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USAA Customer Review

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gnsaps84's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by gnsaps84

Jan 28th 2013

I Love USAA. Everything That I Need To Do Is All Online!

I changed from a local bank to usaa and love it. I hate calling into banks unless its necessary. In the past 3 yrs since i've had them, i have not had to call in once. I can accomplish everything i need 24 hrs day/ 7 days a week just by logging into my computer or phone. I love the fact that usaa has no "hidden" fees. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Other USAA Reviews

mklchi's Profile Image

Reviewed by mklchi

Jun 5th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


I deposited a check for 10,350$ into my account. They credited me with 500 immediately and put the rest on hold. The next day when i go to pay for dinner, my whole account got frozen. Meaning i have no access to my only source of money. I called and talked to about 7 differerent people and was told lies about why my account was frozen. They had me miss work and in a frenzy because they told me the check was fake and had bounced. I actually ended up verifying that the check was indeed real and that usaa decided that they would like to just freeze my account for 10 days. They told me multiple times that the check was bounced and was being returned but that was a complete lie because i went to wells fargo (the check issuer) and they said that they paid out the check the day before. Even after i told them this, usaa continued to stick with the lie and then changed the story later on again and again. They literally gave me the run around and completely lied and tried to blame me. Now i have been sitting in a parking lot for about 10 hours now, havent eaten for about 30 hours and am unable to move from this spot because my car is out of gas and usaa has every single dollar frozen in my account. Why not just put the check on hold? Why freeze my whole damn account? I am literally at a loss for words on how usaa treated me and this situation.

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ohnohoe's Profile Image

Reviewed by ohnohoe

Jun 6th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

What a pain...

Ive heard great things about the company, from the customers that come in and deposit there checks, which is the problem. Why would you choose the ups store as a vessel for check depositing?? Your scanners never work & talking to technical support is like talking to a brick wall. It pisses me off when i have a backed up line full of customers because i have to spend 10 minutes trying to deposit a check. Me and & my boss almost had it out because i told her when i got hired, i didnt know i would be a bank teller too. they ask me questions about how long it takes for checks too deposit and opening accounts and i have no clue what to tell them because usaa has bad communication skills with its vendors. Im completely over it! so until you get your stuff together USAA ill be turning away all your customers and just telling them scanner is down until they eventually go somewhere else. You F me, I. F you, period.

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