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TCF Bank Customer Review

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SSherman's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by SSherman

Jan 7th 2013

Misleading information for charging fees & False promos

I am like most individuals in the 21st Century; I use online banking daily. With another bank, it is very accurate. So, I decided to open an account with a new bank-TCF only because it was a promo within a grocery store and I saw the commercials "open 7 days a/week"....great (I thought)!

I was shopping and a bank rep approached me & told me we have a $35 promo-if you open the account today. So, I decided to go ahead and open the acct. Well, the promo for a FREE $25 was never given to me. An in-store teller told me they knew anything about the promo. After a couple of weeks, I noticed the money never was credited to my account.

However, the worst part was being assessed $74 in NSF fees ($37 each) for 2 transactions that showed to be in a positive balance on the day the transactions were completed & even today (10 days). The representative at the branch told me to contact customer service because he could not explain why I was assess those fees. The teller at the 800# said that even though on the website, online banking states "current balance including pending transactions" is stated with a date and time stamp, it really isn't the most accurate information. She stated the most accurate information is the paper ledger. She stated even though I used the pin for a POS transaction which is suppose to deduct that amount immediately and post to my balance, that and a credit transaction would only be paid after a "PENDING" transaction. I clarified this statement, a pending transaction would supercede a post transaction? She stated yes. I never heard of a posted transaction, which is usually a settled/closed transaction, being paid after a "pending".

However, at the time those transactions were done and today with a print out, I was in the POSITIVE and yet, I was assessed $74. She said she would credit me $15 of the $74 and send me a ledger with the terms and conditions. I am now going back to my former back as my primary bank !!

Beware- shady stuff with TC

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Other TCF Bank Reviews

dani9755's Profile Image

Reviewed by dani9755

Jul 29th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I want to take all my money out and take it somewhere else

I have had many bank experiences over the last 10 years, one being how I've had to change my checkbooks because of new ownerships. I finally ended up with TCF Bank. I have had some minor issues but they always get resolved. My last banking experience got me to the point where I was telling the employee "I'm taking all my money out and going somewhere else". I was upset because I wanted to activate my new debit card and I had to pay a fee even though it was at a ATM at a TCF Bank. I went through the ATM and it used to be where you had that option "activate". No longer there, so I just pushed a button, maybe show my balances, not even sure, I never use the ATM> I went to the desk just to find out if I was activated and found out that I was, but it "only" cost me $1.50. Okay, yes, only $1.50, but the fact was I went to a TCF bank exclusively so that I could activate for free. I was so pissed off and I wanted to take all my money out and take it somewhere else, based on principle. I didn't. A couple of days later, the TCF banking manager called me personally and reassured me that the fee would be taken off. I wish I would have asked for him sooner. I only started going to this branch because of this manager. He is such an asset to this industry, I can't even say enough! We need more people like this! He took care of my "1.50" and as ridiculous as it sounds, my $1.50 was important enough for him to make the call and deem me enough as a valued customer. So rare in this time and age. Thank you TCF

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Bstanifer's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bstanifer

Jul 27th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great bank to be with

This bank is fast and has great customer service

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