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TD Bank Customer Review

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Bankman's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Bankman

Mar 28th 2012

A Very Bad Experience

Three months ago, td bank called and offered us a good deal to establish a new line of credit. Bad experience from the beginning. Computer systems down, calls not returned, promises unkept. I wish i would have walked away right away. They delayed the process for months, reneged on the promised rate, and blamed everything on the bad housing market. The truth is that they don't know what they are doing... As quietly admitted by some of their employees. My experience occurred at their media, pa office but their back office operation in nj is also a big part of the problem. Stay away if you can. Informer commerce bank customers must really be noticing the change.

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Other TD Bank Reviews

TDmeansThievesDece's Profile Image

Reviewed by TDmeansThievesDece

Nov 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst experience with any company, of any kind

Simply awful. I was lied to and manipulated and paid through the nose for the experience. I was interested in buying a condo/first home, so I talked to a banking specialist. I was told that I could open a line of credit, take funds, set them aside for 60 days, then use it for a down payment. I did exactly that, paid to start the LoC, paid the interest, waited 60 days, and...nope, can't use that, sorry! Well, damn. I came up with the downpayment anyways, and was subjected to 2 months with the most incompetent mortgage "specialist" of all time, Jessica Laws. If you go to TD and she's assigned, tell the seller it's not happening. She'll see to it. Mishandled documents, didn't DO anything, sat on them until the closing date and THEN "oh, it's not done...that's a problem...get an extension..and pay us a ratelock fee." Why? Because if she'd verified these documents she'd had for 8 weeks, and done nothing with....she would have found the issue, and the 4 week fix, no problem. Instead of trying to fix my problem, she just kept repeating "ok, you're gonna be charged a ratelock fee" She then advised me, yeah, you should cancel this, and just restart it in 4 weeks, and then it'll be 45 days from THAT point, that MAYBE we can help. WHAT?!?!?! She just wanted to be done with me. So, I got her to issue a denial letter (which she also screwed up) which said that of the almost thousand dollars they cost me, I'd be refunded 125. Well, it's something, right? Well, though I was told it WAS refunded...over a month ago....it is not. I've contacted her 3 times since. Got two responses of "What's it for? I'll look into it" ALL 3 were in response to/attached TO THE LETTER SHE SENT ME SAYING IT!!! I don't think you can be this incompetent by accident, I believe it is maliciously intentional on her part and I'd advise everyone to NEVER bank with these thieves, get a loanshark...they'll lie/steal from you less. PS-Got mortgage with DCU, 30 days, ready to close. Thanks!

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VinBar's Profile Image

Reviewed by VinBar

Nov 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best Bank

It is a pleasure to do business at the TD branch on West 231st St, Bronx, N.Y. All employees are exceptionally pleasant, helpful & knowledgeable. I would never change banks!

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