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Union Bank Latest Customer Reviews

gneice's Profile Image

Reviewed by gneice

Jun 19th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

great bank, great people

this bank has the best service, and friendliest people working there

been to other branches and none come close to the service i receive

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Mirabacara's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mirabacara

Sep 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Service, great people

I have been a customer of this bank in Thousand Oaks near Moorpark Road for many years.. The staff is friendly and always look out for my best interest. I get greeted when I enter the bank and it all feels like family and that they truly care about me. I will be a customer for life.

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divyavipin's Profile Image

Reviewed by divyavipin

Dec 4th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

My Dearest Bank

Union Bank is my favorite bank. Their customer service is very good. All the staff treated a good relationship. They give us a very good atmosphere . They have no big bank charges , compared to other banks it is very good for current account holders also for savings account. The internet banking services is awesome.

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Michael S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Michael S

May 6th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

I Love This Bank!

I have excellent customer service. The staff is kind and very customer service orientated. They have no ridiculous fees, and don't charge for atm usage. I ordered a federal reserve stack of $2 bills, and i got them two days later. They are just great.

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zeus's Profile Image

Reviewed by zeus

Nov 1st 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Refreshing Banking Experience. Personal, Responsive, No Fees For Having Or Spending $$ Or For Talking W/ A Live Person

I have my business, personal and soon to be home mortgage with ub. The personal, responsiveness, and helpful customer service have made them stand out from all previous banks i have worked with. To top it off, there are no fees for having money (hint: wfargo), using or not-using (hint: bofa) my money. No fees for talking to a live person (hint: wfargo). And when i wanted to modify my online banking experience to access all my accounts in one portal, they made it happen and i received live-follow up courtesy ensuring everything set-up as i requested. If i walk in, they even know my name - i live in the bay area. All they need now is an hsa plan option, and they can have all my business. Ub has raised the bar in bank customer service - finally!!

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SCJeffG's Profile Image

Reviewed by SCJeffG

Mar 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Good focus on people and what matters most.

Overall very friendly and caring, will spend the extra time to get to know me and what my needs are. I appreciate the local services and that they focus on the local community.

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Doc2023's Profile Image

Reviewed by Doc2023

Nov 9th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

My banking experience was wonderful at this branch, the teller that helped me was very helpful and patient.

Jorge Rivera was the young man that assisted me the morning I walked in to the Union Bank branch. He began by greeting me and answering all the questions I had about my account and future accounts. He proceeded by offering other possible banking methods that might work for my business outcome. Overall I was extremely satisfied with Jorge's customer service and will definitely recommend his service to my business partners and associates.

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Stephanie S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Stephanie S

Aug 24th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Union Bank is one of a kind

I love banking here. I am in San Jose and bank at new office there on Camden and Union. The staff are so very courteous and a open to explaining how things work i.e. Holds (which is why I changed banks in the first place!). I have never dealt with a bank that actually knows who I am, asks how my kids are doing, and educates me about the future possibilities of my finances. I just bought a house and they helped me get it!

If you want to experience a better kind of banking- Go there!!

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Eleanor V's Profile Image

Reviewed by Eleanor V

Mar 25th 2009

4 out of 5 marks

Wow! What a great bank!

I have many BOA accounts (have been with them for 25 years) and also have a Wells Fargo checking acc't. I opened a Union Bank of CA checking account 4 months ago on the recommendation of my lawyer. They gave me a Senior discount with everything free. I am not 'dinged' with all sorts of extra charges like Wells Fargo charging me $2.00 every time I call them about a problem with their On-Line website. It seems like every time I turn around BOA & WF are charging for something else and it all adds up to 'good money' being spent for basically nothing. I don't pay a cent for a 'monthly service' checking acc't fee, or for 'On-line Banking' or for calling the Bank when I have a question or problem fee. They were NOT part of the Banking Debacle and have sound banking procedures, something that counts 'big time' with me right now. Because of that, they are financially sound and are expanding. So far, they are the best bank I've been with.

