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Simple Latest Customer Reviews

Whodinka's Profile Image

Reviewed by Whodinka

Sep 20th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Experiencing Not So Simple Issues

I enjoy Simple banking. I love the tools that they have to assist you in seeing where your money is going and the budgeting tools are great for setting up spending goals. I enjoy using their mobile app to track my spending, write memos on transactions, and contact customer support with questions.

With all that being said, Simple has been experiencing some technical difficulties since their systems upgrade in August. Some problems that I've currently experiences are:

Delay in transactions posting to my account

Bill payments being canceled

Refunds from returns not posting to my account

Issues with account displaying accurate balance

I have contacted customer support with these issues and they have assisted, but they are currently swamped with issues so they typically take a few days to get back to me. Though the customer service team is excellent when it comes to resolving the issues, it seems that there is some new issue every day. They upgraded their systems in early August (2014) and we are getting into the end of September. I'm trying to be patient and let them work out the kinks and glitches in their systems so that I can experience the awesome banking that I experienced when I first signed up. When I have to commit to tracking every issue that my account is experiencing and pointing it out to them, banking with Simple has become quite tedious within these past two months. I'm experiencing issues that I just did not have when I was banking with my bigger bank. I'm going to try to stick with them a little longer but if these glitches and issues keep persisting, I'm going back to my old bank.

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rmatthew's Profile Image

Reviewed by rmatthew

Sep 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Card Declined For No Reason

After waiting on hold for literally 45 minutes because they were "swamped", i explained to the rep that my card was being declined. Having plenty of cash on the card, i wanted to know why. The rep explained it was a system glitch in timing, since i paid my rent the day before. Aggravating but fine. The card was then declined two days later at walmart. I called the company once again.

Being on hold for a much less 20 minutes this time at 8:35 am. The rep had no idea why it was declined and on top of this, the card deducted the amount it was declined for!! The rep still had no idea why, but the charge remains of my card. So, now one week later, card is still being declined with no known reason from the reps. Simple was great at first, but it seems to be plagued with technical issues now. Card is being cancelled as we speak. Thanks for the stress simple.

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DenisKitchen's Profile Image

Reviewed by DenisKitchen

Sep 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Loved Them For 2 Years. Now Payments Broke. Balance Wrong

I really loved this bank. I loved their site, and i loved their policies. If you've ever been charged a fee from a bank, you'll love simple because in the years i've had an account i've never been charged a fee. They've make it very easy to stay on top of my money. .. Until this past month! I haven't been able to make payments reliably. This has been a huge source of stress and problems for my finances this month.

Despite not seeing my payments post in the activity list... The money is gone from my balance. So where did it go? Who will help me? Their customer service phone and email contacts are swamped. Right now i'm using a different bank until this payment problem gets sorted out. I am trusting and hoping that my balance is returned to an accurate accounting. Very disappointing give how much i loved simple up to this point.

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TheMonopolyMan's Profile Image

Reviewed by TheMonopolyMan

Sep 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simple Banking? More Like Awful Banking

If you bank with monopoly money and don't care about having correct balances, being charged multiple times for the same purchase, or even just being able to use your debit card to buy dinner for your date, then "simple" is great! However, if you tend to use real money and care about having that real money available, then "simple" is god awful! These people should be shut down.

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OlafHastein's Profile Image

Reviewed by OlafHastein

Sep 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Never thought I would actually get excited about my bank, but Simple is so awesome!

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saki26's Profile Image

Reviewed by saki26

Sep 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrid! Do Not Use Them!

I had my card compromised made the company aware of the issue and they sent me a new one and it happened again!!! Then they cancel me because 'i" failed to keep my information safe! Unbelievable!! When attempting to speak to someone there they refused to actually speak to me and only thru the app. This was just a small balance account for myself for little things for my son and i to do things and they have left me high and dry. Absolutely the worst customer service i have ever received.

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Criseyde's Profile Image

Reviewed by Criseyde

Sep 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank, Great Software

The previous reviewer has Simple pretty much exactly. Their website and mobile app are great tools that work well and make budgeting easier than any other stand alone software I've found. Unfortunately, the banking side of things is riddled with problems. Check deposits adhere to arcane rules and delays (only the first 200 dollars is available the next business day, the rest clears at some point in the future), transfers from another bank take three business days to process, and recent maintenance introduced a host of check hold display errors. Using their integrated customer support messaging feature seems to be on a permanent three or four day delay, however calling customer support seems to work relatively well, but are only open during limited weekday hours.

