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Susquehanna Bank Customer Review

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Meganash's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Meganash

Jul 9th 2012

Terrible, just another number is how I felt.

Obtaining a mortgage and have felt like I am a pawn in a game. I could have and should have switched banks weeks ago. They keep you dangling with false promises.

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Other Susquehanna Bank Reviews

MikeS05's Profile Image

Reviewed by MikeS05

Jun 12th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

One of the worst experiences ever

I tried to get a USDA loan for which I was preapproved for, had to front $800 for an inspection and appraisal, and was told multiple times that the process was moving along swiftly and there were no issues, then, within two weeks of closing, they told me I was denied. I requested a refund for my appraisal, went through a three week battle to come up empty handed. I went through another lender and within 24 hours was informed that Susquehanna should have told me to wait in order to take care of a few issues, issues I was told by Susquehanna would not be a problem, again, being told multiple times i was approved and my original May 27th closing date was a guarantee . This bank will sugar coat everything, they only want your money and do not care about the customer, they'll defend their faults and lack of propwr knowledge with the USDA loan. Please heed my warning and do not work with the Elizabethtown Susquehanna branch!

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drannette's Profile Image

Reviewed by drannette

May 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Inaccurate credit reporting

Sadly, Susquehanna Bank has incorrectly and inaccurately filed a false mortgage late to the 3 credit bureaus even after all legal and supporting documents were submitted to the banks Vice President, Director of Loan Operations, proving the error was made by Susquehanna Bank and NOT the credit bureaus. The Vice President insists the error was made by the third party credit vendor, when the third party credit vendor has no way of reporting anything to the credit bureaus. The three credit bureaus receive all their information directly from the sources - i.e. Susquehanna Bank. This error and the failure to correct the error has cost us thousands of dollars and the inability to refinance our home.

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