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sarah j's Profile Image

Reviewed by sarah j

Jul 20th 2008

4 out of 5 marks

solid bank

they have great customer service and i received $50 when i opened my checking account.

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AAB's Profile Image

Reviewed by AAB

Feb 20th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

ATM card problems

I opened a new account with my partner and requested an ATM debit card for her. They said they sent it but it never turned up. I asked them to replace it, that never turned up. They naturally accused us of throwing it in the trash both times. They checked the mailing address, it was correct. They supposedly sent a third card - nothing. The fourth time they sent it to the branch for us to pick up, Okay, but the whole process took 7 weeks and they clearly have a flaw in their system that they won't admit. Overall, the transition from Santa Barbara Bank and Trust has not been a happy one

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icruiser's Profile Image

Reviewed by icruiser

Jul 30th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Mobile banking is less than desirable

I've been a customer of Union Bank for well over ten years and have never had a problem until now that I've decided to use their mobile app. Over a month ago I tried to use the mobile check deposit. I would get to the point where they ask for a picture of the front of the check and then I would get a message saying the connection suddenly stopped working. I tried and tried and could not get past that point. I called customer service and after much cajoling they said that the problem arose after the last update and they were working on it. I could deal with that, everybody has problems. Now, over a month later I decided to try again. Same thing. Get to the taking a picture part and it stops working. I called again and got a ridiculous runaround and when the conversation started to get very heated then I got the same excuse as last time. Yes, we're having problems but we're working on it. How long does it take for them to work on it? Methinks they need a new IT team. The only reason I would even use the app is to deposit a check and save a trip to the bank so now there's no reason to use the app at all. If you depend on mobile banking I suggest using a different bank.

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unionbanker's Profile Image

Reviewed by unionbanker

Jul 16th 2014

2 out of 5 marks


My dad is a born Mexican but now a citizen and when he goes into the bank they don't treat him right. My mom also looks tan and they mistreat her also.

I also have an account there. I was born in the U.S. and I look white, they treat me professionally. They are a bunch of racists. I only have an account there because it is close to my house.

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MNorris's Profile Image

Reviewed by MNorris

Jan 10th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Good people, bad banking practices - closing account

I deposited a brokerage account check, drawn on the same brokerage account as checks I've I've deposited for 10 years, that are paid in one day. Union won't allow my to access any part of my $10,000, uses my money for their short term investments for 12 days, and charges me a monthly fee for this abuse. Avoid these scam artists.

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oceans22's Profile Image

Reviewed by oceans22

May 27th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Behind the times & unwilling to catch up

Union Bank was a cool little niche bank back in the days. But they're unwillingness to catch up to technology like joining the NFC pay systems so that you can use your phone as a payment device is just hilarious.

Also, they had a good "Bill Pay" system before. Like other banks when you request a payment to be made on a scheduled day, the money is taken right out of your account the day it's requested!

They switched the system so now it's nothing better than writing my own checks! That's NOT a bill pay system Union Bank! When I make a payment I want to know that it's gone from my checking account & now YOU are liable for making sure it reaches it's destination. That's the convenience of bill pay for most people. It's set it & forget it!

What you did was just take a system & turn it into a check writing system. I can do that on my own you guys!

Please fix this or I'm switching to Chase. 30+ year customer about to leave just because of a horrible bill pay & lack of attention to technology.

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AndrewL's Profile Image

Reviewed by AndrewL

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst mortgage loan experience of my life

I own many houses and have gotten loans from most banks, including the big ones: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, and through mortgage brokers.

Union Bank Loan processing and underwriting are among the worst I've ever experienced. I had submitted all the conditions required 3-4 weeks before the original close date of February 28th. I then pinged the loan processor about once a week to make sure everything was met. Due to construction delays, the closing got pushed back to March 14th. I thought I was clear on the bank end, but in reality, the Loan processing person sat on my file until right before closing, and then sent me a list of 25 more conditions on March 11th at 6:50pm! I had to jump through hoops and make others jump through hoops at the last minute to get the stuff in the next day, and then they still couldn't close.

