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TCF Bank Customer Review

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xxyz's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by xxyz

Apr 2nd 2012

bad bad s##t

My advise DON'T OPEN ANY ACCOUNT in this "bank".They are CHEATERS.They will say you system error and will charge you overdraft fees and balance return fee.If you will call them EVERY DAY mabe they will return fees after 1 and a half months.If you won't call them You will be lucky after 2-3 mo.It happened to me 2 times in 6 mo.Online banking is the worst as s##t.Every problem you have go to branch and waisting your time.

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Other TCF Bank Reviews

NaturalCJ's Profile Image

Reviewed by NaturalCJ

Jul 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Hidden Fees / Obvious Incompetence

TCF has lost TWO payroll checks that were suppose to be deposited into my account. That problem was bad enough, but what made it worse was their unwillingness or inability to address it. I am a college student trying to save money, working two jobs and TCF (totally careless frauds) gave me a laundry list worth of things to do rather than being apologetic and fixing the problem. DO NOT BANK WITH TCF!

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UofM614's Profile Image

Reviewed by UofM614

Jul 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful to the extreme

On the contrary to Lakeland1, I do not actually overdraft my account when I incur overdraft fees, and I suspect that others experience the same. I have often had the bank hold my deposits for days or even a week after I attempt to put it into the bank (and yes, I do plan for weekends!) until I run out of money. I will overdraft because THEY fail put my money into my account, or alert me that it is for some reason backed up. As soon as I spend money, they put my deposit through, and I have an approximate $37 gone each time because it automatically pays the overdraft that they deceivingly forced upon me. Of course, now, I check to be sure that I have money, but I shouldn't have to. It goes without saying that your deposit should go through the next business at most, if not the same day. I have also had this bank, on a Monday morning, process charges BEFORE deposits, so I have racked overdrafts that way as well. Each time I enter this store, on top of this, the employees positively attack me, trying to get me to open an account although I already have one. I have even been stepped in front of before. The employees are catty and clique-y, most of them being high school and early college students. They will blatantly talk and whisper about you as you approach and as you leave. They are extremely unapproachable when behind the counter. Lastly, each time my mother happens to be with me while we run errands and stop here, they focus more on converting her to TCF than they do serving me, the customer they currently have. I shouldn't have to wave my hand at the banker to draw attention back to the service I need done. Not to mention my mother said she uninterested in their bank or what the teller had to say.

Also on the contrary, I have NEVER had issues with Wells Fargo. They do not badger you, and they are so very quick to admit their own fault, and correct charges, etc. I have had one surprise charge ever, which was removed within the hour.

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