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Trustco Bank Customer Review

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KennethRCarpenter's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by KennethRCarpenter

Dec 5th 2012

Crooks and Scam artists

They stole my own money out of my banking account now I have to wait weeks and weeks for the paper work just to see if I get it back...

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Ripoffbank's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ripoffbank

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Ripoff Bank

I see adv. 1% interest with payment direct deposit for one year. When i tried to open an account i was told that 1% starts from first direct deposit. In my case it takes month and a half due to processing. Why it did not say this in adv't.? A scam. My check got bounced and i receive a notice for $37. Charge. I asked howcome? I been told after five days of check bounce there is a collection charge. What? How come you did not notify right away? You have my email. Answer is we tried to contact you by phone but no answer. What?? It's a ripoff to get more money.

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bc2291's Profile Image

Reviewed by bc2291

Jul 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever

I typed in the wrong password by mistake and they locked me out of my account for 3 days! I finally got back in when I called them at my job(only time I can because they are closed at 6) and they told me that my password was the last 4 of my social. When it never was before! So I changed it back to my original password. Finally I was able to see my funds but they did not even post my direct deposit right away like they did for the past year. Not to mention when I use an ATM I can't take out money. The receipt even said "to many failed login attempts" are you kidding me??? Not to mention I know I have money but no purchases have been able to go through. They must have something completly locked up some how I have no clue. Thank you Trustco bank from keep my money safe and secure and in a place where I have no access to it to pay for Rent,Food, Gas that I desperately need right now F U

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