The Underwriter had made so many errors on my file, that I didn't know about, they were claiming my income/debt ratio didn't qualify, where it was really their error in calculating income from my rental properties. Until I came to them with my own excel spreadsheet of what the income/debt ratio should be, they didn't discover their errors.

I had to push our move back 3 times. The final closing target of Friday March 14th was missed, and Union Bank asked to push it to Friday March 21st, which was missed. Then they tried for March 24th, which was missed because they didn't fund on time. So closing didn't occur until March 25th. All due to total incompetence on Union Bank.

I had to be out of or current residence for people to get keys on March 27th. Union Bank put me in a super tight squeeze without a care in the world. No urgency, no empathy, and now just full of excuses justifying why they were delayed.

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kjshane's Profile Image

Reviewed by kjshane

Jan 24th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

The gal of this bank to treat a widow with such distain

Union Bank's latest action is an outrage! what this bank has done to my mother, after having a union bank account for over 25 years, with a minimum 10 k balance, never late on a credit card payment or any bill.

They canceled her account when my step father passed on 1/7/13, they had a joint account and she made more money, paid the bills and they have the gal and audacity to assume he is the major figure in this joint account, thats how they justify their decision to close this account.

Assuming he was the principle because he's male, when in fact he was not the principle account holder she has always been in all accounts. This is very chauvinistic and they should be ashamed.

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khemara a's Profile Image

Reviewed by khemara a

Aug 28th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

there's better out there

regarding san bernardino, ca location off of 2nd street. so my company banks with unionbank, had an account, and than was asked to open up a company benefits account and would receive $50 free. yah never got it. was told because i was switched from a regular checking to the company benefits that it wasnt applicable to the terms and agreements. i said that danielle who switched it for me said it was okay. was told by nina well thats a problem your goin to have to deal between you and her. they have good customer service with a nice greeting and smile but cmom people dont be fooled by a sugar coated face. when i get an overdraft which is not often but my fault. unionbank takes back already past transaction that has been cleared and post them back again. so i get hit with not one overdraft fee but several over small debit transaction. ex: 8/18/10 have $25 bucks in my account, pull out $40, oops, overdraft fee $30 right. no, lets go back and take out that $1.25 from mcds, $2.95 at starbucks, and maybe that $5.76 from stater bros that already has been posted on 8/15/10 and move it back 8/19/10. oops thats 3 additional overdraft fees for another transaction. so yah $120 of fees when at least it was suppose to be $30 only for the atm withdrawl. not the best lending. unionbanc which is there insurance b.s company is a scam and joke. they have third party insurance scams that send you letters saying thank you for being and valued customer and for that here is some fire insurance company of so n so that really is fraud if you do some online research. seems like a small friendly neighborhood bank but still only interest is for their company stockholders and employee commissions. theres better banks and credit unions out there. take time and find whats right for you and your financial needs and preference. remember they are a fully owned subsidiary of the Bank of Tokyo/ Mitsubishi with only intentions to grow further n further by gaining more assets and deposits from customers and fees with higher interests too as well. the

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Relgre's Profile Image

Reviewed by Relgre

Dec 18th 2008

2 out of 5 marks

Union Bank of California Accuses Me of Federal Crimes, Closes Account, Reports me to Chex Systems for Withdrawing $80 from ATM

Union Bank of California accused me of Federal crimes for having too much money in my bank account. Then they closed my account and reported me to Chex Systems, barring me from opening an account at any other bank for 5 years. Read all the details at http://consumerproblems.wordpress.com

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Sactomike's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sactomike

Mar 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

From Great to Awful

I have been with this bank for close to ten years. I had never had a problem with sneaky fees like I hear about from Wells Fargo or B of A, until this month. I got charged $8 to look at my statement online!!! Online!!!!!

Background: I had "Free Checking," which was changed to "Essentials Checking" a couple of years ago. Shortly thereafter, I stopped getting my statements by mail. OK, I could still see my account transactions online, and if I needed to print a replica of a "real statement," I could do so.