One of the more deceptive thing that's advertised on the site is their range of fee-free ATMs. They list several chain businesses where one can "find free ATMs", however they must be through STARsf. I discovered this after finding a fee on my statement for a machine I used at one of the businesses listed beneath their finder. It was my mistake for not double checking, but this is definitely misleading.

If things like Schwab Bank (which offers same-day check-deposits, saturday hours, 24 hour customer support, and unlimited fee-free ATMs), Simple cannot compete. I will gladly use less elegant software and use a bank that works where it counts. I tried simple for two months and am rushing back to my previous bank.

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tres1162's Profile Image

Reviewed by tres1162

Sep 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why I'm Closing My Account

I tried out Simple Bank for three months this summer. The things I really liked about Simple were the beautiful interface and the goals feature.

Problems began when I finally signed up. They never sent the card and it took a month and a half to receive it. I don't know what happened, but after talking to customer service a few times they said they would "overnight" it. It still took several days to receive.

I shrugged it off because I really wanted to try out the goals feature. I started transferring in funds and was initially satisfied. All was well. Then they did a huge maintenance update in August. After that, everything fell apart. Ever since then, they've had numerous glitches and bugs. Balances fluctuate for no reason and my card was locked out for 3 days during the update. I had no access to my own money. Since then, it feels like Simple has fallen apart.

Simple also won't let you write personal checks—they have to print and mail them out for you. A check I had sent to my business partner never arrived. That was extremely embarrassing. I tried to contact customer service for over an hour and couldn't get through. I used the messaging feature to contact customer service and it's taken three days each time to get a response. Very unreliable—the delay made me look very unprofessional to my partner.

I'm actually kind of sad about the whole thing because I had high hopes for Simple. They have a great looking website and customer service used to be great. I explained it this way to a friend:

Simple Bank is like taking a plain cheap $2 bundt cake from Walmart, and having Martha Stewart frost and decorate it in the most lavish fashion. It would look amazing, but would still taste like cardboard.

Simple has a beautiful website and app but the infrastructure is still deeply flawed.

In conclusion—I'm going back to my old credit union. They have a lame looking website, but at least they have it all together.

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Cass1618's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cass1618

Sep 12th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Amazing Bank. Hope They Resolve Their Issues!

I have been using simple for about 1. 5 years and i am very glad i did! I have always had trouble saving money and simple was absolutely a life saver for me. I had been making approximately the same income for 3 years and not managing to save any money. After using simple for one year, still making the same income, i managed to save $15,000! Their customer support was excellent, every time i messaged them a question they would respond the same day. I usually prefer to communicate by message rather than phone so it worked out well for me. I also love their interface.

The best thing about this bank, is when you make a transaction it posts to your account immediately (as in within a couple of minutes at the most). So your displayed balance is never missing any transactions so you never end up thinking you have more money than you actually do. I have never experienced another bank with this feature. It takes away the need to independently keep a ledger of how much you spend. However. I would not recommend signing up for this bank today.

For the last month or two, they have been having some major problems. I tried to have two checks sent a few weeks ago and have no idea whether or not they were ever sent. I sent them a message two days ago and they have not responded. I tried calling and they ask that you only speak to a representative about emergency issues. I stayed on the line for a few minutes and decided to keep waiting for them to respond to my message instead.

Fortunately, i have usaa as my backup bank, so i can send checks from there for expenses that i need to pay currently. The experience i had in the past with an amazing online outweighs the current problems they are having, so i would recommend giving them a bit more time to figure out their issues and then signing up. I would strongly suggest keeping your old bank account as a backup and keep a small reserve fund in case they have issues in the future.

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jonno292's Profile Image

Reviewed by jonno292

Sep 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stick with your old bank, simple.

Opened an account because I liked the feature to send personal checks. One to my friend went alright after the first check sent and disappeared out of my transactions list and ended up sending two so I was refunded one. Then I tried sending a check to my college for tuition and they never posted it to my student account and now I'm waiting for a response to get a refund on my check that has found a black hole here on earth.

Not very satisfied. Now that I think of it, I would rather have a correct numerical balance on my account rather than a nice looking app and falsely led customer service. They've definitely got some tuning up to do and I'm not going to count on it being anytime soon.

