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Reviewed By compSciSenior Nov 1, 2013

Enjoyable for the young adult

I am a Senior in an undergrad Computer Science program. Therefore, I am tech-y and young, kind of the key market for this bank.

The app is wonderful. My parents bank with a larger bank and they have a similar app, but I looked into it and it still reeked of old world trying to be 'hip. They took their current clunky online banking solution and painted it up to look 'hip', but it just was still terrible.

Simple's app is both beautiful, responsive and to the point. Whenever I had to bank mobile on my old bank account (which I still have and hate), the app was slow and I had to type in my full password, it took four or five clicks just to see my balance! With Simple, I open the app, punch in a four digit number (Not your PIN number obviously!) and it is there, bam. It took 10 seconds.

I haven't gotten to the best part! The goals! I love the goals. I am always telling myself "Oh, I need to save for this. No I can't, the money is for this." With Simple, you create a goal, set the amount and the time (or not if you just want a pot to transfer money into at will) and it will set that money aside. That money will still exist, but it will not be "Safe-to-Spend" and as a result, won't show on the app (which is one of my few complaints. The app doesn't show your 'real' avaliable balance, only your safe-to-spend)

Anyway. If you are looking for a clean and intuitive banking solution: try Simple. It may do what you need without overcomplicating things like many banks do.

The few things I do not like:
- Paying traditional bills is next-to-impossible. Yes, there is a 'Send Check' feature, but I am still weary about it.
- Occasionally, if you get gas, you will get a massive hold. Send them a message and they will fix it quite quickly.
- Some places are misclassified, not a big deal.

Fantastic customer service, fantastic app, everything makes sense, simple and doesn't over complicate their app and website with ads and other non-sense.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By mortramalt@gmail.com Oct 11, 2014

Significantly Degraded Experience Since Acquisition

I was an early simple adopter and loved it, and have used it as my primary checking account. But since they were acquired this year and have been transitioning their operations, i have had terrible problems with my account and the website that a bank should never have. My scheduled payments disappear or do not display (you never know which). My available balance is incorrectly reported.

A check for over $1,000 was returned by the post office and simple never notified me or credited the money back to my account (until i called them to ask what was up). Their customer service is good but without a reliable banking experience, sadly i have to leave it. Too bad because they still have the best online banking interface, although other banks like chase have begun to catch up.

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Latest Simple Reviews

  • F
    Reviewed By fujioshi May 10, 2016

    Do not get scammed by this bank

    Don't get scammed by this "bank"
    Simple Bank owned by Spanish banker BBVA, and backed by Bancorp is a bunch of thieves. They have stolen $736 from my mother and countless amounts from others. They won't talk anymore falsely claiming she deposited and cashed the check when they returned it. They stole her money and think I'll shut up about it, FUCK YOU!

    BBB complaints (Unresolved): "Once I verified my external account I proceeded to deposit $2500 into my Simple account. A few days later I was locked out of my account because they needed more verification. I sent in all requested material including 2 bank statements .......... Simple informed me that for some reason they could not return my money or close the account."

    BBB complaint (Unresolved): " I had been a Simple customer for almost a year, and had never had any issues with them. Until February 8th... On February 8th I go to use my debit card and it's declined, I was confused because there was over $1000.00 in the account, it shouldn't have been declined.......On February 10th, my Federal Tax Refund was deposited into my simple account, over $6,000. I called simple because obviously at this point I'm extremely irritated that I can't access MY money.......so once again, I am still sitting on this money because Simple can't do an easy thing such as conform the funds are there to my current bank."

    BBB Complaints (Unresolved): Opened acct, they freeze funds - apparently a common issue with this company per online reviews - saying need id documents. Submit documents, they do not get back to me. Then say documents not in color and need pdf's from bank. They refuse to close account and refund my $300. And there's more, check out the link, check out the unresolved complaints issues. They are stealing people's money. They are then refusing to respond to them and when asked what to do next they say they can't talk anymore. They are thieves, scammers, etc. They may have once been good but they're no better than a standard bank now

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    Reviewed By Sobbe May 5, 2016

    Simply the best bank ever.

    The Simple app has by far the best app I have ever used for a bank. It helps you budget, set goals and really see where you're money is being spent. On top of that they have the best customer service. One time at 5am I used my card at a gas station. I had about $80 in my account but the gas station put a hold of $100 on my card. (This happens no matter what debit card you use.) I called simple and they put $100 into my account to help me out until the gas station took the hold off. Saved the day!

    I've had Santander, Citizens, Citi, Bank of America, Suntrust, American Express Serve, TD bank and Wells Fargo. Not a single one of these banks even comes close to being as good as Simple.

    Seriously, I was skeptical when signing up for Simple so I opened my account with only $10 just to try it. After a year now I will never go back to a traditional bank. Simple is free, give it a shot.

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  • W
    Reviewed By WMG May 1, 2016

    Experience varies

    I have had mixed results with Simple. What it does, it does well. But where it falls short, it makes it almost not worth using.

    The good: no issues at all with direct deposit, or transfering money in and out to external accounts. It works quickly and so far, flawlessly. I have made only one check deposit via their app, and it also worked as advertised.

    While the bank cannot be used to get your own checks printed, they will mail a check for you on your behalf, at no cost (not even for postage...and to be honest, I'd pay the postage).

