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Susquehanna Bank Customer Review

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Meganash's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Meganash

Jul 9th 2012

Terrible, just another number is how I felt.

Obtaining a mortgage and have felt like I am a pawn in a game. I could have and should have switched banks weeks ago. They keep you dangling with false promises.

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CGREEN's Profile Image

Reviewed by CGREEN

Apr 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

All Responsibility And Authority Has Been Abdicated To Their Computers

I have had an account for over 14 years. The problem is they have forgotten what business they are in its the people business! The problem is not the branches, because usually the people are trying to do their jobs, but are hamstrung by the head-office, where all they think about is how much they can make out of their customers, charging extra fees for the slightess discrepancy.

The branch managers have no authority or influence at head office, so whatever they agree with a customer at branch level means nothing, so dont trust this bank!

Example 1. If you want to borrow $100, this bank will automatically place a lien on your house,

Example 2. If you tell them you are not satisfied and you are withdrawing yor money and go to another bank, they will e-mail all other banks about your account (one of my relatives was just told after she was $1.78 short on her payment for which she was charged $35!).

This demonstrates their greed, no matter the circumstances, and to hell with the customers

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crosenheim's Profile Image

Reviewed by crosenheim

Apr 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Could lack of customer service and change in personnel indicate a problem with management

Why is this bank losing it's long term employees over the past two years? It's customer service has gone down the tube. After being a customer for 35 years, I saw no need to change banks because of technology when I moved out of state. However the manager at this branch forgets customer service. I moved most of money to national bank and they have been quite compliant with my requests. Tried to stay local but the posture of management has given me every reason to change banks. So I ask upper management why have long term good employees have walked out, fired or left job? Look closely as the answer is right before your eyes.

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