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fonzzi's Profile Image

Reviewed by fonzzi

Sep 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful Experience, Terrible Support, Stay Away

The worst banking experience I can even imagine. I opened an account back in the beginning of August and have yet to receive a card from them. Without a card I have zero access to the funds in the account. I contacted support after about a week and was told, "There was an issue and we are FedEx overnight shipping the card". After another week passed I was told, "There was an issue and it will be resolved shortly". Over a month later, still no card. I have contacted support numerous times and have been continually told, "We are working on the issue, but do not have a time frame for delivery". It's pathetic. The only alternative they give me is to transfer the funds back into my original bank account if I want access to them. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

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benjaminmeyer2013's Profile Image

Reviewed by benjaminmeyer2013

Sep 3rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

It really is just simple.

It's fantastic how the goals, payments, and when-to-work work together to give you a fantastic outlook of how much money you have and what you will need. It makes managing your cash flow so much easier! Also, the mobile app and website allow you to interact with your transactions at a much more meaningful level. You can mark a transaction as a friends night out and see all the related transactions, or for a specific trip or event and make it easier to find later on. Receipts can be attached, either a photo or document, to the transaction in case you ever need them.

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SNEAKR's Profile Image

Reviewed by SNEAKR

Sep 3rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

best baking experience

Simple to is simply Best baking experience ever. The app is indispensable, the service and support is priceless. I'm almost hesitant to share because I don't want it to be ruined in someway by others. It's rare and amazing and I want it to stay that way.

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rpbreault's Profile Image

Reviewed by rpbreault

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Wow what a terrible turn for the worst

First, I have written 4 reviews in my whole life, so I only write when I have conviction for something that I love or gives me great grief. I started off banking with Simple about two or three months ago and loved it. After this last update to their server, it has been one of the most challenging experiences that I have ever endured. It started with double postings in my spending log, at times it would give me inaccurate balances. Following this came the worst part....NOT MAKING PAYMENTS. I attempted to pay a credit card and send a check 3 times with no luck. After I let them know of my displeasure they gave me alternatives, including going through another bank?!? I thought their motto was that they wanted to replace my bank? After starting to migrate to another bank, I cancelled all scheduled payments through Simple. The real kicker is...yesterday they sent out a payment to my credit card and it wasn't scheduled. Customer service went south too, it takes on average 3 days to hear back from them and they will do whatever it takes to not get on the phone with you. I highly recommend avoiding this bank.

Another funny thing, they created a nice new shiny app to go along with their bank while these problems were unfolding. My suggestion, make sure you operate smoothly and manage transactions before trying to impress people with slick apps.

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taraelizbth's Profile Image

Reviewed by taraelizbth

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simply Stay Away

I was really interested by this bank but it has become nothing but a nightmare recently. I work outside of the country so an online bank is exactly what I needed. The problems started in the beginning of August. I went to the US to visit my family and sent some money to my simple account. At that time they updated their systems and I was one of the unlucky ones whose card did not come back online, leaving me stranded with no money at all (and this was my only bank) Customer services solution for me was to find another form of payments until they could fix the card (impossible they had all my money!)

Then it was finally fixed..but all payments started posting double to my account. Also the money keeps dissapearing. Currently my account is showing I'm in the negative but i should have over $100.

Another issue that is a little unique to my situation is I dont have a cell phone number but all things you try to do on your account need to be verified through a 4 digit pin sent to your phone. I can't send money or even change any settings on my account. Basically my money is held hostage right now by Simple. Customer service has also been very slow at responses lately.

The bank has potential but it just isnt there yet. Proceed with caution!

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spinoza21's Profile Image

Reviewed by spinoza21

Aug 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My experience with simple started out simply enough. I wasn't happy with my old bank and the idea of having a completely virtual bank sounded appealing. I slowly migrated to simple (being a little gun-shy on no longer having a check book) and finally switched over completely about two months ago. Everything was running fine until suddenly i received a notice that simple would be down for an evening (including atm usage). I figured that was strange for a bank, but thought nothing of it. I'm not sure if it was causal, but immediately afterwards is when my experience with simple fell apart. I had two scheduled payments that were suddenly never sent. Customer support at simple suggested that i find another way to pay my bills. Having *just* closed my old bank account i had to get money orders and deal with the hassle of mailing checks while traveling overseas. Furthermore, the contacts were completely dropped from my account and when the next payment cycle came up again the payments were never sent. The technical issues have now dragged into a second month and despite the warm communication from the customer service team, no end appears in sight. What is the point of having a bank that you can't rely on? What a shame.

