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TCF Bank Customer Review

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Robert W's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Robert W

May 4th 2012


Not very friendly, not cusotmer friendly. Will not accomadate it's customers, seems to be more friendly to blacks. 95% black employees. Will not allow customer to buy a box of coins, pennies, nickels, etc. Told me they don't have the room in their safe to store coins, only for business customers.

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Dhaumersen's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dhaumersen

Jul 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I have never been treated worse at an establishment

I have never been treated this bad in an establishment that calls me a customer the hours online say "9 - 5," nothing else so I decided if I rushed I would be able to bike there before I work. I arrived at 4:30 and they had been closed since 2 I plan to remove all my funds ASAP worst customer service I've ever had. They're tellers have consistently treated me worse than the minimum wage employees at any McDonald's I've ever been to.

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1granny48's Profile Image

Reviewed by 1granny48

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Tellers At Bank

The tellers at the apple valley bank are the rudest, coldest, most unfriendly people i have ever had to deal with! If you ask them a question-they get snippy/rude, have a complaint? They just stand there and stare at you,. No emotions, no response, nothing. Every month i go in to make a deposit-request a balance, write it on the deposit slip, show my id, and still don't get the balance! Have to ask again for the balance. Last time the teller got rude, and still did not put the balance on my receipt! When i said to her that there was no balance listed, she grabbed receipt out of my hand, put it on receipt and threw it across the counter, then said, very sarcastically, have a nice day! I have spoken to the bank manager about this and she just shrugs it off, like no big deal. If we didn't have our mortgage there, i would go somewhere else. Thank goodness we have our checking at a credit union! I scored with 1 star,,,, and that is being generous!!!!!

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