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Valley National Bank Customer Review

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gjd's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by gjd

Dec 24th 2012

Scam by Valley bank

they advertise $499.00 refinance fee no other charges they screw you so they can deny you for any reason and they keep the $499.oo they should be investigated and proscecuted as they are real phonys and scam artists they do and appraisal and say your house is not worth it to them as much as it is to you .Then you contact them and they are ARROGANT and refuse to give back the $499.00 real good scam Mr.Gary [redacted]

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Other Valley National Bank Reviews

phoenix's Profile Image

Reviewed by phoenix

Dec 5th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Valley National Bank

Our Company has payroll with this bank for decades, and through an error in a check producing system I had to have a manual check made up for my vacation check. HR person in my company said it would be no problem to cash my check there because we do all the business banking and payroll through them even with all of this assurance I went there and was treated like I wanted to rob the place because I have and account but not with branch I was treated so rude by the unprofessional bank manager who may I might add were all siting at their empty desks since it was only me and one other customer in the place. Our HR person told me to tell them to call if they have a problem and the manager yelled at her about me not having an account in her branch and this was a one time only thing I will do for him. I was so affected by this treatment once my transaction with them was completed I called my wife and told her to close our other Valley National account which I had my entire my savings I wouldn't go back them if they begged me and believe me they try everything to get us to stay since we were a long time customer!

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johnjster's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnjster

Sep 19th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Total incompetence

The staff at this branch can not even make sure that there are envelopes in the ATM and it is downhill from there.

This branch is understaffed by men and women who seem to have been hired not yesterday, not this morning, but right before you came into the bank.

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