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nicholasj18's Profile Image

Reviewed by nicholasj18

Aug 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Replace your Bank! Think again!

I have had Simple for about three months. Their banks solutions aren't impressive but they are simple and it works. Lately I have been declined at stores and online even when I have money in my account. I tried calling but they direct you to their online system which tells you to wait. It has been seven days and I can't use my card. I'm glad I didn't jump ship completely and after this debacle I will be closing my account. The fact that they are overwhelmed by this is appalling. I would rather pay fees then not have access. This problem should never be considered ok.

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Laurengirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by Laurengirl

Aug 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Can't even call it a bank, a bank wouldn't allow such issues

I was lured in by the flashy advertising. I'll admit it. But this is the crappiest bank ever. I would hesitate to even call it such, most banks wouldn't allow the kinds of issues that I and many other customers have experienced. Since their recent "upgrade", I have not had one successful transaction. This was three weeks ago. Nearly a month. I can't receive money, I can't transfer money out, my account tells me I have no money when I do, it's ridiculous. Every time I've tried to do something, anything, I've had to call customer service, which tells me EVERY TIME that they've never seen this before and will have to get their "engineers" working on it. Bull. I have to wait for a final direct deposit from my employer and then I'm out. Be warned.

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edmoon's Profile Image

Reviewed by edmoon

Aug 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Missed payment, can't make payments.

Ever since they updated the system things have all gone wrong. Slow to respond to to customer mail about problems. This was once a SIMPLE way of banking and I liked it. Looks like they sold it to some Mega Bank, so who knows what the future holds.

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dannyle's Profile Image

Reviewed by dannyle

Aug 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simple Banking, still having residual issues after outage

Understaffed, therefore all communication after outage MUST be done via web/msg. Cannot call and talk to a rep

Long response time once a rep has been assigned to you via web/msg

Spoke to rep about duplicate transactions on my account. Rep informed me that its possibly a fraud issue and locked down my card, hence I have no access to my money. Weird, since the company has been publicly stating this known issue for their customers.

Hold is placed on card EVERY time I purchase gas. I have to wait a couple of hours until hold is cleared in order to use my debit card.

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Jmh1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jmh1234

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible customer service

When I signed up for simple I thought their customer service was supposed to be their selling point. I've been trying to get my card unfrozen for TWO days. I've had to endure extremely long wait times on the phone only to be told that they can't resolve my issue until their 'colleague' returns.

All of my service chats through the app have gone unanswered.

They've treated me like garbage and I'm canceling my account.

I would wholeheartedly warn anyone thinking of switching to simple to reconsider.

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rebelfag68's Profile Image

Reviewed by rebelfag68

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Not really very simple

duplicate transactions, impossible to get a hold of a person, messages left on website go unanswered.

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cccustomer's Profile Image

Reviewed by cccustomer

Aug 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Make sure to double check account balances

After their scheduled maintenance, accounts began duplicating transactions. I alerted Simple to this to which they said the duplicate transactions didn't affect your balance. I went back to the last month's ending balance and wrote down all transactions by hand and calculated the amounts. I was INDEED DOUBLE CHARGED. My true balance was higher by the exact amounts of the duplicated transactions.

If you are a current customer, make sure to DOUBLE CHECK YOU BALANCES! They did not actually review my account when I brought this to their attention but instead gave me the exact answer that is on status.simple.com. This is nerve wracking and makes me weary about leaving my money with this bank.

I gave them an extra star only because, yes, their reps are nice. Now, figuring that they did not actually fix my account nor take the time to review the balances, I wouldn't say that is good customer service.

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ihatesimple's Profile Image

Reviewed by ihatesimple

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Anything but Simple

Wish I could give zero stars. They are always promising that their latest improvement will make everything all better. Never happens. Do not bank with SIMPLE unless you want the most unpleasant experience ever.

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PapaDocta's Profile Image

Reviewed by PapaDocta

Aug 13th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best Online Banking

this name didn't came from nothing.. it's best bank i have dealt in years.. friendly staff and excellent CS.

