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U.S. Bank Customer Review

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silversolder429's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by silversolder429

Jan 9th 2013

auto refinance

i applied to refinance my truck after buying it new 9 months ago . people told me to try U S bank and they were suppose to be very reasonable , WHAT A JOKE !!!!! . i was shopping for the best interest rate as i am at 9.5% now . my credit union will do it at 5% but i thought with a 760 credit score and no lates at ALL maybe they could do better , anyway after 5 days and not hearing anything i called the branch and they informed me that i had been denied !!!! really ? . and it was because i had a BK 3 years ago , they said i would have to wait 6 years to be eligable . this bank is rediculious if they dont want my money i will give it to my credit union . DO NOT go with this bank for an auto loan ..... try a credit union or anything else . save yourself the B.S.

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TrevorBriggs's Profile Image

Reviewed by TrevorBriggs

Aug 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


16480 Boones Ferry Rd

Lake Oswego, OR 97035-4208

United States

I do not have an account with US Bank,and after today I NEVER will. I had a STATE of Oregon issued check in the amount of $7400,that was stamped with payable through US BANK. I went into this branch because it is the closest to my residence to get it cashed. I walked in and was told since I didn't have an account they would need a thumbprint,no problem.After that the lady told me I would have to pay $5.00 to cash it,no problem. Then she came back and informed me that the bank did not have enough large bills to cash it,no problem.I told her twenty's would be fine because I was going right across the street to Wells Fargo to deposit it in my wife's account. She came back with my $7,400 in twenty's. She then told me that she would need to get an override with her manager because my STATE of OREGON issued driver's license was too new.I just had a birthday and my license expired in June so I had my license renewed in July.Then the manager came out to inform me that the bank did not have enough money to cover cashing my $7400 STATE issued check. Instead of informing me of any other options they told me basically to leave. So, I did, and went across the street to WELLS FARGO and opened my own account and deposited the money and had a POSITIVE experience with WELLS FARGO. I will NEVER RECOMMEND US BANK to ANYONE in the future. It was by far the MOST NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!

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StillReallyPissed's Profile Image

Reviewed by StillReallyPissed

Aug 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This outfit really sucks!

I had started a previous post about a pre-approved car loan, but ran out of space to finish it. This situation is ongoing and since my original post, I have been required to submit to USB, pay stubs from both my wife and I, employer W-2's for both of us from 2013 and a copy of our 1040 from last year. I should have purchased a new vehicle for $35,000.00...the amount I was pre-approved for and not a used pick-up truck for $7,500.00.

If this loan is ever approved by the override loan committee at USB, they can shove it right back up their fat big bank backsides as far as they can put it.

If I were some guy off the street, I could understand the hesitation displayed by this outfit. I've banked with them for several years. I'd better stop for now, or I may say HOW I really feel about these low-life, scum sucking bottom dwellers living in a cesspool of reptile dung!

- Really Pissed

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