    The bad: mailing in deposits takes way too long for processing to start. The USPS delivers just about all mail in a 1-3 day window. Yet, Simple keeps on telling me it can take "up to two or three weeks" for mail to arrive there. Uh, no, sorry. I deal in enough mail volume to know this is completely untrue. The occasional misplaced first class letter or package (out of dozens), sure, there can be a problem. But the rest all arrive here for the most part in 2-3 days, or overnight if local. The deposits go to a post office box. There is no telling how long the mail sits there before someone picks up the mail. And if I am not mistaken, per federal banking regulations, deposits must be processed immediately upon receipt.

    Their processing time for foreign checks is also longer than with other banks. The way foreign banking works, they have to clear it through the original bank first, and will put a hold on your funds for 45 days. Other banks locally can do this with only a 30 day hold at most. Seeing that my foreign payments are a significant source of income (where they won't pay through wire transfers), having their alleged USPS delay plus the 45 day hold means it takes over 60 days for me to receive my funds.

    They're a good concept, but I'm tired of them blaming the USPS for their own tardy handling of incoming mail deposits.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mariesmith Apr 17, 2016

    Great if you don't have a problem. Horrible if you do.

    This whole experience is great until you have a problem. I had a chargeback on my account and thus far, the rep lied to me about the system, then when I ask for direct answers he finally told me they don't issue credits immediately. Then he keep telling me to contact a vendor that didn't have any contact information as if I'm stupid enough not to know how to contact a vendor. Horrible...terrible customer service.

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  • J
    Reviewed By johnsfer Apr 13, 2016

    Closed my account for having payments come in from wires...

    I suggest you stay away from this online bank if you get paid by wires... After nearly 3 years, I have been paid by people I work for around the country and Canada and after i wrote them about who one of my most recent wires was from (because they don't list who), they asked what my wire came from... After I told them, they told me that my account was going to be closed and that I needed to find another bank for my "business" account. Huh? This isn't my business account, I use it for personal and never pay other businesses. Anyway, stay away! Awful customer support too... Three different customer support agents told me that I was in jeopardy of losing my account, then one told me I was fine because it was income, and then the last one, told me my account was closed. All three of them told me something different within a 3 day time period! STAY AWAY!

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  • C
    Reviewed By Currydrive Apr 6, 2016

    Very Powerful Tool to Take Charge of your Finances.

    I notice that the other reviews are old. I'd like to let you know that today, Simple is an amazing banking experience. I recommend them 100%.

    Since joining Simple, I no longer carry a credit card balance and I am setting aside money for future expenses I know will be coming up down the road and unexpected expenses too. Their program makes it very easy and fun watching my savings grow. I am terrible at even simple budgeting; thankfully, Simple does it all for me.

    Their Customer Service is extremely personal. They just talk with you as a friend would. They don't sound scripted. It seems that they just hire personable people who enjoy helping. I always feel good after talking with one of them. Great follow-up as well.

    I tell many people I come in contact with how great Simple bank is. Maybe Simple growing pains in the beginning; which wasn't my experience. I do know Simple is an exceptional bank that exceeds my expectations.

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  • D
    Reviewed By daisy1965 Mar 28, 2016

    Closed account without explanation

    I had an account here where my account was blocked when I had money inside.I called customer service to unblock it and she took a long time to get it fixed and instead told me she will call me back but she never did to get it fixed. No use having this bank, it's not a reliable bank at all. They don't have explanation and keeps saying they're working on getting it fixed but the next day closed the account without explanation even if money is being deposited for the next day. Now I have no idea where the rest of the money is.I really needed the money that was in my account for bills and they blocked it then closed it with no explanation. Very unreliable, distressful, and disappointing for those whose got closed without any reason and bad customer service. No letter, no nothing. Just got closed out of nowhere.

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  • P
    Reviewed By pgarcia7 Mar 20, 2016

    Easy banking experience. Beautiful banking app.

    I really like Simple for it's goals feature and how prompt and friendly their employees are. Simple is more geared towards a person that doesn't need the traditional ways of normal banking. There aren't checks that you receive but all of my bills I can pay online. I like personalizing my purchases so I can really focus on where my spending comes from that is quick and easy. They're a young company so there's some growing pains but they're willingness to be better and care for their customers is a main reason I bank with them.

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  • M
    Reviewed By Moriarty Mar 2, 2016

    Never going back to regular banking!

    The customer service is impeccable- they're always SO friendly and responsive! I appreciate the lack of fees immensely, and the website is clean and useful. The "goals" you can make are an excellent idea as well! I cannot recommend Simple enough, they have a lifelong customer here. :)

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  • B
    Reviewed By benjamincharity Mar 2, 2016

    Bounds ahead of the competition

    I'm astounded by the negative reviews I have read here as I have been using Simple for several years and honestly have not one negative thing to say.

    I've been a Simple member since they were unopened to the full public. I have only had to deal with customer support a handful of times, but each time the response came so quickly it was astounding. Quick, happy, knowledgable employees.

    I even dealt with fraud when my card got skimmed at the LAX airport and Simple had my money back to me almost instantly. If a company can take care of me and make me feel protected, even in my most stressful moments (seeing 8k fly out of your account), then they have my business.

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