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Simple Customer Review

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teh_chase's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by teh_chase

Feb 23rd 2013

Love the product, Love the Service more

I've been looking for a banking tool like this for ages, and I can't express how happy I am with the free structure (free) and transparency into how that works (the float as compared to Mint's ad supported model).

The iOS app is amazing, everything has been great so far. Had a few questions and called customer support today and spoke to Ryan in Portland and he was able to both help me with my questions and explain the whys and hows behind what is currently available and what is coming down the pipe. Never in my life have I had an API conversation with a financial services representative. I'm very impressed - no complaints here.

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Other Simple Reviews

taraelizbth's Profile Image

Reviewed by taraelizbth

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simply Stay Away

I was really interested by this bank but it has become nothing but a nightmare recently. I work outside of the country so an online bank is exactly what I needed. The problems started in the beginning of August. I went to the US to visit my family and sent some money to my simple account. At that time they updated their systems and I was one of the unlucky ones whose card did not come back online, leaving me stranded with no money at all (and this was my only bank) Customer services solution for me was to find another form of payments until they could fix the card (impossible they had all my money!)

Then it was finally fixed..but all payments started posting double to my account. Also the money keeps dissapearing. Currently my account is showing I'm in the negative but i should have over $100.

Another issue that is a little unique to my situation is I dont have a cell phone number but all things you try to do on your account need to be verified through a 4 digit pin sent to your phone. I can't send money or even change any settings on my account. Basically my money is held hostage right now by Simple. Customer service has also been very slow at responses lately.

The bank has potential but it just isnt there yet. Proceed with caution!

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rpbreault's Profile Image

Reviewed by rpbreault

Aug 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Wow what a terrible turn for the worst

First, I have written 4 reviews in my whole life, so I only write when I have conviction for something that I love or gives me great grief. I started off banking with Simple about two or three months ago and loved it. After this last update to their server, it has been one of the most challenging experiences that I have ever endured. It started with double postings in my spending log, at times it would give me inaccurate balances. Following this came the worst part....NOT MAKING PAYMENTS. I attempted to pay a credit card and send a check 3 times with no luck. After I let them know of my displeasure they gave me alternatives, including going through another bank?!? I thought their motto was that they wanted to replace my bank? After starting to migrate to another bank, I cancelled all scheduled payments through Simple. The real kicker is...yesterday they sent out a payment to my credit card and it wasn't scheduled. Customer service went south too, it takes on average 3 days to hear back from them and they will do whatever it takes to not get on the phone with you. I highly recommend avoiding this bank.

Another funny thing, they created a nice new shiny app to go along with their bank while these problems were unfolding. My suggestion, make sure you operate smoothly and manage transactions before trying to impress people with slick apps.

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