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Umpqua Bank Customer Review

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SegueFisch's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by SegueFisch

Dec 25th 2012

Violation Of Trust--Updated

I went into this new noe valley branch (was a circle bank branch before) on christmas eve around 1pm to personally deposit a large check and some cash. Branch personnel assured me that $200 of my check and all of my cash would be available for withdrawl immediately. On christmas morning, i went to send my giftly gift certificates to my remote family and loved ones and... No money. No money, not even the cash, had been posted!!! I am new to this bank, and though staff is friendly, staff is not competent nor well-informed. Umpqua bank has ruined christmas 2012. The bank is in violation of its own stated policies regarding money handling (listed on their website and on the deposit receipts i was given yesterday). If a bank cannot handle my money in a consistent and trustworthy manner, what good are they as a bank?! In fact, what the hell are they even doing in the banking business?!! **************

update: the day after christmas, my account manager contacted me directly and apologized. Apparently the circle bank employees had not yet been fully trained on umpqua bank processes and one of them had not written my deposit amount in a way that the computers could read the scans, so in fact the deposit needed to be manually entered later on, which wasn't discovered until the day after christmas. While it is clear that they need to be more on-the-ball with this merger, it is also clear that it was not intentional, and that it is in the merger process that performance results are going to be a little uneven until they complete the transition.

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Other Umpqua Bank Reviews

dbbaird's Profile Image

Reviewed by dbbaird

May 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

mortgage department

Umpqua is a horrid conglomerate. Do not honor Power of Attorneys, lost $2000 because of that. Can't talk with legal department or escrow department directly - must be high security clearance. Would put my money in a mattress and live in a cardboard box before would do business with them

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alsenborn46's Profile Image

Reviewed by alsenborn46

May 7th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Have to wait 30 minutes to get person on their main phone number since their "change over".

Access to funds unavailable for an entire weekend because of "change over" being done.

Incurred fees on cash advances because of non-access to funds during "change over". Complained an phone to branch and did receive verbal apology. However, was not offered reimbursement of fees incurred because of their inability to give me my money when I needed it. Unacceptable.

Horrible telephone service on their main number since the turnover.

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