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TD Bank Customer Review

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Bankman's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Bankman

Mar 28th 2012

A Very Bad Experience

Three months ago, td bank called and offered us a good deal to establish a new line of credit. Bad experience from the beginning. Computer systems down, calls not returned, promises unkept. I wish i would have walked away right away. They delayed the process for months, reneged on the promised rate, and blamed everything on the bad housing market. The truth is that they don't know what they are doing... As quietly admitted by some of their employees. My experience occurred at their media, pa office but their back office operation in nj is also a big part of the problem. Stay away if you can. Informer commerce bank customers must really be noticing the change.

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Other TD Bank Reviews

vamorris's Profile Image

Reviewed by vamorris

Dec 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible ATM service

I have banked across the world - and THIS BANK is terrible - even the ATMS don't work - it debited my account and credited it back sure - but it used up my daily cash withdrawal limit- so even if I went to a good bank I couldn't get any more money out - I spent 15 minutes on hold waiting for assistance at 56 cents a minute and they told me there was nothing anyone could do- they have no records of what was going on - I had to talk to my bank and try and get it sorted - DO NOT be fooled - do not bank here If I could I would give them negative stars- but you have to give them one star to post a review

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pnicholasf's Profile Image

Reviewed by pnicholasf

Dec 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

TD Bank: A Wolf in Santa's Clothing !

The way I see it, TD bank is a predatory institution in the guise of a friendly neighboring bank. I have maintained a checking and a savings account with this bank for quite some time. I have never taken a loan or even a credit card from them and have always had a positive balance in my accounts until .....

Initially I used to have my paycheck deposited to TD but then switched over to a bank on my companies premises just because it was more convenient. So I closed down the TD savings account but still maintained a checking account with them mainly because I sometimes visit family in Canada and thought that having an account with a Canadian bank would make it easier to withdraw and exchange currency when I am there.

However, one Saturday evening, I make a withdrawal from a TD ATM machine using my TD debit card which brings my checking account below 100. Unknown to me and without any warning, they hit me with a fine of $15 and repeatedly keep doing so every 10 days. Their repeated fines push the account into the red zone and then they hit me with an insane overdraft fee !! So now I owe them $80 !!!

Wow ... if converted to an interest rate, even the worst credit cards have a lower interest rate than that and that for loans that they actually give out to you ... and I didn't take a single dime on loan from TD but actually gave them my business !!!

I understand that most banks have a predatory instinct but some banks are worse than others ... so I am done with TD which in my opinion is the worst bank that I have dealt with ! They certainly do get you in through the front door with smiling faces, free pens, biscuits for your pet dog etc etc etc, but its through the fine print that these smiling Shylocks really get you where they want you to be.... If TD really were a trustworthy financial institution, they could very easily modify their ATM user interface to flash a warning ... but then that would not be in their best interests would it ?

So folks if you decide to go with

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