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Washington Federal Latest Customer Reviews

Brasher12's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brasher12

Mar 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Banked with Bank of America for thirteen years

Since Bank of America made the official transaction to Washington Federal (approx. 3 months ago) my card has been declined for reasons not explained. Despite having plenty of funds I have had to leave a basket full of groceries on three separate occasions, Needless to say staff was unapologetic and unable to offer me satisfactory reasons as to why my card did not work. After my card was declined on one of the three occasions I went to a local branch and observed staff to be extremely rude and unaccommodating toward another customer who was wanting to cash her paycheck. It was my understanding the customer was formerly with Bank of America and for whatever reason her account (s) had not transferred. I was surprised and somewhat disgusted that staff did not cash her check as a courtesy and/or attempt to retain her business. I understand there are often glitches with such major transitions but the conduct of Washington Federal has been very disappointing and I will be taking my business else-ware. FYI I am referring to branches in Boise Idaho specifically the branch located on Cole Road.

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Ryan's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan

Mar 4th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

Don't bother

After a few bad experiences with Chase (post-WaMu), I decided to open a checking and savings account with Washington Federal Savings as their Ballard (Seattle) location was close to where I live.

Two weeks after opening the account, I noticed a $14 withdrawal from my checking account by an unknown party. As it turns out, personal checks are automatically ordered when opening their Simple Checking account. I inquired about this charge, as it was not explained to me nor was it documented in the disclosure or fee rate sheet, and they essentially just said it was part of the process and that it was not documented. At one point I asked, "What documentation was I given that explains $14 will be removed from my account for ordering checks?" The teller replied, "Where does it say we won't?"

Thanks Washington Federal Savings for the two weeks of great service and two days of horrible service. I will be closing my accounts.

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moneyman's Profile Image

Reviewed by moneyman

Apr 1st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Online bill pay sent checks to wrong address.

In the spring of 2013, I used online bill pay to pay my county real estate taxes. I input the correct payment address and account number and they sent it to the electric company. In the fall, they did the same thing so I dug deeper and noticed that the address that I had input had changed. It appears that in a computer conversion that the bank had jumbled all the payment addresses. So the dumb CPA that I am, I thought, surely this cannot happen again. So I went and paid it again through online banking and for the third time they mailed it to the wrong address.

They care so little about my money that they send anywhere they please.

So the question must be asked: does my money really exist in this bank or is it really just a giant Ponzi scheme?

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MadinID's Profile Image

Reviewed by MadinID

Dec 10th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

ZERO customer service!

When B of A sold some branches to washington federal my account automatically transferred so I went into the branch to cancel it. I was told I would either have to wait 30min or make an appointment to come back another time. I was then told I could call and do it over the phone. I called all day and only got a busy signal. I emailed them and got no response.The next day I called again and finally got through. The incredibly rude person on the phone told me she couldn't do anything. I asked for her supervisor and she told me she didn't have one! She said if I wanted a supervisor I would have to go to my local branch. Customer service reps without a supervisor, well that explains a lot. As a call center manager I can tell you right now if my agents didn't have supervisors we would go out of business. And if Washington Federal doesn't pull their head out and realize customers won't put up with that they will go under! There are plenty of banks that will bend over backwards for their customers. Citizens Community, US Bank, Glacier, Mountain West to name a few. Even B of A was a million times more helpful!

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flyeraz's Profile Image

Reviewed by flyeraz

Oct 10th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

terrible experience

Of four different banks I work with in my current banking relationships, this has been by far the worst. Clueless customer service and a lack of appreciation for its customers.

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survivaladvisor's Profile Image

Reviewed by survivaladvisor

Apr 11th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Very poor and dishonest

I have had a lot of trouble over the last several years. First, they misspelled my middle name. They are slow crediting my deposits. They do not allow electronic checks at WalMart. They have repeatedly declined legitimate charges to Amazon.com. They sometimes demand that I telephone them and approve debit card charges line by line. I've had it with them. They seem to squeeze each account for every penny, adding up to large amounts of illegitimate money each year. Avoid them.

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ralvizar93's Profile Image

Reviewed by ralvizar93

Feb 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Experience - Extremely Upset

Went to the ATM to get money out and all I got was a printed receipt that showed the amount I withdrew but received NO CASH! I went inside the branch and explained what happened and all they said is that there was nothing they could do. That I had to wait until the next day. Seriously? I demanded they looked at their camera so they could see I did not receive any cash. Again, the "teller" said I had to wait at least a day. I spoke to branch manager and he could not help me either. I needed my money today... not tomorrow. I understand this is not the branch's fault (probably)... It is the bank in general that has a bad ATM or something. As of today, they have lost my service.