After having done it several times in the past with no charge, I looked at some statements to check a transaction. There was no warning online that I would be charged to look at the statement. And of course, I had no paper statement on file. $8 to look at my statement. Stay away from this bank, "the most trusted bank in America," according to their recording.

Credit unions have changed...deposits can be made anyplace, and the network of atms far exceeds the banks. I am going to get interest on my checking account.

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pugsley4140's Profile Image

Reviewed by pugsley4140

Feb 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

absolutely awful. at first they seemed friendly kind nice. they were rude un proffesional and i thought b of a was bad.

i wanted a bank that just didnt count you as a number charging fees that didnt exist holding deposit checks and running up charges for no reason. thats why i went to union bank. i explained to them my mother had passed away and someone stole her atm card and tried to deposit fraudulent checks etc. i also said i cleared that up with b of a. i was on her account because as she got older she started losing it and i wanted to regulate her money. anway like i said after she passed her information was stolen. so going to union bank i explained the situation and said there shouldnt be a problem it took me months to try and resolve this issue with the very rude hard headed moronic bank of america. He understood and went ahead and opened my account after i was forthright and upfront honest with them. well a few weeks ago i go to use my atm card and it was declined. mind you i had just used it earlier that day. this was on a friday night. so i couldnt do anything until the following monday. i called the bank and extremely rudley they explain they closed my account. I asked why. They gave me a number that was no good to me. everytime i called it it went to an internal answering maching. i call the bank back. i asked why would you give me an internal telephone number that only works if you call from the bank. unproffesional. they get back and tell me thats the correct number. once again no it wasnt. i call back and explain to the moron on the phone that number only works if you call internally from a branch. so they put me through. i get onto the phone with another extremely rude person who wont tell me the problem but i will get a letter explaining. so in the mean time i couldnt get money all weekend no atm card and no answers. Finally a week later i get a letter explaining for me to call chex systems. exactly what i thought might happen which again i explained upfront before opening my account. absolutely nothing but rudeness holding my money for ransom.

i just got my check

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2Suzanne's Profile Image

Reviewed by 2Suzanne

Jan 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Not good

I miss Santa Barbara Bank and Trust.My disabled and her social security check now goes into her checking.She has me go take some out they take 5 dollars out every time I withdraw some money out.

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dongross's Profile Image

Reviewed by dongross

Feb 12th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Bad Deposit Release Practices

I made a deposit and was told by the bank manager and the teller at union bank on west grand in escondido, that my funds would release and be available on monday at 12:01am. At 12:30am tuesday i went to rent a hotel room and my debit card was declined.... Funds not available. I tried again at 1:30am and 3:00am still funds denied. The temperature outside was 38 degrees and i stayed awake with no room all that night.

I went to the bank the next morning and funds were available after 9am. I asked why my funds didn't clear and they told me that no matter what i was told by the manager and the teller that their disclosure says funds may not be available for up to and additional 24 hours depending on how long my deposit took to be posted. Don't count on your money being there if you bank at union bank and do not listen to the employees because it is obvious that they are not aware of the printed disclosure that all customers receive and do not read because the print is 10 times smaller than the print you are currently reading. About the size of this comma > , < do you see the comma between the arrows. In short union bank sucks.

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madmanantibanks's Profile Image

Reviewed by madmanantibanks

Jan 19th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Good At First, Then Turned Into Lousy And Inept

Well first i opened a account in my local area, because i thought they were professional? Nope i was wrong. First off, if you are over drawn, they charge a $33. 00 fee which does not make any logical/mathematical sense what so ever! I was okay with that at first, but not, then next i know they are charging $6. 00 a day for each day you are over drawn and that is just plain wrong. My over all output is: stay away from union bank! Don't bank there! Simple.

