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USAA Customer Review

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Acustomerlikeyou's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Acustomerlikeyou

Jun 8th 2012


I have had them for about a year or so. They seamed like a good bank so i got my auto insured trough them as well.. I called a representative and asked for full coverage for my vehicle, i said i want it to cover everything they said ok and i was good to go... One year later Veterans day i was driving form Tennessee back home only about 10 hour away when i get a flat tire mid way home and in a no where town... No big deal i have full coverage.. i use my USAA insurance card and tell them i need a tow truck, there reply was sorry its not covered by your insurance..... Thats How i spend my Veterans day 2011 stranded in a town with no where to sleep.... yes, i am a veteran...

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roben24's Profile Image

Reviewed by roben24

Mar 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Deposit @mobile

Wowwwwww!!!!! The deposit @mobile confused two checks I deposited yesterday and stated it was a fault on my end when I clearly know for a fact I deposited it. I even got a confirmation stating the correct amount I got through the website and via text message. So now I have to go through the hassle of acquiring another check. If you ask me if you want to lose it use it!!!!!!! Thanks a lot USAA

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Montague's Profile Image

Reviewed by Montague

Jan 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Military 30 years and USAA has gone Downhill

They lock you out of accounts if you owe them on anything. You can only do mobile banking. They don't care about the military soldiers except kissing the officers. That is how they make money. They are notorious for monitoring websites and pretend to be customers. Enough is enough. My family is rich in military history dad is a officer and I know they use intimidation against members unless they are high ranking in the military. Have you noticed how many ads they put on TV now. Makes you wonder how really bad off they are. I have never heard of a bank getting away with the things they do. I just closed my last account out today and am so sorry that who ever is in charge has ruined a 5 star company that used to be.

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