    Simple has been better along every dimension than any other bank I have done business with. No surprise fees.
    Elegant user interface.
    Responsive customer service.
    Rapid photo check and money order deposit processing.
    The only drawback is that you cannot deposit checks or cash in person, but with a cell phone checks clear faster than they did for me at the big box bank anyway.

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kaymay Jul 26, 2016

    What a lousy excuse for a bank.

    This bank was trouble from the start, I shouldn't have kept pushing to stay with them. It took more than a month to just get started with them, then they held my money numerous times. And now I can't even zero out my account because they have made transferring money impossible. I can't write a check, I can't use the same email. I can't do anything with this bank. Please do not use them for your own sake, they cause nothing but trouble.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mrwalker1302 Jul 25, 2016

    Things were good until an unauthorized charge

    There was a charge that came out of my account for someone who's name isn't on my account. I contacted Simple the day it happened, didn't hear anything until two days later. I was sent an form to fill out. I completed it. Two more days past, I heard nothing. Contact CS at simple, they tell me to contact someone else. This transaction happened on July 6th. Today is July 25th. I thought when something like this happens, you receive a credit for the funds. I guess not at Simple.

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  • A
    Reviewed By ane Jul 16, 2016

    What a mess of a bank

    I won't even get started on the time when they conducted a massive upgrade a couple of years back that left thousands (including me) without access to their account for weeks. I didn't even know what my balance was because the system crashed and couldn't tally it accurately. A complete nightmare:


    I should have fled then but I was foolish.

    These people also have an ongoing habit of freezing your account without notice or just cause. I told them I'd be traveling internationally and to put an alert on my account. Instead they completely shut down my account (not kidding) while I was abroad.

    Their justification was that they can't support international customers! As if me traveling for a few months somehow negates my US citizenship and residence. In addition to being abroad with my primary source of cash unaccessible, I spent days having to clean up the mess it caused with automated bills and other charges that couldn't get through.

    This is just one of at least a half dozen times when my account was inaccessible of course at the most inopportune times (like a late night home trying to pay for my taxi and the card suddenly not working for no reason. I had to use my credit card to put gas in the driver's tank (at 1:30 in the morning) as compensation and to keep him from calling the police).

    I had such high hopes for this bank but they are an absolute mess. Don't let the cute white card or pretty web interface fool you like it fooled me. They have no business being in the banking industry. All will seem rosy until the day you need your money and can't access it.

    Please beware!

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  • R
    Reviewed By Rjmarsella Jul 9, 2016

    Horrible bank

    Simple was working absolutely fine and I loved the user interface and customer service was usually fantastic...all up until yesterday when I went to an atm to find my card not working. I called customer service and the told me that Bancorp had decided to close my account and send me a check for my remaining balance of approx 10k. And that's it. No other information provided, no reason, and no certainty as to when my check would arrive. So I have zero access to my account proceeds.

    Thanks but no thanks Simple. Good luck keeping customers with your degrading services.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Author Jul 7, 2016

    Very Good Debit Card Services!

    I wanted a straight debit card account similar to Green Dot but without the fees, and that’s Simple. No fees. Friendly customer service. Simple reps and the interface seem to reflect a true desire to serve and to provide bank service that works. I feel welcome and wanted and respected. Too often, debit card services act as if I'm doing them a favor by letting them handle my money. The reps at some other services are uninformed and they don't show enthusiasm for their product. Simple is a better experience. However, Simple is NOT a full-service bank. You can’t write a check or make a deposit at a branch or local ATM in the same way that you can with most major banks. Similarly, while Simple will handle money transfers and payments like a bank, the Simple system is clearly focused more on card transactions because that is how Simple earns money, via processing fees paid by vendors. Judging Simple against full-service banks, it comes up short. If you want a full-service bank, Simple WILL DISAPPOINT! Try something like Wells Fargo instead. But judging against debit-card services, Simple is a champ and far superior to competitors like Green Dot. For this reason, I recommend Simple.

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  • C
    Reviewed By coffeesucks Jul 6, 2016

    Hands down the best option for a checking account.

    No fees and budgeting tools right inside the account!

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  • M
    Reviewed By migigi Jun 27, 2016

    It's like a bank, but less functional and worse customer service

    As soon as I opened my account I realized there was no way this could function in place of a normal bank account, mainly because there is no real billpay- it takes over a week for them to send an actual physical check to the person you're trying to send money to. I don't understand how a tech based company could be so far behind the times. Good thing I didn't shut down my primary bank account, because when I moved to a town that doesn't have a postal service I had to update my mailing address to a PO Box. To confirm the mailing address change they sent mail to my physical address, which was of course returned. So they froze my account. I have provided my passport, but they continue to ask for mail with my physical address listed on it, even though that could never exist. It has been over three months that I haven't been able to access my money and every time I try to contact them they keep asking for the same impossible to procure documents. It would be so easy for them to verify my identity with a social security number or my phone number or with security questions. Either this company is a sham or just another poor startup idea, in either case do not trust them with your money.

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