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Latest Customer Reviews

Live's Profile Image

Main Street branch reviewed by Live

Feb 4th 2015


Will charge for unnecessary reports or ordered by them in error. No customer service.. Can't get away fast enough. customer for 20 years!Trust me you don't matter and they make it plain.

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lridener's Profile Image

Caldwell branch reviewed by lridener

Sep 10th 2014

Assistant Manager At The Nampa Market Place Location

I was told today that my mothers account will have a hold on it, even though the assistant manager contacted my wife's bank an was able to verify the checks my wife deposited into my mother account was good. When my wife contacted the assistant manager, about this. She was told even if the checks are good and we have a copy of the deposited/cleared checks, the finds will not be released. The the assistant manager went on to say " until i call your wife's bank and they can verify the checks have cleared the funds will have a hold on them. In the time being my mother account,has the chance if being hit with overdrafts. When that questions was asked the assistant manger said" i will not! Release the funds that is that!. I can say i am pulling my mother account from this bank. This is the worst service and treatment i have ever seen in my 30 years in business

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ArtFarmer's Profile Image

Camelback branch reviewed by ArtFarmer

Aug 9th 2014

Kept My Accounts with BOA

When I heard Bank of America was to transfer all of my accounts to Washington Federal, I made sure I stayed with BOA. I placed multiple calls to their retention line after getting conflicting info from the local branch. I'm glad I did, it sounds like Washington Federal is a nightmare. Also, I heard a rumor that Washington Federal is secretly owned by BOA and they sold the banks to themselves.

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