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Aproc86's Profile Image

Reviewed by Aproc86

Aug 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great bank, great technology

The bank is all the name applies, simple. The smart phone app will accurately show your money, and what you spend it on. You can easily categorize the purchases and the search feature is great. Yes trying to deposit a check via phone does take a while, good news is that they accept direct deposits. I hardly ever write a check so I am not bothered that this bank does not offer checks. I find them to be a waste of paper. Very easy to transfer money to external account also Simple users. They do have a LOT of atm's that you can pull money out of without a fee as well. Best part is when you call them, they help you. They are US based and are always cheerful. I can not tell you how man countless hours I have spent on the phone with BOA and other large company who in speaking to them you sometimes think that a conversation with a pet or wall might be more productive use of your time. The thing to keep in mind is that its not if something goes wrong but when, and what is your bank going to do to take care of you. This is what keeps me a simple customer versus wanting to bank with other large banks.

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AnthonyCorbin's Profile Image

Reviewed by AnthonyCorbin

Aug 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

A Bank I Actually Like

Simple's customer support is the best customer server I have ever experienced. The mobile app is easy to use (android). Using goals has helped me save quite a bit of money by tricking me to think I'm broke.

Down side is the lack of investing options.

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btrac18's Profile Image

Reviewed by btrac18

Aug 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Banking should be this Simple!

Simple has the perfect name, they make my banking extremely simple. The customer service is incredible, the app on Android gets better and better every few months and it has made my life easier. I use to stress about money, it gave me anxiety because I always had a difficult time logging into my accounts online and trying to find out my balance. But all the banks I worked with never showed my most current balance. Then come the over draft fees. With simple I don't have to do any of that crap. I see what I spent right away!! Which has put me at ease!

I absolutely love simple and would recommend it for anyone that is frustrated with the banking system!

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nobojangles's Profile Image

Reviewed by nobojangles

Aug 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Simple is Genius

I first heard about Simple while reading a blog post in 2011 from J. Reich, Simple CEO. There is one quote that stuck out in my mind: "Simple replaces your bank, but we are not a bank." I think a lot of people don't understand simples mission. Simple is not attempting to be the next CitiBank or place where you buy bonds/CDs/invest, they are trying to improve the banking experience and they have succeeded tremendously. For someone to pursue the idea of interrupting the banking industry is very bold. Banks are giants in this day and age, it is very difficult for any newcomers to even stake a place on the map. The maturity of Simple is something I'm very pleased with as they are only a few years old. It has never been so easy to reach customer service if I had a problem. They post a lot of information online about how to best interface with the system. They are not a bank and I think a lot of people forget that when complaining about time limits and investments etc. They have focused on the most important thing for a customer and that is you. I wish all banks could learn from Simple, the world would be a better place.

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noahwa's Profile Image

Reviewed by noahwa

Jul 24th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Don't expect to have easy access to your money

We wired proceeds from a house into a new Simple account. Here is my first 7 days trying to get my money to use.

Day 1: Wired funds do not show up in my account. According to Simple customer service, it has shown up in their "partner bank", but it will not show up in Simple's account until the NEXT DAY. Which kind of defeats the purpose of wired funds, doesn't it? We set up an external account transfer to another bank, which they limit to $5,000.00 for the entire first 30 days of your account, apparently. Simple says the transfer will show up on Monday. We also "mail a check" to ourselves for $5,0000.00 on 7/20. Simple says it will be delivered by 7/24, Thursday.

Day 2-3: weekend

Day 4: The transfer does not occur. Our fault, actually because we sent it to an account that wouldn't accept personal names. However, Simple does not notify us that this does not occur. We find out later after we have written checks which have cleared and are getting NSF charges. Customer service will not reimburse any NSF charges and is happy to close the account. They make zero attempt at trying to retain you or being accountable for your awful experience. They send me a message letting me know I can always "transfer all the money to another external account." But when I bring up the $5k limit, they say, "oh yeah. But you can mail yourself a check". Yes, I want to mail myself a check that will take over a week and then take a check to another bank who will promptly put a 10-day hold on it. Brilliant idea, Simple!!!

Day 5-6: Try and transfer $5k out but am prohibited as the max is $5k/month for ALL EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. I am stuck either having to "mail myself a check" which takes 5 business days, or using the debit card for an ATM, which just arrived today finally.

Day 7: The check I set up on Friday 7/20 has not arrived it is now 7/24. Apparently this takes 6 business days to get your check. I have sent a message to them, but not holding my breath.

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