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Established in 1983, USAA Federal Savings Bank (FSB) and its two subsidiaries, USAA Savings Bank and USAA Relocation Services Inc., (the "Bank") provide a full range of financial products and services to the military community worldwide. The mutual insurance company serves more than 6 million member customers, primarily military personnel, military retirees, and their families. USAA's investment products, most checking and savings products, credit cards, life insurance.

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  • S
    Reviewed By singleshot May 15, 2014

    USAA is fraudulent -- distorts its true purpose and abuses its customers

    USAA, in its entirety, lies, humiliates, and extorts money and business from its clientele. USAA uses its "affiliation" with members of our military, family members, and veterans as a "tool" to attract said clientele. System of puppets, so to speak. USAA is no more a friend to the military than say, Bin Laden or the Veterans Administration.

    I have not been affiliated with USAA for over 6 years. I took the family banking, and insurance business, out of their reach and into the better hands of a local credit union and Mercury auto insurance company.

    One experience, of many, and the experience that literally forced me to take my business elsewhere, was a phone conversation I probably wasn't supposed to hear. "Just because they are in the military, does not mean we have to coddle them or make them happy. They just happen to be the people we cater to. That's it". Proof?

    I did not receive a direct deposit once, and so the obvious happened. Bills became overdue, overdraft charges going through the roof ( USAA said it was my responsibility to make sure money was in account to cover bills being paid direct from account) and even hot an electronic notice forwarded to USAA from DFAS. A useless effort.

    So, when all was said and done, USAA TOOK $225 in overdraft charges on just one attempted bill payment even though they were informed of direct deposit discrepency.
    They lied and manipulated the entire situation based on their ability and the "because we can attitude".

    This is just one of a combined six unprofessional and illegal business practices waged against my status with them. When you combine this complaint ( and mind you, i still have the documentation and event timeline, i think) with the tens of thousands of complaints against USAA and their fraudulent and filthy tactics in all aspects of their business format, from banking to insurance mal practice, itbis time tonpit uoir business elsewhere.

    Most importantly, Do not do business with USAA especially if milit

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  • DC
    Reviewed By Don C. Sep 8, 2012

    I Was A 23 Year Member For Banking And Insurance, Now With A Credit Union And Liberty Mutual Insurance Company!

    Customer service at the bank has steadily gone down hill. They are grossly understaffed. Long hold times and lots of transfers are the rule. They don't pay claims. They don't grant loans. I am told they are particularly bad with mortgage lending. I bought and financed several autos with them. I have had several credit cards with them and in recent years checking and savings. I have closed insurance, checking, savings, loan and will soon terminate my credit card. I

    've had it. Silly, stuffy, understaffed bank in texas and my projection is everything is available for a price and they will be bought eventually and even if they are not, you can do much better. They are just not what they once were. Do business with a good credit union. I have. You've thought about it more than a few times - just do it. Do it now. Do it today. Don't put it off a minute longer. Leave usaa.

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  • RW
    Reviewed By Robert W. Jan 14, 2014

    Just don't require a decision about anything

    USAA has relatively good online banking with good mobile apps and competitive fees. It can be a good experience if you color inside the lines and think inside the box. Their box. G-d help you if you ever want or need something that requires thinking and a decision from someone there. They've established about 17 layers of middle "management" -- none of whom are actually empowered to make a decision or fix anything. Essentially, you can be fine with them until something goes wrong (and they do), or you have a "special" request. Forget about it. If you don't fit their cookie-cutter checklist mentality of customer service, you will experience significant anger and frustration dealing with USAA. I was a member for 33 years and recently took all my business elsewhere, because they just wouldn't or couldn't listen to very simple instructions or requests. I especially warn anyone and everyone about their Mortgage Origination department: Their consistent errors, lack of attention to detail, disregard for deadlines, and their out-and-out lying to customers make them the bottom of the barrel. Avoid at all cost. I'm not kidding. Military people? Forget the hype and the ads. This is not your bank. It used to be -- 20 years ago. Not anymore.

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