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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By jray Aug 27, 2015

Satisfied Customer.

After reading some of the negative reviews I felt compelled to enter a positive review since
most people who have satisfactory experiences with a company do not take the time to enter
a review. Sure it was a bit of a hassle when BofA pulled out of Douglas but that was not
Washington Fed's fault and I was glad someone stepped up to the plate. I have had good
service from Washington Fed so far and gave them a four star rating only because of slightly
slower transfer times for electronic billing. I appreciate having their drive-up ATM's and on the
rare occasions I have needed counter service they have been courteous and professional. If I
should have poor service in the future I will be quick to update my review.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By HughKyle Nov 21, 2015

Washington Customer For Fifty Years

Over the years I have always considered Washington Federal as an example of a well managed bank offering good customer service with limited risk for one's money. There were times when WF was one of the few banks that did not offer checking, Saturday opening, however one stood by the bank, due its excellent reputation. Today, as a business owner I find Washington Federal has slipped to the bottom when compared to their competition, For one week, I have been unable to go on line to review my checking accounts including credit card deposits. I have left over five messages to Customer Service with no reply. If you stay on hold for Customer Service, for over ten minutes, it automatically hangs up. In addition Washington Federal has new policy of putting a "hold"on incoming checks. My conclusion is to move on to a better managed bank where their employees are not put into a difficult position of defending poor upper management, low wages and a negative working environment.

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Latest Washington Federal Reviews

  • T
    Reviewed By timruns Mar 9, 2016

    Not willing to accept mistake - blame it on the 'software'

    The personnel in this branch, where I have quite a bit of $$$ deposited, were unwilling to work out an issue where I was charged a fee by my Direct Deposit vendor over a mistake made by the branch. There only response was that it was all back end software and there was nothing they could do about it.
    I will definitely start looking to move my accounts to a bank that is more willing to be reasonable.

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  • K
    Reviewed By KFRAZIER Feb 13, 2016

    Involuntary supporter

    Involuntary transfer from BankofAmerica when they closed in Yuma, AZ. Washington Federal is in Washington state. They do not allow address changes or account changes online. Fees continue to accrue during the period you have not personally contacted them. Address updates online also impossible. Awful bank. Similar to PNC from what I understand. Can't wait to get this account closed.

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  • O
    Reviewed By October Feb 6, 2016

    They make mistakes and charge their customers fees for their errors

    I've only been dealing with Washington Federal for 1 year when they updated their bank software with an unproven replacement. The new software in question couldn't process my house payment which was linked to my checking account through their so called EZ pay. I brought it to their attention and was told that they were working on it and it was just a glitch. They then in turn started charging me assessment fees and late fees when the error was on their end. This is the worst banking experience I've ever had and I am in the process of getting my mortgage refinanced to another bank.
    I would not ever recommend Washington Federal to anyone for any reason. I am also filing complaints with the BBB and federal banking commission against them for their bad business practices.

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  • H
    Reviewed By halandsherry Jan 19, 2016

    Not efficient at all!

    I have been banking with WF for about 2 to 3 years and have not had a very good experience. Just recently I started the mobile online banking and it has been aweful! It takes many days, sometimes up to a week, for payments to come out. I started the mobile deposits and they held my check for 5 days this last time but it told me that I had the full amount of the check, so I started paying bills and they hit me with an insufficient funds fee. I put the check in on Saturday and did not get my full amount until the following Thursday! I was not too happy about it. The staff are very rude on the phone. They are not open at my local branch on weekends at all! It just seems to me that they are doing things delayed so they can get more money with their fees. Also, they sent me new cards with chips in them and I had an incident with my card so I ordered another card and it was $5.00. I ordered it about a week and a half ago and have yet to receive it. The man I spoke with on the phone to order my card treated me like I was a child and irresponsible for the card. I will be switching banks very soon.

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  • S
    Reviewed By SAA Jan 14, 2016

    Terrrible Online system and they do not care.

    I have trying to make principle only payments since November and they still can not make it work. I can not see the payments in online banking. Their solution is to wait a month until statements come out. I went to online statements and it doesn't work. It has not worked for months now. Avoid this bank.

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  • G
    Reviewed By gpm Jan 6, 2016

    Patience has run out...changing banks!

    We have been with WF since they bought out our local Bank of America branch. Things went pretty well for the first year until this past November when they switched to a new online system. For the past two months it has been one frustration after another when trying to manage our account online. Error message after error message, dropped sessions and the constant message, "contact customer service" has been our experience for months. I even wrote a personal email to Roy Whitehead, CEO and he did respond that he was forwarding our concern to a VP in charge of customer service. Nothing has changed and for us it's time to change banks.

