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The Columbia Bank Customer Review

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mssandia's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mssandia

Aug 13th 2012


This is a piss-poor excuse for a bank. Don't go there.

It started with trying to open an account online, easy enough you would think. After requesting proof of address, which was no problem, they emailed me and told me the document I sent did not have my name on it when they must have been blind because it was right there big and bold. So I emailed them and told them to return my checks and that I would just open the account in a branch in person. In a few days, no checks were returned but they apparently opened the account anyway (supposedly without having my address verified). Not to mention getting my address wrong on the checks.

And then, I went in to the branch to deposit a check, brought all my legal paperwork for the person I am a guardian over (we're talking original power of attorney and original guardianship paperwork with original court seal and judge's signature on it!) and the manager started seriously making things up that I needed! (Mind you, this was for a $40 check). He said they have to make sure I'm not committing fraud and I gave him COURT DOCUMENTS, LEGAL DOCUMENTS showing that I had the legal right to do banking as a guardian for this person and he refused. He then told me I needed to either bring the incapacitated person in (that would be a feat!) or get a notarized letter that she is not dead! WTF!?!?!? I seriously think this man was just making this stuff up! Needless to say, I have taken my banking elsewhere.

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Dramirez80's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dramirez80

Sep 23rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible stupid people

Put a 7 day hold on a cashier check to turn around and say oh we won't know when our check clears! WTF! It's a cashier check. Then $20 fee if you don't have $700 or more in the bank or don't have direct deposit what! Then horrible customer service on top of that. Worst bank ever. Shutting down the account and switching.

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KurtBrewster's Profile Image

Reviewed by KurtBrewster

Apr 15th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Laughed at me when I reported bank fraud

I found out Feb 2013 that an unauthorized electronic transfer of over 600 dollars from my business account was made September 2012.

I reported this with no response for two months. When I followed up on this I was told there was nothing more I could do as it had been over 60 days since the incident occurred.

I tried to get information where the money went. All I wanted was the bank account or information where the money ultimately went so I could try to recover it.

I was told that I couldn't get any information about the bank even if it was fraud. When I told Megan at E Claims that I was a small business taking care of 2000 patients and barely keeping afloat financially her response was to laugh.

I am closing my business account I've had there for 11 years. If I can save ONE business the headaches dealing with Columbia it will make eating this 600 dollar debt with no recourse a little easier.

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