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TD Bank Customer Review

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MeshellV's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by MeshellV

Jan 5th 2013

Bait & Switch, Fees assessed for 'nothing'....no wonder people do all their banking at Credit Unions!

After contemplating opening an account with TD bank, I 'took the plunge' in or around July of 2010 since they were currently offering a promotion which included a Flip Camera and no minimum balance checking for one year. I completed the required tasks in order to 'qualify' for the Flip camera, however it never arrived. After visiting the branch repeatedly to inquire, I was given the run around and finally gave up! In July of 2011, my one year of no minimum balance had expired and I was then being assessed a $15/month 'below minimum balance fee'. I expressed my disappointment and the 'no minimum balance' was extended for another year and $50 of the money for the fees they had withdrawn from my balance.

Still No FLIP Cam though....!

Since the account was registered to my New Jersey address and our family (Pennsylvania residence) had not been there in several months, I had not received any statements I was again faced with a similar situation. They had again began hitting my account for $15/month fees. Keep in mind, I was not utilizing this account at all. Not their checking account, bill payer services, etc. They withdrew the remaining balance I had and charged me an additional $45 before I even knew what was happening. They then closed my account and I am now considered a 'Charge off' and in collections!

I could understand assessing fees if I was late on an auto loan or mortgage payment or if I had bounced checks, but what exactly was I being charged for? Charging me for nothing. No services were ever provided and not even the Flip cam ever showed. My husband and I will continue our banking at our Credit Union to avoid these fees and poor customer service from TD Bank. I plan to let everyone know the experiences we have had via SEO, Facebook, etc. I certainly hope the $45 is worth it them!!

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Other TD Bank Reviews

san m's Profile Image

Reviewed by san m

Mar 7th 2011

3 out of 5 marks

Not so good, un-healthy practice

I deposited some money while opening and bank detail shows "Deposit" in detail; after few days I deposited 2 checks & cash same day and it shows "Deposit" and no information if it is cash deposit or check deposit.

When I contacted TD Bank, I was informed that it would be like this only and if I want transaction detail, that will cost $5 per transaction.

I am not interested to pay for detail (I would say minimum required info on statement) and its always helpful if statement say what was deposited instead of just deposit for any kind of transaction.

Imagine, you go to Stop&Shop and in your bill it says groceries for all the items instead of name what was it.

I gave not so bad rating because when I visited TB Bank branch, attending officer was helpful.

I am thinking to move to another bank now.

Good Luck to you guys.

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Iwantcoffee's Profile Image

Reviewed by Iwantcoffee

Mar 13th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Catty and tight-fisted!

When I was new to trying to build my credit, TD wouldn't help at all, so I had to use Capital One. After building up my credit, I finally got offered a TD Visa with a very low limit. After paying it off faithfully, TD still refused to raise my credit limit. The bank tellers were sometimes rude and I often felt they were looking their noses down at me. Finally, I crossed the street and spoke with Scotia. Imagine my surprise when I was told my credit was good enough for a much higher credit limit at a lower rate with them! Also, I have an account now that doesn't force me to wait 10 days for my checks to clear! Obviously, I switched banks!

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