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USAA Customer Review

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NotAnymore's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by NotAnymore

Jan 14th 2013

Not a bank! A greedy insurance company like all the rest.

This is an insurance company that wants to masquerade as bank to steal more money from service members.

After 17+ years with USAA, they suddenly decided that they would not insure my motorcycle anymore. I had a motorcycle insured with them before I ever even had a car.

They referred to me to Progressive, and assured me the same "exceptional customer service". Well, Progressive wanted 7x what I was paying for motorcycle insurance! Partly because I no longer had the multicar discount and I was a new customer etc etc.

I switched to State Farm and now I pay less than I was with USAA and have a $250 deductible instead of $500!

The folks at USAA are very nice. They explained that they didn't have the "experience to rate a motorcycle", so I had to switch to Progressive. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! They are an INSURANCE COMPANY that cannot write insurance polices! Yet they want Soldiers to trust them with their money, daughter's college fund, mortgage, auto loan?

USAA is no better than the competition. In fact, they are worse because they pretend to be part of the military family. Please don't follow them blindly as I did for so many years.

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3KIDZ's Profile Image

Reviewed by 3KIDZ

Nov 10th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Fraud dept. a joke

I recently received a couple emails from USAA regarding an account trying to access our checking account.

1.) was at first confused, but USAA confirmed that the emails were from them: I thought it was fraud because of obvious misspellings (shows their lack of detail)

2.) Found under "manage accounts", who was trying to access my account fraudulently. I called the fraud alert number from USAA. Spoke first to James.

a.) was disappointed to find out that there is no fraud department for overall accounts, only for debit and credit cards. This fraud was trying to take money from my checking, and USAA does not have a department to combat that!

b.) Further spoke to James, who said that on his end, could not see who was accessing my account, even though I could see it. I told him exactly where to find it under "manage my accounts", but he said he didn't have access to it. Can you believe this? The fraud dept does not have access to who is accessing my account - even though I saw the guy's name and his account number from my end!

c.) Asked James to speak to his manager. 10 minutes later, spoke to Valerie, his manager, who said that she did not have access to the screen I could see the fraudulent access-or of my account. Again, I can see clearly on my end who is trying to access my account, but the manager of the fraud department cannot see it or help me. She only said that she can transfer the info to the fraud alert dept to put my account on alert. I asked her what that entails and she said that she "doesn't know. really reassuring! She then tried to transfer me to the checking dept. and I was hung up on during the transfer. Nice!

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becky1's Profile Image

Reviewed by becky1

Nov 12th 2013

1 out of 5 marks


This bank has so many issues i don't know where to start. 1) awful online banking experience. 2) ask a question and it will take you 5 tries til they even understand the question you asked them (but don't expect an actual answer at any time). 3) their own online transactions (such as an automatic payment from checking to auto insurance) does not download from the bank to quicken but they can't tell you why, and insist it must be a quicken issue, not a bank issue (it's not). 4) i applied for a credit card with them, and literally before i even activated the card, it had already been compromised and the card used by a thief. To this day no feedback on how this happened or any apology. 5) hmm rude customer service of epic proportions. My atm card stopped working one day. I called in to find out what the issue was, and the lady asked me to read my card info to her. Then she told me that was not my card info that she has on file, and she could not help me until i gave her the correct info! I was so pissed i emailed in a formal complaint, and as it turned out, the info on my card was correct, and magically my atm card started working again. Coincidence? I think not. Is that rude b**** still answering phones at usaa? I would bet money on it.

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