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Sunflower Bank, National Association Customer Review

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Cutandcurl's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Cutandcurl

Feb 22nd 2013


Went in to get a loan for home improvement. Was told we could refinance for a 2.6% interest and have our loan rolled into it. Filled out paper work. Loan officer was very impressed with our credit history, said everything should go easily. One day before closing on the refi, we were told our appraisal didn't come in. Reset closing. The day before the next closing date were told we couldn't close because appraisal came in too low. Then all of a sudden my husband's pay with his traveling job wasn't good enough because they couldn't use his mileage income. Would have been nice to know this at the beginning instead of stringing us along for four months!!! Will NEVER do business with this bank again.

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Other Sunflower Bank, National Association Reviews

mls4846's Profile Image

Reviewed by mls4846

Sep 24th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Don't try to spend money on a Sunday!

Until this weekend we were happy with our Sunflower Bank experience. We have a Checking, Savings and auto loan with our local branch.

However, this past weekend we went out of town and our card was declined due to my trying to use it out of town and for amounts which exceed my "normal" spending amounts. The card was flagged for fraudulent use. I was embarrassed and left with no options as the bank does not have any customer service representatives available in the evenings or on Sundays! Really? It's 2013 and people do shop on Sunday.

Kudos to them for protecting my account from ME! I do understand that being able to bank local is a good thing but not having the ability to solve these types of issues "after hours" IS a huge issue.

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m0pfano1's Profile Image

Reviewed by m0pfano1

Jun 27th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Shady bank, don't use. Screw you with fees they delay

Transfer money in twice and days later didn't receive. Spoke to second bank were transfer was done and say it should be overnight transfer and available next day is long as done by deadline 1st day which both times were. Bank says "must have got delayed for unknown reason" which of course each time is a $34.97 withdrawal charge to your account. Intentional con to take your money. Use at your own risk. Would not recommend this bank.

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