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Webster Bank Customer Review

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ChrisHeine's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ChrisHeine

Jan 27th 2013


I have a loan for my condo through them. On more than one occasion they signed me up for bogus "insurance" on my condo, even though the unit is already insured through the condo association. They want to try any way possible to increase my payment, hoping I won't have the time to jump through hoops to bring it back to what its supposed to be. How can they sign me up for double insurance on my property if I never agreed to it? Criminals.

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Response by Webster Bank

Responded by WebsterBank

Jan 28th 2013

Hi Chris,

My name is Dawn and I work for Webster. I sent your message to our customer service team and asked that they reach out to you via the email. We have been in touch to try to get the documentation that's needed with you and your agent, so that is what is happening. We will be happy to discuss the details in private, and you should be receiving an email from us today.

Thank you,


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ReallyUnhappy's Profile Image

Reviewed by ReallyUnhappy

Sep 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Dreams Shattered, Thousands Lost

Being a long time customer of Webster, and a holder of a previous Mortgage, I was told I should have no problem getting a building loan. I have never bounced a check, never been late with a payment to anyone, and havd a credit rating in excess of 800. No problem, right?

Wrong. I went ahead with the applications, got all my permits, and spent over $25,000 on plans, drainage and septic supplies, electrical panels and pex manifold, and many other things that I was able to purchase from day to day. My builder is ready to go, the new house on my existing lot is all staked out and cleared, and I am ready to go.

After 6 MONTHS of going back and forth with them, sending the same information multiple times, and getting absolutely no answers as to why they were not accepting it and the impression that most of my personal financial information was being misplaced, I finally called the president of the bank. The president's representative got in touch with me prompltly and promised to look into it. So what did I get, ANOTHER REQUEST FOR THE SAME INFORMATION !!! I was working with idiots and at one time even had to tell one of their representatives how to properly praocess some of the information. She had no clue as to what she was doing.

I have found another bank and will be transsferring all my accounts to it.

Stay away from Webster Bank!

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Dcorn51's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dcorn51

Sep 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Beware of Merchant Services

Have been using Webster bank's merchant services for processing of office charge card payments.

Horrible to deal with! Poor customer service. Unexplained charges on statements. Accounting irregularities galore. Can't wait to change office's accounts. Federal investigation as to banking irregularities not out of question

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