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TCF Bank Customer Review

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Stacierodder22's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Stacierodder22

Nov 5th 2011

One of the Best Banks ive ever banked with!

The Tellers are always friendly! Ive never day issues! The new daily overdraft fee a lot of people don't know is actually to benefit most! If u think about it most people have multiple ways of accessing their account. If you overdraft it you normally now within the day that you did. So instead of charging people for $35.00 an item times 5 transactions they charge u 1 $28.00 dollar fee. Now even if u only overdraft by one item that is still over then the $35.00 dollar fee. So all the bank is asking u to do is checks your account on a regular basis. Doesn't seem that hard right? On top of that there are many ways to avoid getting those fees in the first place! More basic knowledge don't spend more then u have and your fine, common sense right. So for all those people that complain about overdraft fees use your brain and ive found out that as long as your not screaming at people they are willing to help u if their is a mistake on your account! So if everyone just uses their brain once in a while u should have no issue right. Again common sense!

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Other TCF Bank Reviews

CharlesRathmann's Profile Image

Reviewed by CharlesRathmann

May 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Predatory jerks

I was running a small business and set up accounts at TCF because I was getting checks in the door and they were close, making it easy to desposit. As mentioned by others, their overdraft policies are designed to result in fees for even the most responsible people.

We then made the mistake of refinancing our home with TCF. They hit us with a balloon loan (this was at the height of the financial crisis), but we figured we would refinance before the interest rate increased. Unfortunately, they stuck a clause into the deal saying we had to pay a penalty if we paid it off before the full term of the loan. So we had to eat that.

More recently, I went back to close a few accounts I had left inactive, and found they were almost drained with an inactive account fee they added. Compounded over time, they stole thousands of dollars from my accounts with monthly fees just for having money in the bank.

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jgdinger's Profile Image

Reviewed by jgdinger

May 19th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Hijacking your deposits

When it really counts - like trying to buy a house, TCF fails miserably in every way imaginable. I transferred a large amount from another bank into TCF, and they hijacked that deposit for the full 9 days. I called to ask what was up and they blamed it on the other bank. So then I got my other bank on the phone, verified that the funds had been RELEASED by them, and we conferenced called TCF, who then made an about-face and admitted that they just couldn't make the funds available to me yet, even acknowledging that they lied initially. Now fast forward, and I need to make a wire transfer out of TCF to the mortgage underwriter. I called two times in the week leading up to the closing date to verify how the wire transfer works, and how long I will need. They ASSURED me that as long as I completed the paperwork in the branch before 2PM, it would be all cleared by noon the next day. Now it's the next day and the wire hasn't cleared yet. I call them and ask again what's up. "Well since it is a large amount there are extra steps to verify, I can assure you it will clear by 3PM". Hold up. 3PM?!? YOU JUST TOLD ME NOON!!!!

The second I close on my house, the very first thing I'm looking forward to is closing my TCF accounts forever. Avoid this garbage institution at all costs or you'll regret it when it matters most.

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