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Virginia Commerce Bank Customer Review

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TNorris's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by TNorris

Mar 31st 2012

Horrible. This bank is very dishonest and nasty. They are the worst of the worst. Let all beware!

This bank has broken their agreements to fund 4 of our projects. They have committed fraud over and over by making promises that they never meant to keep. They cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything, as we found out the hard way. Steve Wexler in particular, is the most dishonest person in the world. Let all beware who deal with him.

Moreover, if you try to hold them accountable for their actions, they will try and destroy you, so that you cannot take them to court. They operate like a criminal enterprise. This bank needs to be investigated by the feds and shut down. They are the worst of the worst.

Anyone who deals with them, it doing so at great risk.

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Other Virginia Commerce Bank Reviews

Mel's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mel

Oct 28th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Absolutely Ludicrous! Will Not Recommend!!

I am very upset about my experience with this bank. Ever since i opened both my checking and savings account here i have had nothing but problems with different things such as when i first opened up an account, there was something special going on between my hotel where i work and vcb. I had the flyer in hand when i went to open an account and pretty much told me that what i had in my hand was not going to happen; even though it was something they clearly offered! Later that day i received a phone call saying that they would honor what the flyer said. The next issue i had was regarding direct deposit with my job. When payday came around i was expecting to see my money in my account and i didn't.

So i called and was told it had to be my employers fault, so i checked with them just to make sure and there was no issue on his side, so i went called the bank back and they told me they would have to figure out what went on. I never received an answer nor did i receive my money until monday. I have bills just like everyone else that i need to pay at certain times so i cannot afford for something like this to happen and not receive an answer. The straw that broke the camels back was when i checked my account, which i do daily and noticed a negative amount which had not been there earlier in the day.

So i called my bank and the answer i received was that it had something to do with pending charges from manassas cab. Now take note; i take cabs quite frequently and know that they have to take the payment right then and there before i can leave, especially if you are paying by any type of credit card to make sure it goes through. When i was letting this be known, i was rudely interrupted and told i was wrong. Itâ?? S upsetting that i never get straight answers from my bank when i come to them about a serious matter nor do they ever take responsibility for anything, instead i was blamed for everything. So now i have a negative balance on my account and i am extremely upset at the service i received and will not

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Carbon's Profile Image

Reviewed by Carbon

Feb 3rd 2012

1 out of 5 marks


This bank knowingly took a trust fund that they did not legally have access to (for 1 million). I have a court order which demands they return the fund. Do they do so? No, they delay, ignore and belittle me, trying to drive up my legal fees. I am a little guy with no big corporate lawyers.I have sent letters, request, kind attempts to deal with this matter for over a year. They just want me to go away because if the facts come out, they are in some trouble. That is how this company treats you when they behave poorly. I hope the same doesn't happen to you.

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