    Compounding our situation is that we have been traveling out of the country this winter and even though we do have good internet service, it seems their flawed online system is even more flawed when we are accessing our account from a foreign server. Obviously this is my opinion, but it's based on experience. We will making the change as soon as we get home.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Customer5070 Dec 22, 2015

    Washington Federal is Miserable

    We have been personal and business customers with what was originally First Mutual Bank and now Washington Federal, for 10 years We have several accounts and enjoyed good relationships with the staff. As a business owner, cash flow is important-I deposit checks from my clients and I pay my vendors, as well as myself.
    After the "update" in November, all of a sudden, holds are now placed on anything over $200 for 2 days!! Before, it was the standard $10,000 which was understood. But this is unacceptable. My branch told me it was temporary, and the branch manager can release the hold, but she's not always there, and I found out today it is indeed a PERMANENT policy. Now, I don't have access to my funds right away and I often need them right away. This is a horrible way to do business, and to treat your business customers. I have a small business, no line of credit or lots of extra padding, and this puts a huge burden on managing my business. By the way, I've never had a client check bounce, ever. When I called the main Customer Service line, the rep could care less.
    I will be searching for a new bank, that is business friendly. Oh, and their new system does not download to MINT, either.

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  • O
    Reviewed By olympia2015 Dec 17, 2015

    WAFED has gone downhill fast

    I have been a WAFED customer for many years. I was patient when they were the only bank without online banking or ATMs and then they finally achieved that. I thought they finally had it right until the recent mobile banking "upgrade." This is not an upgrade but a serious downgrade.
    The customer is forced to endure endless SMS text verification procedures to verify who they are. Many of the things you see on the the screen cannot be printed, like balance transfers. The only way to get a print out is to do a screen capture through another program.
    I complained through the online messaging service and received a response that I had to call them to verify who I was. Amazing! I am accessing a supposedly secure web site and and they can't verify that I had permission to be there in the first place.
    This is really an amateur web site. They had a great web site before and then spent all this money (and raised fees) to create this terrible online experience. Last week I was travelling and could not access my accounts for several days.
    It's time to move my money to another bank.

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  • B
    Reviewed By byronmega Dec 11, 2015

    Customer Service

    I have been with Washington Federal after they took over BOA. I live in Colville, WA. On November 7th my wife was killed in a head on crash and so my mind isn't clear trying to do her Funeral services. I have been having my Attorney deposit check every 2 weeks for L&I.
    My Attorney is in Everett, WA. and deposit my checks in Everett, WA. For some reason they always place a hold on my funds even though this has been going on for almost a year. I have been to the Colville branch and they have had my funds released before. I was trying to pay some of my wife's Funeral services and I also had my truck being repaired and was finished. I went to the branch after I called and waited 3 hrs to see if could release some of the funds. I was told no. I called and spoke with the Branch manager, that was a mistake. I was told oh its you again, I have told you I cant do it. We have dealt with you before. If you want something done call the Everett, WA branch. I called the Everett, WA branch and the branch manager was so nice I couldn't believe it was the same company. She apologized for the inconvenience of the funds being help. I guess they had just started a new computer program that that branch was the only one who could reverse the holdings. I sure wish Colville manager could have explained that instead of being so rude. My account is that big but I can see why they will never have any account of mine for a house or car. I cant get out of there fast enough.

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  • W
    Reviewed By warjet777 Nov 30, 2015

    No notification & Fee frenzy

    I have multiple grievances with this bank. Most of which I will attribute to me moving and me not reading the fine print. They now charge a fee for an originally free service, I assume I wasn't notified per me moving. The Federal Government apparently allows banks to charge fees for transactions over 6 per month for an account. They charge $15 per transaction over 6. The consider transfers for overdraft protection to be a transaction between bank accounts. They also don't even implement their overdraft protection wisely. The ideal would be, if you buy a cup of coffee, then buy a sweater at a different store, maybe wait to the end of the day to make the official account transaction, to save your users money (not their goal, clearly).

    My true issue is that they did not notify me that they were charging hundreds of dollars of fees within a two day span or that my account reached zero dollars. An automated email or text would be easy (I'm a web developer and I can guarantee you it is simple).

    Washington federal is trying to get as much of your money as possible by way of fees. It is evident in: how they treated me while talking to them over the phone, the implementation of their transaction system with overdraft protection and that they do not notify when important events are occurring in your account. It seems unethical to me by today's standards, but it is legal and it maximize their profits.

    They are in their legal right, and I am in mine for taking my business elsewhere.

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