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TCF Bank Customer Review

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mihamih's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mihamih

Jan 9th 2013

Horrible bank. Can't wait to close my account there

First they took advantage of us by charging us $74 in overdraft fees. When we asked that it be waived as we were not interested in their overdraft protection, they told us that there is nothing they can do because we are asking in more than 14 days after the charges were billed. This is nothing but an excuse. One of our transactions was $15. The overdraft charge that it cased was $37.

Then I locked out my account. The first rep I spoke to just unlocked it. Then I ended up locking it again 2 weeks later. I ended up with a different rep who had a completely different standard of what he will be needing to unlock the account. This one wanted the card or account number in addition to the usual social security, etc. verification info. I did not have it with me so he refused to unlock my account. So now great I have to call again later.

I need one more month to transfer all electronic payments out of it and then I can't wait to close the account. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to tell the rep when I'm closing the account that they are truly "!@#$ bank."

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Eris's Profile Image

Reviewed by Eris

May 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Should have heeded the warnings - Well known awful employee Coon Rapids - Cub Foods

I had been warned by 3 separate people to avoid the "B----" at this location. There was only one teller present at the time of my visit, however. When I started speaking to her, her obnoxious attitude set off one or two alarm bells. Ah yes, I'm dealing with Her -- lucky me.

At first I was quite calm while she answered my questions with one word answers - this was extremely frustrating. I have worked in customer service and this woman was like the video they show you on how not to behave if a customer is upset.

I asked her -- as one does -- if her manager was there. "I am the manager" she said. I could not help but laugh as she was clearly not -- a manager would never behave in the way she did. The story changed though when other tellers started to come out, I asked her again a bit louder to clarify that she was indeed the manager, and now she wasn't - the manager was not there. I also could not help but notice her business card said "supervisor." This is an hourly position not even close to manager. If you are curious, check out glassdoor to see just how far a supervisor is from manager. In pay and status. It's quite a distance.

Every single thing out of her mouth was communicated to me in the most high school, nastiest way possible. In the end I flipped her the bird and left. I told her before leaving, "Don't say you're the manager when you aren't, that's lying."

On the phone TCF apologized profusely for her behavior and I filed a formal complaint. It's customer service 101 that you never, ever respond to a customer in such a way that will escalate any sort of irate situation.

This woman has to be someone's daughter or girlfriend because she should not be employed there, if anywhere. Her name is Kayla or Caylee or something - as people warned me, I'm warning you now - if you have to go to a store branch and it has to be this one, steer clear. If you do have an experience, make a formal complaint.

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rtm727's Profile Image

Reviewed by rtm727

Sep 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

How are you not online in 2014?

Besides the annoying long wait times on the phone, always at least 15 minutes. How is it that a bank in 2014 doesn't offer any services online!? I can veiw my account!? wow, thanks. I can't even pay my card online. I had my real bank send them a check through the mail the only way they could and TCF denied it and said that account number for my bank didn't exist! WHAT!? and then tried to cahrge me late fee. I have only had this account for 2 months nad have already had a problem each month.

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