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TCF Bank Customer Review

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Stacierodder22's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Stacierodder22

Nov 5th 2011

One of the Best Banks ive ever banked with!

The Tellers are always friendly! Ive never day issues! The new daily overdraft fee a lot of people don't know is actually to benefit most! If u think about it most people have multiple ways of accessing their account. If you overdraft it you normally now within the day that you did. So instead of charging people for $35.00 an item times 5 transactions they charge u 1 $28.00 dollar fee. Now even if u only overdraft by one item that is still over then the $35.00 dollar fee. So all the bank is asking u to do is checks your account on a regular basis. Doesn't seem that hard right? On top of that there are many ways to avoid getting those fees in the first place! More basic knowledge don't spend more then u have and your fine, common sense right. So for all those people that complain about overdraft fees use your brain and ive found out that as long as your not screaming at people they are willing to help u if their is a mistake on your account! So if everyone just uses their brain once in a while u should have no issue right. Again common sense!

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Chelinra's Profile Image

Reviewed by Chelinra

Apr 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Outrageous fees, and impossible to reach a live human via phone

I opened an account several years ago in order to have the convenience of a local bank, as my primary bank is based in Texas (USAA). I was told at the time that due to the status of my account, I would not be charged fees regardless of how much was in my account or how often I made transactions. This held true until two months ago when TCF began taking $10 out for my inactivity. I attempted to call TCF to figure out what the heck is going on, and it turns out that the local number rings and rings and is never answered, while the 800 number is purely automated no matter what button you press. As a result, I will be going in person to express my angst, and I will be discontinuing business with this bank. When you only have $80 in your account, $10 a month in fees is absolutely ludicrous.

I never received any letter or email indicating that there would be a change to my status, so I really don't know what the deal is. My husband left TCF a couple years ago when they pulled a similar stunt with his account due to his not making the allotted amount of transactions per month. At that time his account was far more active than mine had ever been, and yet I was not penalized until just this past February.

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ShakeTheMoneyMaker's Profile Image

Reviewed by ShakeTheMoneyMaker

Apr 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Is this kind of graft really legal, now?

I thought it might interest you to see William A. Cooper, CEO of TCF Financial Corporation's 2013 winnings playing the multiple $37 bounce fee game, denying that the "available" daily online balance you can view online as a customer, is not the one they base your "available" balance on...They do this by denying that the "available" online balance that you see does not reflect your actual available balance. I'm not referring to the ledger which also shows that you were in the black, I'm referring to the number in the upper left corner of your online ledger called "available" balance.

They simply deny that the funds were actually available.

Once the bounce fees start piling up, they can make a 2 - 3 hundred dollar killing in a matter of days, since the "available" daily balance isn't something the customer can go back and retrieve. You'd be wise to do a print screen of your daily "available" balance, daily! Without it, it's your word against theirs as to when YOUR funds, deposited into YOUR account were available.

Nice hustle, Mr. Cooper...

Oh, right, Mr. Cooper...Here's his graft winnings from 2013:

TCF Financial Corporation

CEO William A. Cooper - Compensation for 2013

Salary $1,500,000

All other compensation $276,337

Non-equity incentive plan compensation $3,000,000

Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $5,681

Total Compensation $4,782,018

Options Exercised for 2013

Number of securities underlying options exercisable 800,000

Stock Ownership for 2014

Number of shares owned 1,139,681

Nice, huh?

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