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Ananda33's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ananda33

Mar 10th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service

I live in hood river Oregon and got stuck with washington federal after Bank of America left town. In the beginning the service was fine and I had no problem depositing checks. They were always over $5000 a month. As of the last month they refuse to post my checks without a hold and they are extremely rude with me. I will be taking my banking elsewhere and give them a very negative review. This is a small town and my business and money will be going elsewhere.

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Live's Profile Image

Reviewed by Live

Feb 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Will charge for unnecessary reports or ordered by them in error. No customer service.. Can't get away fast enough. customer for 20 years!Trust me you don't matter and they make it plain.

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littlebopeep's Profile Image

Reviewed by littlebopeep

Feb 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

I Loathe This Bank

Any other bank, when i transfer funds between accounts, they are available immediately. Not so with this one! I'm sitting here still waiting for the transfer between 2 accounts at wa fed to post so i can finish a purchase. It's been at least 10 minutes. More than once this has caused me problems. I hate this bank so much that i finally convinced my spouse to switch to a credit union.

I didn't think it was possible to detest a bank as much as i do this one. They have been nothing but trouble for us. Zero customer service, debit cards we thought were ordered never came, they process debits before credits, causing payments to be nsf when in fact the money was there. Never ending. They actually closed one of our checking accounts because of too-little activity. But did they bother to notify us? Of course not! Don't bank here if you have any other choice. Shoot, i'd choose chase, and that's saying something.

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Croakie's Profile Image

Reviewed by Croakie

Dec 26th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

What the duce!

I have been a loyal customer with Bank of America for a very long time. When our local branch in our little town was bought out by Washington Federal, I thought no problem. They can't be too bad. Boy was I wrong. I would normally make payments online via wireing the money so that it is instant. Not so with Washington Federal. They have to write a check to pay via wire. So not only is it not instant payment it is now a delayed payment. I am a single mother trying to survive paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes my math is off or a payment that i didn't expect throws off my account and it goes into the negative. With Bank of America no problem they charge me the over draft fee and when i get paid they take it out of that. But with Washington Fedral if your account is over even a dollar then they reject the check and charge me the over draft fee and the person cashing the check. I understand that a bank shouldn't have to float me and i should be more responsible. But when you are at the bottom line and food and housing comes first in your household over luxuries like netflix. You tend to get mad when your landlords check bounces over a dollar! As of today It is December 25th at 10am. The day after payday. Yes payday was on Christmas. I have yet to recive my deposit. I spoke to our payroll person at work and she said that it is the bank. Every employee at our local hospital (where i work) who has Washington Federal Has not been paid. Yet, All other employee's who don't have WF have been paid. What the Duce! This has never maid sense to me that for a direct deposit it is never, never on time.

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glaefilyahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by glaefilyahoocom

Oct 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Thieves And Crooks, Do Not Open An Account With These People

I foolishly deposited a few thousand dollars with them after my account was transferred to this bank, without my consent or approval, from a closing bank of america branch. Since then they have done everything in their power to keep me from withdrawing my own money and have made it an absolute nightmare to move my money around or try to get it back from them. I tried calling their customer service line--3 hours on the phone with rude, incompetent and dismissive representatives.

Do not sign up with this bank, you will regret it! Specific bank employee causing problems with my latest transaction, trying to refuse me the right to transfer my money because he "thinks i am trying to close my account": scott hammes

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lridener's Profile Image

Reviewed by lridener

Sep 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Assistant Manager At The Nampa Market Place Location

I was told today that my mothers account will have a hold on it, even though the assistant manager contacted my wife's bank an was able to verify the checks my wife deposited into my mother account was good. When my wife contacted the assistant manager, about this. She was told even if the checks are good and we have a copy of the deposited/cleared checks, the finds will not be released. The the assistant manager went on to say " until i call your wife's bank and they can verify the checks have cleared the funds will have a hold on them. In the time being my mother account,has the chance if being hit with overdrafts. When that questions was asked the assistant manger said" i will not! Release the funds that is that!. I can say i am pulling my mother account from this bank. This is the worst service and treatment i have ever seen in my 30 years in business

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Heatheracromwell's Profile Image

Reviewed by Heatheracromwell

Sep 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst bank I've done business with

I was a BOA customer for over 7 years and in the 9 months I've been with washington federal I've acquired more fees than the whole time with BOA my latest incident was a mobile deposit that shows as available on the mobile app as well as the website.

