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Reviewed By Donotlease Dec 3, 2015

Lease termination

If given the option, do not lease a vehicle through US bank. Having leased no less than 8 vehicles, never before had I had an experience such as this one upon returning the vehicle at the end of the lease term. The inspector highlighted minor items that would clearly be considered normal wear and tear by all others, but not us bank. We were given the option of correcting the minor items which we did. Provided due proof of the work, yet us bank has done nothing other than to continue to bill for "excess wear and tear". 3 letters together with a detailed listing of the work performed and not one response. Now they are issuing a demand notice.

Do yourself a favor, stay away from us bank.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By chevytruc1658 Jan 13, 2016


As a new start-up company, we were looking to bank with a bank with the least amount of fees. US Bank is one of the few that offer no minimum and very few fees. Thats the only thing nice I can say about my experience with them thus far. We were told when we opened our account that given the fico score of our personal credit, it would be no problem to get a small loan to help us purchase our vehicle. We have been going through the loan process for over a month, every time they make progress (which takes them weeks) with the loan process, the truck we are trying to buy gets sold. We are now working with a different branch and this one has been even worse. The branch manager is dragging her feet, has been extremely un-responsive, lies to us telling us she tries to call us back but neither my partner or I have received any calls texts or emails from her. We have been fortunate this time around to find a dealer to hold the vehicle for us for a week while we try to get through this but his patience is wearing thin as well and is about to pull the vehicle back on the lot. There complete lack of response and care has frustrated me to the point that I am about to change banks. If you want a Bank that is going to actually care about your business, I do not recommend US Bank.

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Latest U.S. Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By eko9688 May 24, 2016

    Discriminated and Mistreated

    My wife went this afternoon (5/19) to the USBank Plymouth/MN branch to do a 2nd wire transfer to a title company in Florida where we are buying a new house.
    After waiting for the manager for almost one hour someone decided to do the wire transfer for her working with the Maple Grove Branch Manager.
    Last week she did the same wire transfer for the 1st payment and it took her 10 minutes since she did with the Branch Manager.
    Today she not only spent three hours at the Branch, but she was asked numerous information, she called me asking for copies of proof that we need to do the wire transfer and I had to fax confidential information about my house purchasing.
    She was also asked to sign a document that she was not given a copy and when she insisted, she was mistreated by two individuals in the branch.
    She called me and I tried to talk to the individuals but they declined talking to me by phone.
    The fact she is Japanese, she felt highly discriminated by these two individuals and I am highly considering suing the bank for that.
    The documents I faxed to the person were retained by the Bank, which i find it completely unappropriated.
    I was close to call the local police because it was an unfair treatment by the two individuals.
    I want the bank to take the appropriate measures against the individuals. Also I am closing the bank account in the next few days because my wife told me she will never go to the branch again as she felt discriminated and very humiliated.
    Jaime Queiroz
    612 508 9832

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  • T
    Reviewed By Troy_J May 20, 2016

    Sorry customer service. Will never bank here again. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!

    US Bank has very nice people, but none are trained to give the same correct answers to customers. I was ran around by several different employees over the past few months regarding my checking account. We got different answers every time, but was assured everything would be handled ASAP. It never was and now I am put in a bind with my money where I may not be able to pay my bills, or even get my money out to pay them with cash. SORRY bank management I've ever experienced. Will go to the bank near by and take my chances with them. I'm sure it can not be any worse. PLEASE BEWARE AND DO NOT BANK HERE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By IrvComstock May 19, 2016

    Business Users Beware

    Read a lot about consumer issues with U.S. Bank. My company uses U.S. Bank for business purposes, and I guess they do passing work, but I believe my experience on the business side and from what I've gleaned from consumer experiences, U.S. Bank's IT system must be a mess. Many of the issues I've read point to IT/software system failure. The expense account system that my company uses is so unfriendly to users. It takes hours instead of minutes to log in, find and manage expenses. My gripes are, to be sure, small compared to the consumers who are getting jacked around by U.S. Bank, but I believe the bank's IT support infrastructure is in need of a great overhaul.

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    Reviewed By peghug3 May 12, 2016

    25 years and out

    i have been with US bank for over 25 years in both personal and business services. The branch I have used is now only open from 10-2, not convenient. I must now deposit thru the ATM causing multiple application issues. I have had deposits posted to accounts not belonging to me, checks being reversed and sent back to me with a 5-7 day wait so I can deposit in person. I have spoken to representatives and management and received no help or even an apology. My personal banking and business banking is moving to a new home.

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    Reviewed By Spence May 11, 2016

    Avoid US Bank to the greatest extent possible!

    US Bank has jerked me around on my loan for nearly five months now. I do not feel that they treat me as a human being. I do not feel like they care about me one-bit as a customer. US Bank epitomizes, in my opinion, the irresponsibility and vicious practices that we are increasingly hearing politicians criticize the Big Banks for today. I cannot emphasize enough how negative my experience as been. I have interfaced with numerous banks over my lifetime and I have never experienced even close to the contemptible treatment of me, as a customer, US Bank has done. Avoid US Bank to the greatest extent possible!

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  • KL
    Reviewed By Kerry L. May 10, 2016

    10 Years of Abuse I'm Outta Here

    I dropped this bank for my credit union account a while ago. Today I finally cut ties with this bank and (specifically this branch). The following is the email I sent to Richard Davis of US Bank today, I hope it helps inform you of what to expect.

