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Univest National Bank and Trust Co. Customer Review

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Robert B's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Robert B

May 18th 2012

They Suck!

Eat this one, univest! Debra [Redacted], the branch so-called "manager" at the blue bell office is a spiteful piece of crap. Hate her. As for her boss, brianna, she sucks too. Hate her.

As for jay [Redacted], the director of business security, he's a jackass. Hate him. They put a rather lengthy and unnecessary hold on money i needed to pay my bills. Now, i'm about to lose my car and my health insurance. These idiots don't even care! Stay away from them!

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jaallender's Profile Image

Reviewed by jaallender

Apr 4th 2012

3 out of 5 marks


I was with the mergers that led to Wells Fargo for 30+ years and wanted to move to a smaller bank. They did everything possible to get me to switch including an ok deal with a home equity line of credit, free checks and personalized service. The basics are fine. I depend totally on online banking and download to Quicken. That has been a nightmare. They use web based connections which mean having to download and import each account separately. There online help is limited to bank personnel with very limited knowledge and typically blame me when things aren't working. I had to get Intuit to teach me how to download because they didn't know how. Now with their new upgrade it has become unbearable and harmful to my business. The downloads all go into one account from all 5 accounts downloaded and/or download into a wrong account. It takes hours of work to clean up after downloads. Even the payee name downloads into the memo. If they had knowledgeable personnel working on it it wouldn't be so bad, but they don't. Little gets fixed and the problems get worse. I am looking for another bank. When I complain to the bank manager who gave me all the warm fuzzies to leave Wells Fargo she doesn't know anything about the online banking because she still uses Wells Fargo where she worked prior to Univest. That says something for their online banking system.

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nverkeev's Profile Image

Reviewed by nverkeev

Oct 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Experience - Stay Away!

I had awful experience with this bank. It took forever to open an account with them. Once i started using it, they called me from their fraud prevention dept since they assumed there was a security issue with my account. The guy who called me was really rude and arrogant. He also asked "if i just want him to go ahead and close my account to avoid any future issues". I've never had such horrible service with any bank in the past. Clerks at my local branch weren't exactly too friendly or professional either. Stay away from this bank!

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