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Union Bank Customer Review

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divyavipin's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by divyavipin

Dec 4th 2012

My Dearest Bank

Union Bank is my favorite bank. Their customer service is very good. All the staff treated a good relationship. They give us a very good atmosphere . They have no big bank charges , compared to other banks it is very good for current account holders also for savings account. The internet banking services is awesome.

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Other Union Bank Reviews

AndrewL's Profile Image

Reviewed by AndrewL

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst mortgage loan experience of my life

I own many houses and have gotten loans from most banks, including the big ones: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, and through mortgage brokers.

Union Bank Loan processing and underwriting are among the worst I've ever experienced. I had submitted all the conditions required 3-4 weeks before the original close date of February 28th. I then pinged the loan processor about once a week to make sure everything was met. Due to construction delays, the closing got pushed back to March 14th. I thought I was clear on the bank end, but in reality, the Loan processing person sat on my file until right before closing, and then sent me a list of 25 more conditions on March 11th at 6:50pm! I had to jump through hoops and make others jump through hoops at the last minute to get the stuff in the next day, and then they still couldn't close.

The Underwriter had made so many errors on my file, that I didn't know about, they were claiming my income/debt ratio didn't qualify, where it was really their error in calculating income from my rental properties. Until I came to them with my own excel spreadsheet of what the income/debt ratio should be, they didn't discover their errors.

I had to push our move back 3 times. The final closing target of Friday March 14th was missed, and Union Bank asked to push it to Friday March 21st, which was missed. Then they tried for March 24th, which was missed because they didn't fund on time. So closing didn't occur until March 25th. All due to total incompetence on Union Bank.

I had to be out of or current residence for people to get keys on March 27th. Union Bank put me in a super tight squeeze without a care in the world. No urgency, no empathy, and now just full of excuses justifying why they were delayed.

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pugsley4140's Profile Image

Reviewed by pugsley4140

Feb 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

absolutely awful. at first they seemed friendly kind nice. they were rude un proffesional and i thought b of a was bad.

i wanted a bank that just didnt count you as a number charging fees that didnt exist holding deposit checks and running up charges for no reason. thats why i went to union bank. i explained to them my mother had passed away and someone stole her atm card and tried to deposit fraudulent checks etc. i also said i cleared that up with b of a. i was on her account because as she got older she started losing it and i wanted to regulate her money. anway like i said after she passed her information was stolen. so going to union bank i explained the situation and said there shouldnt be a problem it took me months to try and resolve this issue with the very rude hard headed moronic bank of america. He understood and went ahead and opened my account after i was forthright and upfront honest with them. well a few weeks ago i go to use my atm card and it was declined. mind you i had just used it earlier that day. this was on a friday night. so i couldnt do anything until the following monday. i called the bank and extremely rudley they explain they closed my account. I asked why. They gave me a number that was no good to me. everytime i called it it went to an internal answering maching. i call the bank back. i asked why would you give me an internal telephone number that only works if you call from the bank. unproffesional. they get back and tell me thats the correct number. once again no it wasnt. i call back and explain to the moron on the phone that number only works if you call internally from a branch. so they put me through. i get onto the phone with another extremely rude person who wont tell me the problem but i will get a letter explaining. so in the mean time i couldnt get money all weekend no atm card and no answers. Finally a week later i get a letter explaining for me to call chex systems. exactly what i thought might happen which again i explained upfront before opening my account. absolutely nothing but rudeness holding my money for ransom.

i just got my check

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