When my card was declined and I called to see why I learned that not only are funds that show available not available I now have a negative balance as well as I'm sure more fees that just haven't posted yet and I am told after calling my local branch and being transfered to a call center that their system doesn't reflect the same balance as the app they have available and that any fees applied will not be refunded.

I'm not asking for something for nothing but if my balance shows available I expect it to be available. Literally the worst bank I've dealt with I would rather do business with ANYONE else . If I could give a zero rating I would 1 star is way more than they deserve

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ArtFarmer's Profile Image

Reviewed by ArtFarmer

Aug 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Kept My Accounts with BOA

When I heard Bank of America was to transfer all of my accounts to Washington Federal, I made sure I stayed with BOA. I placed multiple calls to their retention line after getting conflicting info from the local branch. I'm glad I did, it sounds like Washington Federal is a nightmare. Also, I heard a rumor that Washington Federal is secretly owned by BOA and they sold the banks to themselves.

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jennarenna's Profile Image

Reviewed by jennarenna

Jul 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful bank

Let me be clear in stating that this review is not written due to just ONE incident with this bank, but several. First of all, I had accounts with Bank of America but my local branch closed, so they transferred my accounts to Washington Federal. There is no Washington Federal branch in my hometown, so already I was annoyed. Second, I was living overseas last year and needed to transfer money to my account here in America. Bank of America offered international transfers - Washington Federal does not, which I was not told at the time. They said they used Wells Fargo for their international transfers. When I called to figure out this situation (FROM OVERSEAS) I was told I needed to have a Wells Fargo account to transfer money. Let me also mention that I spoke to at least 5 people on this international call, put on a conference call, put on hold and at least half of the people had no idea what a SWIFT code (needed for international transfers) was or how to point me in the right direction. As it turns out I did NOT need to open a Wells Fargo account, but use their swift code plus a few other numbers from Washington Federal. It was a headache and the customer service was ridiculously awful and uneducated in their field. Finally, I am here back in America and have since opened an account with US Bank (who does international transfers) and have transferred my money from Washington Federal - but not all of it because for some reason you can't transfer ALL of your money out of your account. What? So I left a cent in each account. I called today to cancel my account over the phone (since I do not have a branch in my town) and apparently I can't do that because I need to be there in person AND I have funds left in my accounts. BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T LET ME TRANSFER IT ALL. REALLY? Also I had a family member close her account over the phone so I know for a fact it has been done. Again the customer service was not friendly, supportive or understanding.

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hmistler's Profile Image

Reviewed by hmistler

Jan 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My Bank of America account was automatically switched to Washington Federal. This isn't my primary account and as such I really had no money in there. Long story short - this bank charges a $20 non-sufficient fund fee WITHOUT even covering the cost of what, in my case, PayPal was charging me $8 dollars for. PayPal did this multiple times without telling me, the bank kept charging me these fees without telling me, and now I just received a phone call about a 6 weeks after the fact "letting me know my account is overdrawn". This is the first I have heard of this and now my account is almost $100 overdrawn. WTF. Oh, and it took me talking to at least 5 different people to figure out what the charges were for. I'm probably being hit with another fee as I type this until I can get myself to the nearest branch which is an HOUR away for me. This bank is absolutely atrocious.

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JuleEberle's Profile Image

Reviewed by JuleEberle

Jan 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I never felt comfortable with the change from B of A and I had heard about what happened with "retained" Employees and employee complaints. Their customer service is strange and not very friendly, each time I call for the same thing I got different answers. Their system for my atm card asked for a new password each time...my Federal tax return refund was rejected and others were going thru. Federal Government told me that it was rejected because the account was not active, but they also noticed it was the same account number as previous years. I am being charged for things I didnt do, and when I call about it I am told its an ERROR. Hummmmm I believe im changing banks to one that does provide credibility in their service.

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readypro's Profile Image

Reviewed by readypro

Apr 17th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

It's Larry Curly and Moe!

The bank is very unprofessional and unpredictable. I have a credit rating of 800 and have been jerked around on my home loan to where I feel like I am in a used car lot being run by Larry, Curly and Moe. One minute my loan is approved, the next its not. Then when I insist on paperwork that says its approved, they tell me something like this, "Oh, I need to verify your employment. How do I do that?" Insert your own favorite three stooges line now! So, Im gonna close on Friday, or maybe two weeks from now, or today? Woo Woo wo! LOL I'm done riding this train. Its time to restart this whole process with a real bank.

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