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Univest National Bank and Trust Co. Customer Review

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Robert B's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Robert B

May 18th 2012

They Suck!

Eat this one, univest! Debra [Redacted], the branch so-called "manager" at the blue bell office is a spiteful piece of crap. Hate her. As for her boss, brianna, she sucks too. Hate her.

As for jay [Redacted], the director of business security, he's a jackass. Hate him. They put a rather lengthy and unnecessary hold on money i needed to pay my bills. Now, i'm about to lose my car and my health insurance. These idiots don't even care! Stay away from them!

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moneysaver21's Profile Image

Reviewed by moneysaver21

Jan 6th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Not A Human Bone In This Bank

This use to be a good bank. That was many years ago. I am appalled at the

treatment that I received. I had a third party check written pay to the order of

in the amount of $50.00 I had money to cover it but was treated in an unfair

manner and told that they would cash it but essentially I could never do this

again. I did receive phone calls explaining it away as bank regulations.

The manger in the bank was rude but that is covered by bank regulations.

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User Profile Image

Reviewed by

Nov 11th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I am surprised to find all the negative comments here. I left Harleysville National Bank a few years ago because they were taken over by First Niagra. I don't like big conglomerates and the online banking when down the tubes. I do most of my banking online, and I prefer small town U.S.A. where people are people and not machines, which is why I chose Univest. I only have personal accounts and I don't download my transactions except as a pdf, so I can't comment on what jaallender wrote, but the online experience has been great including the online bill pay which I use regularly.

I bank mostly at the Green Lane, PA branch and have found the staff there knowledgeable and courteous. The only negatives I can say, is that I am on the edge of their branch territory so sometimes it is a little inconvenient if I am going the opposite way from where the branches are, and want to make a bank stop. The other is that the online banking times out two quickly, meaning I get prompted to click "Stay Logged On" too often. It happens even if I am in Bill Pay clicking on things. I don't think it should time out if there is activity. However, I do find this happening with other online pay systems such as my credit card systems.

My one daughter banked there until she moved away. She is the reason I went there. She recommended them and allowed me to check out the online banking before I signed up, which was a big plus. I personally have 3 accounts there, and my youngest daughter opened up an account a short time ago. I give them like a 4.8 only because of the frequent online time outs.

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