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TD Bank Customer Review

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hotclick's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by hotclick

Jul 1st 2012

This Manager Ought To Get Some More Training

I will be traveling abroad in about a week. Some foreign countries are suspicious of older us currencies and won't accept it at all. So, to prevent this hassle, i came to the td's skippack branch to request new hundred dollar bills before my travel. This manager was simply ignorant or lazy. He would not even entertain or try to make an effort to request new bills for me. He just flat out say "we've been instructed not to request new bills".

What?? I have made this kind of request with other td branches before & they have no problem. I told him i did that before but no amount of convincing will make him move a finger. I finally went to td's harleysville branch to make the request & the teller was able to help me out with a smile. I've never experienced this kind of poor customer service until i met this branch manager in skippack. I would give customer service a "zero" (0) if the rating has it.

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Other TD Bank Reviews

NewRehobothDeposit's Profile Image

Reviewed by NewRehobothDeposit

May 28th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

The management of TD bank has worked to get things right.

This relatively new bank, the result of several mergers and acquisitions has been working to provide excellent customer service. As a new depositor, somewhat unhappy with some of the more traditional stand-bys, I was impressed with their personnel from day one. Within moments of my first cash deposit, I had a new debit card in hand (remarkable) and checks bearing my account number to walk-out the door. This occurred withing minutes, not even a half-hour. Their haute "stores" are ultra in appearance and convenience featuring not only short teller lines, but an in and outdoor ATM for security, a free coin counter and some thoughtful edibles and beverages. Since a smile costs nothing, seeing a TD Teller or Manager deliver service with a smile and courtesy suggest that everyone associated with the Bank is on board the "service train.

Their on-line banking is superb, clear and user friendly. Their website explains how accounts are handled, deposits and withdrawals are posted, and other items about fees and charges with no small print. They may not offer free checking without a minimum balance, but their service should earn your trust and appreciation. They have been working to improve and exemplify what a bank can be, and have attained remarkable success in their effort.

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yesikakarin's Profile Image

Reviewed by yesikakarin

May 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


I'm a single mother that lives paycheck to paycheck. I do my best in balancing out my account. I have two accounts open, one is for bill pay and the other is for fun and I also have a savings account. I recently made a large purchase so my savings have since been depleted! I thought I had lost one of my debit cards and since it's so convenient to go into a bank and get a new one I didn't bother looking. HUGE MISTAKE... One of the "personal bankers" helped me out and closed BOTH of my debit cards, she then only issued me ONE card. Well this caused me to not have the ability to use my main card. Usually in the middle of the week if I'm low on gas, I'll overdraft my account, it's worth it in the end to pay the $35 rather than taking out a ridiculous payday loan that charges you an extremely high interest rate. Well, not knowing that both of my cards were cancelled I used card A to get my kids dinner for the night, which I had a few bucks in that account so I knew it would cover it. Then on card B, I went to put gas in my car KNOWING that I was going to overdraft. Well card B didn't work because unbeknownst to me, it was cancelled and I didn't use it since getting the new card A, I didn't think twice about it! So now I'm stuck with the dilemma of having to use one card knowing that I'm going to overdraft twice now. It's a Tuesday night and I get paid Friday morning so I was hoping and praying. Well it didn't go over so well... If you don't already know, TD Bank is all about MONEY, they clear your large transactions FIRST and then the little ones come down. So once my account cleared on FRIDAY... This is how it happened. Gas $35 + $35 OD Fee - Wendy's $7.50 + $35.00 OD Fee - Itunes $4.50 + $35.00 OD Fee - Transfer $9.00 + $35.00 OD Fee = $56.00 in transactions ended up costing me an additional $140.00... So altogether I paid $196.00!!!!!!!!! That's not even the worst part, the bank messed up and refused to refund me back my money!!!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!

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