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Stockman Bank of Montana Customer Review

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Jessica C's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Jessica C

Jun 18th 2012

Continually Disappointed and Dissatisfied

We have been banking at Stockman for quite a while now, and it's been repeatedly frustrating and disappointing. Their "Customer Service Rep" is far from able to handle customer service - she's rude, she's mean, and she's basically useless.

They don't follow their own policies consistently, and have even NSF'd me for a $21.09 check with over $500 in the bank. (To be exact, they NSF'd the same check twice on the same day, then refused for over a week to credit that back - and still haven't, they just keep bouncing us from person to person. Those two NSF charges resulted in 2 other overdraft charges in the following week.)

This is far from the first problem we've had with them - and their overdraft protection? Don't bother signing up for it, because they won't use it anyhow. I would run screaming the other direction before opening a new account with them; we're changing this week.

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legalmarket's Profile Image

Reviewed by legalmarket

Apr 24th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

I Enjoy The Personal Attention That Both The Downtown And 10Th Ave S Branch Driveups Give, However The Nw Bypass Branch Driveup Is A Real Joke, The Girls Are Rude, And Several Times I Have Seen Them Reading Magazines, And Just Being Plain Rude To Me.

Tired of all the rude comments, and being told that i will be charged extra for little things like making a copy of a check, and told that there will be a. 10 charge for every check coppied, and that it is policy. However as i have looked online, and in all copies of info provided, this seems to be false, there is noting to be found on this, and when i asked why i would be charged, i am told because it takes up the drivethroughs time to walk over and make a copy, however i guess there time is better spent setting and looking at magazine articals.

Wow! I thought i was the reason you worked there. And if you simply do not have time to walk over and make a copy of my check i am depositing, as a free courtesy because your branch does not offer it like others, well then i guess you have no time, to keep my 2 business accounts, or my husbands and my personal accounts.

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