    In the ten years or more that I have banked with US Bank there have numerous oddities like reordering postings to maximize penalty fees, holding bank draft and cashier's check checks for several days, declining to convert my ten year old secured card to a normal card several times even though my credit rating is good enough for Discover and American Express and so much more I could go on and on.

    // The Email
    You win! You finally forced me to close my more than ten year old account with your bank. Too many bad situations have finally come to a head.

    Most recently I became overdrawn on my account. Once I realized this was the case I quickly put just short of $5000.00 into my account which left me a balance of $3,700.00. I wait a couple of weeks and eventually get around to actually using the account again but my debit card is declined. I call the customer service number and ask about the block and I am told that there is no block on my account. I check my balance and it is still $3,700.00. I attempt to use my debit card a day later and once again it is rejected. Then to make matters worse I start receiving calls from my creditors letting me know that US Bank is blocking all of my checking transactions but they have yet to contact me with this information and have costed me a couple hundred dollars in late fees. None of these rejected transaction were ever listed in my online account reports. Today I went into a branch to get things straight but ended up closing my account. Anne made is quite clear that my account and customer satisfaction were of no concern to her by lying and saying she attempted to contact me, you have the correct phone number on file, my correct email address, and could have pinged me via the online US Banking system. Anne never left me a message so I assume she called from an 800 number but was simply too lazy to leave a message. What's even worse was why didn't anyone in the branch alert me to the block when I brought the account current?

    At this point I am completely blown away and considering filing an FTC complaint as well as hiring an investigative accountant to dig through every penny your bank has ever charged me. You have damaged my credit with your actions and have very much fallen short of your Five Star promise. But most importantly you have hurt my feelings for being a loyal customer to a not so considerate or loyal bank.

    Anne, I simply expected a good explanation and / or a simple apology, the right thing to do would have been to apologize and possibly remove some of the hundreds of dollars in fees you charged me. $50.00 to a $100.00 in fee reversals would have saved this account even though you obviously made very little attempt to contact me prior to attempting to destroy my good credit rating with my other creditors with your stealthy block of my transactions. I hope your greed for those fees does you well because you won't be seeing any more of my money. Besides I moved my direct deposit to the credit union a while ago.

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  • S
    Reviewed By spectre42 May 9, 2016

    A Nasty End of Lease Experience with US Bank

    My recommendation is to never, never consider a loan or auto lease contract with US Bank.

    I leased a new vehicle in March 2016 and the transaction included a pull ahead program offered by GM to pick up the last 3 payments of my 2013 lease.

    After waiting over a month to get confirmation from US bank that my lease contract had been satisfied, I received notice, dated 4 May, from them that I still owed an amount equal to the last 3 payments. I needed to remit that amount within 3 weeks.

    Contacting my new lease dealership, they told me they had sent the final three payments to US bank in early April 2016 and that their check to US Bank had cleared on the 14th of April, 2016.

    Contacting U.S. Bank, they admitted to the fact my account had a zero balance on it. However, they offered no apology for their error. Nor did they plan to notify me until their bureaucratic process of sending the normal contract closure letter, spit it out.

    Warning, if you value your credit worthiness, stay away from this institution.

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    Reviewed By tav520 May 5, 2016

    Great care for this customer,

    The entire staff at this branch are exemplary, but I would like to single out one of the tellers, Bridgitte. Bridgitte is a totally caring and efficient teller who exudes a professional attitude that makes this customer feel special and at home at US Bank. Thank you, Timothy A. Valentine.

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    Reviewed By bslb Apr 29, 2016

    Refinanced our home to get out from under these crooks!

    Every time we made a mortgage payment, they IMMEDIATELY sent out a new statement. I would promptly pay the bills, until one month when I got two bills one week apart. I looked back at the records over the 4-5 months they had our mortgage and realize that I was paid up for 3 months into the future yet was still receiving statements. I called customer service and was told some line about it being a "government regulation". Funny...we had 2 other home mortgages (with 2 different banks) and they were sending statements out once a month only.

    So...we immediately paid the fees to refinance the house with the guarantee that they will not sell our mortgage to USbank.

    But wait...it doesn't end there! We received a "CORRECTED" 1098 form on May 15th (granted tax day was May 18th this year) but our taxes were filed! BUT...we never got an original 1098 at all!!! Today we get another letter that says: "Recently, we determined that the corrected 1098 form we sent you in mid-April is also incorrect." They claim that they will reimburse us for tax preparation expenses if we have to refile...after we receive the "FINAL CORRECTED 1098 TAX FROM IN THE NEXT TEN TO 15 BUSINESS DAYS."
    The letter closes by saying that they are "reviewing our systems and processes to prevent this from recurring in the future"

    I sure hope that is true! We pulled our mortgage from them and the horror of USbank won't go away!!!!

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  • S
    Reviewed By Shanshan Apr 28, 2016

    Branch manager belittled me

    Derek "helped" me today when I called about some over draft charges and belittled me. He kept repeating "this is not a bank error" when I tried to speak. He acted as though he needed to win against a woman by talking louder and making me repeat myself as I was emotional about being charged hundreds of dollars due to them "helping" me move funds to savings to save for my baby on the way...another reason I am very emotional right now.
    This instead depleted my baby fund by over $300 and Derek keep me on hold for ten minutes while he "checked it out" then repeated his catch phrase "it's not a bank error. Can't help you"
    Customer service used to mean something at US Bank and it's sad that a point of contact person can ruin your image of a company because they are so rude when you ask for help.
    My husband and I are transferring all of our savings, checking and business account to another local banks so we will never be treated so poorly again.

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