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angiewahl's Profile Image

Reviewed by angiewahl

Feb 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Closing card= something fishy

Something fishy is going on with Union Bank. I used my atm at local businesses that I always frequent, nothing overseas or even out of state. Suddenly, they turn off my ATM card stating "fraud" because I bought gas at my local service station- the same one I always go to. I think account info was compromised and they just dont want to admit it. I am without a card for - days at least. They say they cannot reactivate, they have to send me a new one- fishy.

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Girk's Profile Image

Reviewed by Girk

Oct 10th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

investment, savings, checkings

Poor to horrible. Since they acquired Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, has been very poor service. Branch people are great, 800 people at best clueless. They tell you not to bank online, cannot explain transactions, refer you to the branch. Probably worst bank I have used in 45 years.

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chips's Profile Image

Reviewed by chips

May 21st 2013

2 out of 5 marks

My Safe Box Was Robbed.

My safe deposit box was stolen from gale ranch, san ramon ca. I can't believe a vault without a camera with open doors during business hours. I think this is the best place for a complete crime for someone who works in this bank and who has a duplicate copy of your safe box in a vault that doesn't have any sort of cameras. I remember every time i used to visit this bank, there was like 1 or 2 workers tops available in the branch. Does this bank believe that workers are fallen angels or something? Aren't they aware that this branch is located in one of the richest cities in California? I'm lucky my box was not totally cleared, as it seems they wanted this to be undiscovered so that they can keep on doing it for life time. I am reporting this to the police and i know that i'm not getting my valuables back, but i want to protect the future victims so that future precautions can be either taken at the bank or customers can regularly check their valuables and immediately report any missing valuables so that this matter can be taken more and more seriously with every time such a crime is committed.

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a_diaz731's Profile Image

Reviewed by a_diaz731

Feb 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible customer service. Take your business elsewhere

The Union Bank on sports arena blvd has the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my adult life. I've been banking there with my business for 4 months now and everyday I walk in there, same drone-like characters standing at each station to receive your deposit or withdrawl. No smiles, no hello, no goodbye have a nice day. Today I walk in there and at least 4 girls stand there and stare at me, no one else in there, no customers whatsoever. The personal bankers behind me in their desks are more lively and enthusiastic to be there and help. I deposit what I need. Still no word from the girl helping me, nothing far from the usual, as I grab my receipt and thank her, she buts in and says next time the merchant line is over there. You're kidding me right? I'm going to take my business elsewhere, most likely back to chase bank where there are nicer, lively beings there to help me out.

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athykw's Profile Image

Reviewed by athykw

Jan 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible electronic and website incompetenence in multitude of ways. They deserve NO customers.

In the last 18 months Union acquired 2 other banks I had accounts with. They sent an avalanche of paper notices but nothing referred to re online banking worked for many months. The more recent bank acquisition resulted in unauthorized doubling of automatic payments for HOA dues which my online account doesn't show it but my checking account does.

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TashaEQ's Profile Image

Reviewed by TashaEQ

Jan 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Runaround and Incompetence

This company has been shady since the start. The mortgage broker we dealt with would never call us on the phone, he would only speak to us via email so he "had everything on record." The mortgage customer service line never has a supervisor available, and they forward you to a fake voice mail for a person who doesn't exist. The customer service reps only provide a fax number, and the online mortgage information is very vague and minimal. There are no phone numbers to any escrow department or insurance department - OH! Until you get a random letter in the mail saying they don't have proof of your homeowners insurance and will tack on their own if you don't provide it. Well Union Bank Insurance Department, who doesn't know why the main mortgage line can't give out their number and also has no supervisors available (shocking!), I live in a condo, and the condo association has the policy (as do you from last year) and all you need to do is call the main condo insurance company and request a renewal - seriously? Why do I pay an interest rate if I need to do your job for you? Any reputable bank will do this by default to acquire new policies for an entire complex, not something to be expected of by the owner (unless it was my own private policy of course, which it isn't). Perhaps this is their first time dealing with a condo complex? I guess. I'm sorry, I thought this bank was going to be different, but it's not, in fact, its worse. I've yet to find a more incompetent and customer-unfriendly bank in existence.

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